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Laxatives (purgatives, aperients) are substances that loosen stools[1] and increase bowel movements. They are used to treat and prevent constipation. Laxatives vary based on how they work and the side effects they have. Certain stimulant, lubricant and saline laxatives are used to evacuate the colon for rectal and/or bowel examinations, and may be supplemented by enemas under certain circumstances. Sufficiently high doses of laxatives may cause diarrhea. Some laxatives combine more than one a...

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Has anyone in the US used this yet for colonscopy and what did it cost? ## I've used this Prep and it was wonderful. It tasted like orange soda and was very small. I undergo routine colonoscopies and have now finally found my prep of choice because it taste great and is tiny. Suprep & Moviprep = YUK!!! ## Thanks, Johnny, was that in the US? and what did it cost? I really don't care if it is easy to use. I may need to convince my Gastro in some way. ## I used prepopik yesterday. It tastes like unsweetened lemonade with LOTS of artificial sweetener. Like lemon koolaid without sugar. Texture is good though, not thick or slimey. Mix with refridgerated cold water, not tap water and stir well. Drink with a straw. Brush your teeth and tongue after drinking to get rid of taste. You ...
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Terraferon Vitamins
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what does the terraferon do in a pregnant woman ## This pill is a multivitamin used for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency. Multivitamins are generally regarded as safe as long as you don't down the entire bottle. Possible side effects of Terraferron can include any of the following: Constipation and diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. If you take normal doses as recommended by your doctor or as stated on the bottle, you're likelihood of experiencing these minor effects are much slimmer. If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you. ## Can terraferon make you fat?im not pregnant,and I am taking it OD as supplement ## To my knowledge, Terraferon (or any multivitamin for that matter) will not make you fat. Terr...
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Linzess how many days before it starts to work?
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How long should it take for linzess to start working. It is my second day and so far nothing. Also I see some people say it causes weight gain. I would have thought the opposite. Can you tell me about that? ## Hello, Bella! How are you? I'm sorry that it hasn't worked for you, yet. Has there been any change? Please make sure that you are taking it with a full glass of water at least half an hour before eating. The time it takes to work can vary from person to person, some have found it to work right away and others have had to take it for a couple weeks. The typical side effects as listed by the FDA as possibly including nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and weakness. If there is no change soon, then you'll need to contact your doctor.
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Linzess, then other meds with breakfast
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Just prescribed Linzess for pain med related constipation, to be taken every day in place of my previous regimen. Reading the other postings, I am somewhat afraid to take it. Nevertheless, I would take my levothyrox 1/2 hour before the Linzess, then would take my other meds with a meal. Will the Linzess "wash out" the other meds?? Also, is "unanticipated bowel leakage" a possibility with Linzess? ## Hi Molly, Sorry to hear about the constipation from pain meds. Looking at others feedback on Linzess it's easy to get discouraged and not want to take it. However it is also important to understand that these meds tend to affect each person differently, whereas patients who don't have any serious issues with it would be less likely to feel inclined to post about their...
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use of softovac
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i am using softovac (bowel regulator) daily night 1 spoon, are there any side effects of forming stones in pancreas etc.,, ## Softovac is a laxative that contains: cassia fistula 0.5 gm, fennel , ispaghula 2 gm, liquorice 0.25 gm, senna 0.75 gm WIth those ingredients, it is a supplement, rather than a medication and the side effect profiles are not studied for it. The only thing regularly reported is some abdominal cramping. However, you should know that if you use it every night for a long period of time, your body may become dependent on it and if you stop using it, you may be unable to have a bowel movement without it. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Sir, thanks for the reply. As I am using 1 spoon regularly in the night from last 2 years. Last 15 days back I had a tre...
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Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy? Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects. Thanks! ## The Suprep kit contains sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate, it is used for bowel preparation. It basically works as a laxative. I can't think that combo would taste very well, though I have never used it. The most common listed side effects are: cramping, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Does anyone else have anything to add? ## Sulfates have a bitter taste, hence the development of PEG bowel cleansing products without sulfate such as Nulytely or Trilyte. Having said that, Suprep contains both Sucralose and flavoring agents, so it may not taste as bad as has been suggested. It still involves the ingestion of 3 quarts of water, ...
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Linzess is great
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Taking linzess for two weeks. I feel great. No more bloating. No side effects, although do make sure you take it 30mins before your first meal of the day or you could have some of the side effects worsen. ## Taking it closer to a meal could also result in it not being as effective. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating and diarrhea. Is it still working well for you? ## Hi, I've had terrible bloating along with the constipation for a while and I started up on lizness about 4 days ago. I was curious if you had bloating when starting out and then it got better after the 2 weeks or was it just good since you started? (Sorry for writing so much)
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can you use miralax after the expiration date
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Can you use MiraLax after the expiration date? And how much to use for an adult single use? ## Hi Dani, I haven't come across any specific details pertaining to the safety of this medication after it's expiration date. However, I think it really depends on how long has it been since the product expired? If it hasn't been too long, it might still be functional enough to get the job done, but you're still probably better off getting a new batch if you want to play it safe. Regarding dosing instructions, the usual adult dosing for Miralax is one cap full (approx. 17g) taken once daily or as needed. Apparently the measuring line on the bottle cap itself is supposed to be used as a guideline for taking a single dose (which also measures out to about 1 large tbsp). Lastly, it ...
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can codorol be used to treat diarrhoea?
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The Dr prescribed my mom codorol to treat her this right? As far as I know it could cause constipation and nausea....but in general it treats pain.
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round pink pill with 5 one side blank other
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I found a tiny dark pink pill, smoorh coated with nothing on one side and a black 5 printed in the center on other side...anybody? Not scored ## Hi Rose, Based on your description, the closest match I located is a round "orange" pill with a 5 on one side (in black ink) and blank on the other. The entire pill also appears to be glossy/smooth coated. In any case, this particular pill is reportedly identified as a 5mg Bisacodyl tablet, used for the short-term treatment of constipation. For added verification, the manufacturer is listed as Major Pharma and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 00904-7927. I hope this helps!
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