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Laxatives (purgatives, aperients) are substances that loosen stools[1] and increase bowel movements. They are used to treat and prevent constipation.[2] Laxatives vary based on how they work and the side effects they have. Certain stimulant, lubricant and saline laxatives are used to evacuate the colon for rectal and bowel examinations, and may be supplemented by enemas under certain circumstances. Sufficiently high doses of laxatives may cause diarrhea. Some laxatives combine more than one a...

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Constella or Linzess
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I am taking Constella for IBS but I also have a rectocele which seems to prevent a bowel movement unless I take laxatives and suppositories. Does this sound possible? Thank you ## Hello, Carole! How are you? Constella and Linzess both contain the same active ingredient, Linaclotide, so both are pretty much the same. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Rectoceles have been known to cause difficulty having bowel movements, according to the NIH, there are various treatment options that may help, including surgery. What has your doctor advised?
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Prepopik vs Miralax prep
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I have a new colostomy and must have a colonoscopy that goes to it and my bottom. Other ostomates have said they had a good experience with Miralax as a prep. Has anyone used both Miralax and Prepokik and can you tell me which was easier? Would the result be different for someone with a stoma? Please share your experience and opinions. I am SO nervous. Thank you. ## Hi Annie, While I don't have personal experience with these preps, I did want to see if I could help by linking you to the largest discussion thread taking place here with 267 comments that provide patient feedback on Prepokik. Source: Prepopik Discussion Thread Perhaps posting your inquiry there would attract the type of responses you're looking for... Additionally, if you run a search here on MedsChat for "Mira...
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linzess_how can one best wean away from taking linzess
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have been taking this drug for about 5 months and now it causes me diarrhrea and gives me severe pain in the very middle of my bod and causes bloating plus now I have been dealing with severe heartburn at nite. I believe the miralax during the day and metamucil at nite and the fruit I eat at mealtime or snack time can now keep me from having bowel problems so I want to wean myself off this drug.
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Meds interacting with each other
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Can linzess and methylprednisolone interact with each other? How many hours after i take linzess can i take , the methyprednisolone? ## Hello, Maria! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed in the NIH database, but it is always best to double check to be sure. As to the dose spacing, you should stick with the normal gap of eating/drinking/ingesting anything else that you always do with the Linzess. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Methylprednisolone as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, and acne. Is there anything else I can help with?
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Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy? Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects. Thanks! ## The Suprep kit contains sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate, it is used for bowel preparation. It basically works as a laxative. I can't think that combo would taste very well, though I have never used it. The most common listed side effects are: cramping, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Does anyone else have anything to add? ## Sulfates have a bitter taste, hence the development of PEG bowel cleansing products without sulfate such as Nulytely or Trilyte. Having said that, Suprep contains both Sucralose and flavoring agents, so it may not taste as bad as has been suggested. It still involves the ingestion of 3 quarts of water, ...
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I take linzess and it not working
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I was told by my gastro doctor to take linzess 30 minutes before I eat anything on a empty stomach. but it not working. he didn't tell me how much water to drink or whether I should drink something with my meal or not ## Hello, Clyde! How are you? I'm sorry that it isn't working for you. The manufacturer states that it can be taken with 1 ounce of water, or you can open the capsule and sprinkle the beads over a teaspoon of room temperature apple sauce, a half hour before eating or drinking anything else. And yes, when you do eat, you can have a beverage with your meal, as usual. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, flatulence, cramping, and diarrhea. Has there been any change? ## No there hasn't been any change.I also take 45 ml of lactulo...
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Suprep Bowel Prep Kit
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I am looking for a manufacture coupn that will help me pay for my Suprep Bowel Prep Kit. I an 70 years old and can not afford this medication. Can you help me? ## I've done some searching, but I am sorry, I didn't find anything for patient assistance. Since this is a laxative that is used to to clean out the colon in preparation for certain tests and medical procedures, it is generally a once time purchase and most manufacturers of these products don't offer assistance by way of programs or coupons, because it isn't consider life sustaining and isn't something you are going to be using regularly. There are, however, other alternatives on the market, most doctors just prefer this one, because it is new and contains no sodium phosphate. Have you tried asking your docto...
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Linzess, then other meds with breakfast
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Just prescribed Linzess for pain med related constipation, to be taken every day in place of my previous regimen. Reading the other postings, I am somewhat afraid to take it. Nevertheless, I would take my levothyrox 1/2 hour before the Linzess, then would take my other meds with a meal. Will the Linzess "wash out" the other meds?? Also, is "unanticipated bowel leakage" a possibility with Linzess? ## Hi Molly, Sorry to hear about the constipation from pain meds. Looking at others feedback on Linzess it's easy to get discouraged and not want to take it. However it is also important to understand that these meds tend to affect each person differently, whereas patients who don't have any serious issues with it would be less likely to feel inclined to post about their...
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bloating, constipation
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taking linzess for 60 days. not working as well as it did in the beginning. can I take a lax. while taking linzess ## You shouldn't do so, unless your doctor approves. Are you making sure to take it on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before ingesting anything else? This medication has been kind of iffy, a lot of people have found that it seems to stop working, after awhile. How long have you been taking it? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, bloating, gas, and diarrhea.
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Leaving Linzess Out Exposed To Air
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Linzess stresses keeping them in their original container with lid tightly closed but it doesn't explain why. Do they go bad or lose their power? I have accidentally left quite a few out in open air. I'd like to know if they're still good because I'd hate to have to throw them away as they are expensive. Anyone know the answer? ## I recently posted the following question: "Linzess stresses keeping them in their original container with lid tightly closed but it doesn't explain why. Do they go bad or lose their power? I have accidentally left quite a few out in open air. I'd like to know if they're still good because I'd hate to have to throw them away as they are expensive. Anyone know the answer?" After posting the above I was informed that there ...
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