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How To Inject 30 Mg Op Oxycontin

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Comments Submitted Says:
I've been taking oxycontin oc with different mgs. and now I just recieved these new oxycontins that are 30 mgs. op and I cant get them to break down so that I can inject them I'm really going through some terrible withdraws. can some one please give me some advice so that I can? Thank you

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Abraham Says:
I think I heard that the makers of Oxycontin (Purdue/Pharma) just changed their Oxycontin tablets with some sort of a plastic covering. I read about it about six months ago, saying that they will be moving to this new formula. It is supposed to curb abuse of the medication. Obviously it is working! Sorry dude.

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Verwon Says:
It is not a plastic, since that could not be broken down by the human body. However, yes they cannot be broken down to be abused, like the previous Oxycontin could be. Crushing, chewing or trying to dissolve them only results in a gooey substance that can only be broken down by stomach acid.

Side effects remain the same: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Are there any questions?

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Lowdown Says:
I have been clean for a long time si I dont suggest it< but vinegar and lemon juice both break crack back down to a shootable form and it may work for op but it has pontential to blind people though i have never seen it happen

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Mike Hawk Says:
To inject the new OP's {edited for safety}. Or you'll get that gel/wax in your veins!

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lot a pain 15 Says:
what is a yellow pill wit exp on it

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ian rice Says:
long term opiate user from ireland

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opssuck Says:
What about another way of taking these new OPs? is there a way to do that without it clogging up your nose. Really don't want to get into injecting.

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WantsToKnow Says:
I want to know if these ideas really work for the new Oxy's cause I don't wanna waste one if it don't. So what's the deal?

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JayJay124 Says:
To Wantstoknow and the rest of you crazy JUNKIES

Do you realize that everytime you try to out do the makers of these danerous drugs you only bring the price up higher for them to come up with another idea to out do you. Why don't you just clean up? Everyone that depends on this presciption could really use a break from you fools. At least, if you must abuse this drug and know how to keep it to yourself, Someone is going to get really hurt or killed (OD) if they follow your instructions and get it wrong.

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Abraham Says:
Jayjay124: This is not a place to preach, or be judgmental. Like you, I am one that needs these medications, but the Government and Drug Companies will make up any excuse to boost prices of medicine. At least these people have the courage to talk about it and MAYBE make it safer for them too. You shouldn't be deciding what other people do and don't do. Who knows, maybe this information will save a life. I wouldn't ever consider shooting-up, but there are those that do and you will not influence them to do anything else.

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scarface1 Says:
It is so clear that there will be MANY MANY MORE OVERDOSES from the new coating o the Oxy's. when the company gets hit with the multi million dollar lawsuit from some ne then tey will go back to the old ones, Too many people are NOT getting the pain relief they need from the new ones that they are taking more and more, trying to find ways just to snort, or shoot them will cause people to do more than they usually do to get the effect they need. I'm just gonna sit back and wait to hear about the company that PAYS the poor soul the multi millions. , Too bad it'll be too late. PUT THE PILLS BACK THEY WAY THEY WERE.~ next, they will be thinking about ways to take the ALCOHOL out of the ALCOHOL !!!

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Wordyman Says:
I refuse to describe myself

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Michelle888 Says:
I am a user of OC 30 mg. It is the ONLY thing that has worked for me over the years. I have been taking it for 6 months now. I just picked up my script and found and OP on the side of the pill when it use to say OC. So I came across this site while trying to find out what these pills are. I am so sad to see this is effecting so many people and although I do not snort, shoot, etc my medication my heart goes out to all of you who unfortunately have fallen victim to addiction. I will pray for you all and I hope you all find temporary relief (your high), but find a long term recovery. I am very sympathetic to you all, I know it is not a personal choice to be an addict. No one says yea, I want to be addicted to drugs for the rest of my life. Yes, you do make the choice to try drugs. But trying drugs and becoming addicted to them are two different things.

Know you are loved, deeply. We are all God's children. and I refuse to judge, degrade or hurt people based on their misfortunes. May god be with you and may relief and recovery fall upon you.

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JustAGuy Says:
I wanted to shoot but found out they dont crush, I ended up taking sicsors and cutting them up real tiny. I guess I could have used a razor blade but had sicsors right next to me at the time. I cut them up super small and just took them orally, not as fast as a shot but faster than the pill alone. A 40 left me nodding for a few hours, it's alot more fun than the way the Mfg wants them to be just not as fun as the old pill design.

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the man Says:
red, nik, and mike hawk are f---in liars. i know from experance you can not cook the op in spoon without water then cook it with water to shoot will turn brown and you can darw it up in the needle but if you shoot it up it will make you sicker than hell. your heart will pound it will in general be a bad few hours. i just tried a 40 and i honestly thought i was going to die my girl had the phone in her hand ready to dial 911. all you who tell people how to do this when you yourself have no clue are going to get someone killed.

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js60 Says:
Personal morality can never be successfully legislated. The punishment for use of Oxy for whatever reason should never be death or injury. Shame on the 'just say no, or I'll make you say no' crowd. Voluntary harm reduction, available medical assistance/rehab, education, counseling is an answer to any addiction.People are not lab animals to measure how the effects of new formulation of OXY will affect the bottom line.

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feetfried Says:
As a 40 year drug abuser....all I can say is that you must have a death wish. Death or prison....thats where your headed.......Good Luck...

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Pamx Says:
I do not shoot nor snoort these new oxys or the old oxys. I do chew them. Well for me? OMG they suck to hell! It's like you eat 3 of them and ur chewing forever!
I did the micorowave, say what!!? WTF is wit them? You put 3 in ur mouth and you chew for 2-3 hours! Im in Ohio, anyone with any luck taking them back to the pharmacy and exchanging?? After I swallow, it's almost like they (swell?) up and aggravate my tummy?? Strange! Well he never changed my meds, (Was on fentnal 75's) he just added more, Oxys, percs, and now Amrix 15ng once a day! Have not tried them yet kinda scared to with the opaits I tale already? Just don't want to gt all fked up and not know what med it did it did this,
HATE the new oxys and now Hate this Amrix,( that he said take 1 (ONE) Per day ON:Y!? Please help with this RUBBER OXY s**t! PLEASE! Someone said here something containing powder in the new OXYS, NOT! In mine anyway-nothibg but Jello or RUBBER to me! HATE them

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Nightengale Says:
I think it's time you address the real problem here, it's not the inability to break down the pill to inject it, that right there says you have a problem.
However, you need to look to the reason you feel you want/need to get high to start with. How is this effecting your life in general, family relationships, love relationships, ability to hold down gainful employment and be a productive citizen.
Why not put the effort you are putting into finding a solution to your difficulty in getting 'high', into getting control over your dependence and abuse to drugs in general.

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js60 Says:
Pineapple will keep jello from congealing because of Bromelain, an enzyme. Has anyone tried putting Bromelain together with the OP and water and boiled it down? According to Wikipedia, Bromelain is used for medical purposes but do not know if that includes injections. Should break down the gel in the OPs though. Pharmaceutical grade is available on the net

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