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False Positive For Oxymorphone On Urine Test
i'am prescribed morphinesulfate 30mg ER and oxycodne 15 mg,aprazolam counselor requires 5 week urine lab work.oxymorphone shows up positive,i think the morphine-n-oxycodone are why the oxymorphone is showing positive,as well as my primary care physician,who is looking into it ,yet i need too prove this too my counselor.if this is whats going on please help ## Oxycodone breaks down or metabolizes into 3 chemicals about 1/3 stays as oxycodone but around 1/3 turns into oxymorphone naturally in the body. If u weren't testing positive for it it would be strange. Explain 2 ur dr that ur body metabolizes oxycodone partially into oxymorphone & it isn't a false positive it's simply positive due 2 how it breaks down in the human body. Ur dr really should have allready k... ...
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How Much Urine Does It Take To Test For Subutex
how much urine does it take to test for subutex? does it take the entire bottle or just a little bit? ## It actually depends on the type of test being used. There are some that just dip a strip of paper type substance into the urine to detect certain drugs and, if that is the type used, then a very small amount is needed. However, there are more scientific lab tests that would require larger amounts. Learn more Subutex details here. Many doctors will want a full bottle, so they have enough to do several tests, if necessary. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Wed, Aug 22 '12, 4:32 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 234610
False Positive On urine Drug Test For Cocaine
I tested positive for cocaine today at my pain management..I dont do illegal drugs.I had them take my blood to send out..its imposible for that because I in no way used it. I am on percocet, methadone tab for pain, zanex, soma, nurontin, fiibrid, and buspirone.. I am just in shock over this...why did this happen? ## None of the medications you've listed have been known to cause false positives for Cocaine. Learn more drug test details here. Did you take anything else at all, even over the counter products of any type? I doubt there is any need for you to worry too much, because the blood test at the actual lab should have no problem distinguishing what you actually took and should not report a false positive. ## thanks I know but just shocked and amazed why it did that..and was emba... ...
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dot urine tast
itook 10/325 hydrocodone At 6pm friday night, narco i have to take a urine test monday at 9 am will i pass? ## You might pass, but there is always the chance that you will not, in that short of a time period. It is usually processed out of your body in about 48 hours, however, if you have been a regular user for a long period of time, the time can vary. Do you have any other questions? ## IF You have a valid prescription that can be verified, then BE UP FRONT & TELL THE LAB YOU TAKE IT FOR FIBRO AND IF IT SHOWS YOU SHOULD BE OK... ...
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hydromorphone lab drug test
If I took 1 dilaudid 4mg I.v. on a Friday can I pass a lab test that tests for metabolites on Monday? Haven't been using, so my system was clean. 6'1" 180 lbs. And need to know if 72 hours is long enough for that type of urine test.thanks ...
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Tue, Jul 23 '13, 10:22 AM   0 
how do i pass urine drug test for oxycodone in day
I need to pass drug screen for Probation in one or two days for oxycodone and cocaine, how do I do this ## Here is my story !!! I did coke and Percocet on a wed I took a ua for my pain management doc on the following mon !!! I passed with flying colors for the coke and Percocet ...I of corse had my prescribed meds in my system ...5 1/2 days to pass my ua which went to a lab !!! I did a gram of coke and I had 80 mg of Percocets in my system ... This is what worked for me !! I flushed my system with lots of water for 4 days straight .i also rinsed my nose and sinuses out with a flushing kit ...I took azo to help Kidney function and I drank a daily liver detox tea I did this daily .... Also anything that is water soluble and goes through your kidneys and liver will also end up in your Bowl... ...
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Is there a way to pass saliva or urine level tests?
I take xanax and vicodin which are prescribed to me,but I have been taking them for almost 17 years so my tolerance is pretty high. I sometimes run out and take my husbands because he usually only takes one or two a week. I have been taking urine and now recently a saliva stick that will not only be repeated randomly but also sent to a lab to determine my weekly & monthly levels. Is thereanything I can do to "botch" or "cover" my levels? ...
