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Anybody else with these issues
21 Replies RSS
Been on Linzess 145 for 2 months. Was having lots of allergy issues-hives and itching on scalp, runny nose, sinus pain, extreme fatigue. Also shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Hadn't had major allergy attack in months but thought that was what was going on. Steroids, inhaler, Benadryl no help. Started paying real close attention to symptoms and realized I never woke up with hives, they always appeared sbout half hour after Linzesse was taken and improved by end of the day. Stopped taking it and 48 hours later no hives, itching or sinus symptoms. Still dealing with fatigue. It did helps constipation problem although I came real close to more than one accident. Not worth the side effects. Has anyone else experienced any if these symptoms? ## Hello, Brenda! How are you? I...
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723 Replies RSS
Has anyone used the new SUPREP kit before a colonoscopy? Would like any comments about taste, ease or side effects. Thanks! ## The Suprep kit contains sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate, it is used for bowel preparation. It basically works as a laxative. I can't think that combo would taste very well, though I have never used it. The most common listed side effects are: cramping, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Does anyone else have anything to add? ## Sulfates have a bitter taste, hence the development of PEG bowel cleansing products without sulfate such as Nulytely or Trilyte. Having said that, Suprep contains both Sucralose and flavoring agents, so it may not taste as bad as has been suggested. It still involves the ingestion of 3 quarts of water, ...
Updated 2 days ago in Suprep.
linzess every other day
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Hi I just been given linzess 290 for everyday. I suffer with tons of gas and constipation and bloating all the time.and it worked great the first few days of taking it however I noticed when I took it I had uncomtorble spasms in my lower belly so my doctor recommended to take it every other day. Do you think I should switch to the lower dose? I'm scared I won't have a BM and I'll have gas the days I don't take the 290 dose. ## It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions and the only way to know how it will work for you is by trying it. Some people have been doing quite well taking it every other day. The stomach cramping and spasms can be normal side effects of this medication, according to FDA reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, ...
Updated 2 days ago in Linzess.
taking linzess at night
3 Replies RSS
So far I am having varied results with Linzess. One day I'm going all day, one day nothing, one day it is a "normal" one/two time bowl movements, and then another I'm rushing in my car to find a public restroom. I usually take it at the same time every morning. The varied results happen at varied times. Morning, afternoon, and/or evening. I was wondering if taking it at night would help with trying to get it on a regular schedule? ## I take mine at night all the time and it is working well. I go in the morning and have no problem through the day. If I have to go through the day I have plenty of time to find a bathroom but usually I just go in the morning ## @JulieAnn, I know you posted this back in April, so I hope you are doing well and all is good! RE: Taking Linzess a...
Updated 2 days ago in Linzess.
hyospasmol Dosage
3 Replies RSS
Should Hyospasmol be taken before or after meals? ## I have been having intestinal cramps but it also feels bloated. I feel I have to go to the toilet but nothing happens.. Is it dire constipation? Can I use liquid paraffin together with the HYOSPASMOL? ## when is hyospasmol taken before meal or after meal ## I have a cramps in my stomach this medication is it good because sometimes I feel something cold o my left rips
Updated 4 days ago.
Constipation and diarrhea
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In my experience as nurse, I have seen many patients who were constipated and/or had diarrhea for quite a while. There are natural things that work to help. First, learn about the bowels. Did you know the colon is like another brain and keeps so many things in balance in the body? It makes serotonin...the neurotransmitter/hormone that makes you happy. When food leaves your stomach, it enters your small intestine which can be 40 feet long. While there, your pancreas secretes three enzymes to break your food down (fun fact). Have you ever seen someone vomit stool? I have. So that means the 6 to 8 feet of their colon and their long small intestine were all most likely blocked up. People can carry 40 pounds plus of stool in their intestines. Not good. Now, at the large intestine, the colon,...
Updated 5 days ago in MiraLax.
279 Replies RSS
Has anyone in the US used this yet for colonscopy and what did it cost? ## I've used this Prep and it was wonderful. It tasted like orange soda and was very small. I undergo routine colonoscopies and have now finally found my prep of choice because it taste great and is tiny. Suprep & Moviprep = YUK!!! ## Thanks, Johnny, was that in the US? and what did it cost? I really don't care if it is easy to use. I may need to convince my Gastro in some way. ## I used prepopik yesterday. It tastes like unsweetened lemonade with LOTS of artificial sweetener. Like lemon koolaid without sugar. Texture is good though, not thick or slimey. Mix with refridgerated cold water, not tap water and stir well. Drink with a straw. Brush your teeth and tongue after drinking to get rid of taste. You ...