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Thu, Dec 13 '12, 12:56 PM   0 
Can A Urine Test Sent To The Lab Tell If I Took Sudafed Or It Was Used Make Meth And Did That
I am in pain management and am prescribed oxycodone, lyrica,and elavil. I had a UA last month so I didnt expect one this month so I didn something I have NEVER done before. I tried "meth" or "high speed chicken feed". Plz dont judge me. I know it was stupid and its not something I will ever do again, but I was out of my meds, felt like crap and this was offered to me. I was told it would give me some energy and IF I was tested would only show up as ephedrine because its made with sudafed, and all I had to do was tell my doc I had taken the sudafed. I didnt do much. I did one little line (it burnt too bad) and smoked a few hits from a pipe. But my doc appt. was the next day and he threw a UA on me. Even worse, he told me my prior UA tested positive for klonapin, which I k... ...
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drug test
how long does suboxone stay in your system? if i took some on tuesday and had a test on fri should i say something up front or wait to see if it came up? what would i test positive for? ## 3 days ## how long does suboxin stay in a urine lab test? ## It will come up as "methadone" actually- I just had a dcf drug screen and tested positive for it but under methadone, the reason being it's a OPIOD not a opiate. It depends on how much and how long/often you dose. I'd say around 3 days to 5 days, but if you have been on it for a while(as the sample collector informed me) it can be a long time, up to 3 weeks depending, but they can and will test for the quantity in your system. Good luck and try and get a script! If you google your area plus subutex/suboxone doctors you should... ...
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will opana show up as morphine on a urine drug test
I want to know if morphine shows up as the same thing as opana on a urine drug test ## What's Opana Bro? ## It depends on what type of a urine test you will have to take. If it is a GC/MS lab test it is doubtful morphine would show up as Opana which is oxymorphone. IF it is a urine dip test like you buy at the store Opana might show up on a morphine test if the levels of opana are very very high. ...
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Mon, Apr 14 '14, 5:59 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 263149
how can i get a professional to back up my lab work ..i had a false pos urine test , lost custody
i had a urine drug test done on oct 16 2013,, social services sent me to local detention center to be tested..i had a false positive result for methamphetamine, and methadone, i had been sick and i was dehydrated and had a kidney bladder infection..i didnt kno this at the time, i was screamed at by nurse and accused of smoking meth,,never seen it before in my grandbaby was removed from my custody,,she is 3 .i have had perm custody since she was 8 months old, her mom signed her over to me in court , judge gave me permant custody , n she admitted to neglect,,nurse refused to send urine sample to lab to be comfirmed , and refused a new test,,i only peed about half teaspoon, and test was ran anyway,and then threw in the trash..judge refuses to ackowledge my evidence,to prove i did... ...
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Wed, Mar 05 '14, 8:30 PM   0 
Will adderal and Ritalin show up as two different drugs in a urine test that is sent to a lab
if i took adderal and ritalin the night before a drug test that is going to be sent to a lab will it show up that i took it two separate things I know they are both Amphetamines but will it show that I took both of them ## While ritalin can show up on a urine test as a false positive , it is unlikely to do so. Some cheap urine tests may detect ritalin as a false positive as amphetamines, however if you are getting drug tested by a reputable company , its alll but almost cetain it will not show on a drug test. Ritalin is a methlyphenidate not an amphetamine. the chances it coming in a urine screen is unlkely. can it happen yes, but will it happen most likely not. ...
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what can cause a false positive for benzo urine test
I take soma, lortab, trazadone, buspar, Vistaril, Zoloft, melatonin, valerian root, naproxen, and occasionally Benadryl. I showed up benzos in my drug test and my doctor uses a good test, so I am puzzled. Would any of these make me show for having benzos on my test. ## Yes trazadone is the culprit ..happened to me a few times .. But only on strip test ..ask for lab test and that will clear it up ## From what I understand valerian root can make you show a false positive for benzo's most people don't know it but it def. Can so be careful with that! ## Tested POSITIVE for BENZOs without taking any!! Could CYMBALTA do this? or neurontin,? That is all i have taken besides methadone that I am prescribed, but the doctor that gives that to me, gives me random drug screens and says I tes... ...
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Oxycodone Urine Test-False positive urine screens
My boyfriend has been ina pain clinic for years with severe back problems.He is on 60mg of oxycontin, and 15mg oxycodone topped with morphine. He tool a urine test and was told dilata was found inhis system.He SWEARS he did not take anything he should not because the pain clinic is a godsend to him and would niot jepordize his standing.Can a false-positive reading be the problem here??? Please help!!! ## Yes, if the clinic is using one of the less expensive, non-certified tests, then the narcotics he is taking could be causing a false positive. It's been known to happen on those types of test anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Learn more Morphine details here. Did they try doing any further testing, such as sending samples out to an actual lab? ##... ...
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Sat, Aug 25 '12, 7:15 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 234710
I AM PRESCRIBED RX GABAPENTIN, AMITRIPLYNE 75MG, TRAMADOL 150MG, NAPROXEN, FLEXORAL 10MG. WHAT WHY AND HOW WOULD I TEST POSTIVE FOR AMP/mAMP ON URINE 5 TEST STRIP ICUP. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. PLEASE REPLY BACK ASAP. THANK YOU, MY JOB IS ON THE LINE. ## My first question to you is when you gave your urine test, did you pee in a cup that has hidden results. what i mean is, are they relying on the cup itself to give the drug results? If its not turned into a actual lab, then your getting bunk results. Insist they run the urine through a lab. Those results on the cup are false. i know this because a similar result had to be looked into kim ...
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How Long Does Oxycodone take for accurate urine test
I started taking oxycodone 15mg 4x a day that was tues. an they want me to come in for urine test thurs. ! will it be in my system enough to get an accurate reading?I was upped my dosage cause 3 wasnt helping much! So wont i need to be on it 4 times a day for at least a week for them to see a difference? ## Your levels should go up within hours of taking the new amount and it is most likely that they know how long it will take to show up and are aware of what the elevating levels should be. Learn more Oxycodone details here. If you're that concerned, then just remind them when you go in for the test that you've only been taking the new dosage for a couple of days. Are there any other questions or comments? ## When they do a urine test (send it to lab) can they tell that i was of... ...
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Lab positive test for methadone
I just got a positive lab test for methadone but I have never taken the drug before. I am in a treatment center that gives me meds daily and it has been showing up since I got here. My probation officer thinks i am getting this drug in my treatment center illegally somehow and this is impossible. I am currently taking sertraline, propanolo, oxcarbazepine, trazodone, cetirizine and buspirone. Can any of these or a combination of these cause a certified lab to falsely test urine for methadone? ...
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How Long Does Percocet Stay In Your System For Urine Test
how long does it take for Percocet 15's and Percocet 30's take to get out of your system when you snort them and you got to pee test and one gets sent to a lab and one is where it shows up right away an answer soon would be nice thank you all! ## If you rarely take medication and get drug screened its out in three days. My question is if it is sent to the lab is it out in three days also? Need to know soon as possible please made a mistake and have to go to the doc Friday! Someone please help. ## with no prior use I took percocet 10/325 10 mg on Sat 11:30 am and will be urine tested by outpatient day treatment 48 hrs later on Monday 11:30 am do you think I will be clean on test? Drinking lots and lots of water and excercising Thanks! ## Ive Had oxycodone/ roxys clear out of my s... ...
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Clear Urine Test for Percocet (otherwise Rx'd Norco 10/325)
Generally, I take 10/325 Norco ~4x/day via Rx. I couldnt get to my MD this week & a family member gave me 4 Ten mg Percocet to take. QUESTION: (1) How long will this last in my system for a urine test. This test may also be sent out to a med lab for further / more precise results. I am a 54 yr old over weight female. Spinal issues with severe/chronic pain. I weigh ~214 lbs (yes, I know...I know. Gotta get on that) I am approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Sluggish (hypo) thyroid. Limited exercise due to compression fracture to L5 and broken L4 vertebrae. Since I am permitted to take 4 10/325 Norco daily --- my question is will the Oxycodone / Percocet pop positive? In your opinion, is there an effective way to flush the perc's out of my system -- and -- if I refill a 10/325 Norco Rx a... ...
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If I Take Lortab 2 Hours Before A Urine Test Will It Show Up
I take 2 opana for pain daily but am one pill short this month. I cannot figure out what happened as I take them as prescribed. I am worried about driving to the pain doctor in the morning because I can hardly walk without meds. If I take 1 or 2 lortab ten an hour before I go and get the urine test will it show? They send to a lab and are very strict ## Yes, the active ingredients in Lortab are Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen and they Hydrocodone will be detected as such. The best thing you could do is call them, ahead of time and explain the issue and ask their advice. Being short one tablet isn't a huge deal and they may tell you to go ahead and use something else, anyway, but that is entirely up to them. Are there any other questions or comments? ## you shud always count ur pills f... ...
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