Updated 6 days ago in Prepopik.
Alternative dosing for Linzess?
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I've been taking Linzess 290 for about three months due to a maze of a colon because of abdominal adhesions. I am thrilled that it moves me out everyday, however, I feel like a prisoner to it. I can't go places certain times of the day because I have about an hour of explosive diarrhea each day and not sure when it will hit. And I cannot hold it in!! I'm paranoid it will hit at work, which is close quarters. Also, TMI, but my movements are FOUL smelling and runs my family gagging, out of the house. I was wondering if anyone has tried alternate dosing such as every other day, etc. FYI I have tried the 145 strength, all I get with that is severe cramping, bloating and no stool. Thank you!! I was thinking of maybe the 290 every other day and the 145 on alternate days. Thoughts?...
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Piles Medicine Available In India
142 Replies RSS
I am suffering with piles, causing pain and it is like bubble around my rectum. Please suggest proper medicine available in india. ## We have an excellent treatment for piles cure, just 7 pills and few precautions and your problem is gone. many patients have been benefited from this madicine. The medicine is free of cost, need to bear postal/courier charges, as we at Lord Dhanwantari is a Charitable Trust with a single vision of disease free India, earn its operation cost from the donations offered by treated patients. For more details please post back. Regards, Yogesh ## I REQUIRE MEDICINE FOR PILES I AM SUFFERING SINCE 20 YEARS ## I am Kishor from Delhi, 34 yrs old male. I am suffering from external piles, no bleeding only pain last 15 - 20 days. ## sir i am suffering from III degree ...
Updated 8 days ago in Lidocaine.
Taking Linzess with food
4 Replies RSS
I started Linzess 145mcg 9 days ago. Only had one bm. Called Dr she said take 2 pills at a time and if that works she will call in the higher dose. Took this morning before bed. (I work nights 7p-7a) I have had stomach pain all day. I haven't been able to sleep or get comfortable. I've had rumbling in my stomach, gas and an extremely hungry feeling with the 145mcg dose but no pain. It's been 8 hours since I took the 290mcg dose. I just ate something and I feel a little better. I read that I should take Linzess 30 minutes before eating but I usually don't eat until I get up in the afternoon. Could this pain be a result of not eating with the higher dose? ## Hi Krischris1, Sorry to hear about your situation. According to the manufacturer, you are right that it is recommend...
Updated 11 days ago in Linzess.
linzess causes weight gain
7 Replies RSS
I am the same. I have lost 85 lbs over the last 1 year. I have gastroparesis. After 120 days on linzess I am up 15 lbs. I was holding my weight before this prescription. I'm gonna stop this for a week and see what happens. I actually fasted for 1 1/2 days taking weight in A.M. and P.M. only having water and fruit juice (Low Sugar) and didn't lose anything? ## Hi Chuck, I don't know if this is would accurately describe the type of weight gain you mentioned, but according to, Linzess (Linaclotide) is known to cause swelling or a feeling of fullness/pressure in the stomach region that may appear as added weight. It can also cause excess gas to from, which may also contribute to feeling bloated. I'm thinking perhaps either of these side effects could be the culprit, ...
Updated 13 days ago in Linzess.
Taking Linzess in the evening before bedtime
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Can you take Linzess before bedtime so that elimination takes place in the morning? I take 145mg on an empty stomach... usually with apple sauce. ## Hi Carol, Looks like you're not alone in asking this question, as I just stumbled upon another discussion thread relating to the same inquiry at: [1] Taking Linzess At Night According to the response in that thread, it seems like the individual has had success taking Linzess at night to help promote a morning bowel movement. Perhaps it would also be a good idea to post your thoughts there in order to increase your exposure and possibly receive more immediate feedback from other patients as well... Best wishes to you!
Updated 13 days ago in Linzess.
Linzess and strange dreams
5 Replies RSS
Has anyone had any realistic, but odd dreams upon just drifting off to sleep? I just started the 290mcg. Took it 2 days in the AM...nothing, just more bloating but it did help some with the pain. However after reading up some, and considering my work schedule, I thought I should switch to a bedtime dose. WELL...Its working now! But thats ok! I think most of us agree after suffering with being back up for years, hey, whats a lil diarrhea. Problem is, I awoke...well tried to..from a most horrific dream, right upon drifting off. Im usually not a vivid dreamer. Anyone else have this AT ALL? ## Hello, Kris! How are you? Yes, others have reported having this happen, while taking Linzess and it's actually fairly common with most medications, since they often have a direct effect on brain c...
Updated 15 days ago in Linzess.
linzess issues
5 Replies RSS
Chronic constipation with 40-50 lbs weight gain... Linzess works with explosive diarrhea within an hour of taking but doesn'tseem to resolve problem. It makes me go from feeling 9 months pregnant to 6 months pregnant. Also have a new side effect of the drug (or the consripation) which is acne on my shoulders and back. Tries lots of otc rremedies and natural remedies with no luck. Dr gave me linzess and like I said it works but not completely. The 145 dose seems to work while the 290 did not, so i went back to 145 and same results. I am fit. Used to do 1000 sit ups a can't manage 20 due to the bloat and weight gain...frustrated and worried. I am a big guy...6'7"...should be 230# but am weighing in at about 280# which has been increasing over the past 6-7 months....
Updated 16 days ago in Linzess.
how long after you take linzess to work
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The 290 gave me severe diarrhea and cramps but lower soaw no bm I tried waiting a day then take again had horrible round hard stool a few of them passed only with manipulation and bleeding so I took same day the 290 and nothing but can feel it there making it difficult to sit or walk.
Updated 17 days ago in Linzess.
what is doxytet used for and side effects
6 Replies RSS
I had a pain at the end of urination and small blood clots came out,went to the clinic,nurse have me Doxytet,now I'm having constipation and I am having abdominal pains when I walk and sitting by pressure,could this be one of the side effects of this drug? ## This is an antibiotic, because the symptoms you're describing were most likely a urinary tract infection. Side effects to this medication can include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. But you should really have the abdominal pain checked out. The infection may have gotten worse and you may need a stronger antibiotic. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What is an antibiotic that can be used in treating a chlamydia infection? ## Doxytet may cause dizziness, nausea, and headache. ## Could doxytet ...
Updated 19 days ago.
Can Miralax Raise Blood Pressure
27 Replies RSS
I've never had a Bp issue and since taking miralax for a week for constipation my bp was 166/104! Could it be the Miralax? ## I double checked the side effects, both the consumer and professional listings, but I didn't find anything about it causing hypertension. Learn more Miralax details here. However, I think you should consult with your doctor for an exam and further testing, because while it isn't listed a side effect or reaction, other users have reported experiencing this from Miralax and their BP went back to normal when they stopped using it. Did you have any other unusual symptoms? ## No I haven't noticed anything. I stopped using the Miralax yesterday, increased my potassium and magnesium, drank lots of water, and cut out sodium. Today my Bp was 157/92..... I...
Updated 21 days ago in MiraLax.
On Linzess for a week, NOT "Working" - HELP!
39 Replies RSS
Hi all! I'm new here, but not new to constipation... However, I only got my first *prescription* medication to treat it a week ago when my new PCP finally related enough to my digestive woes and the frustration that comes from years of living through the futile cycle of Miralax, MoM bombs, evil teas, and throwing my hands in the air. She gave me samples of Linzess (low and high dose) and thoroughly educated me on how to take it properly, along with a fair warning to remain near the bathroom those first few days. Honestly, I was pumped! And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I've taken, and stored, this medicine correctly because I was all in on making this work, as gruesome as those first days might be. But alas, radio silence. I started with the low dose a week ago (a Wednesday)...
Updated 22 days ago in Linzess.
Stopped working for me
3 Replies RSS
Hello, I am taking the 290 and it has been about 1 month and a half taking this. The first 2-3 weeks were amazing and it worked. Great and now I am not going at all. Very hard to push and very bloated! Will it start to work again? I need some relief ## Hello, Linds! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problem you're having. Many people have reported experiencing this same thing, it seems to work great for a brief period of time and then just suddenly stop. Are you making sure to take it on an empty stomach at least a half hour before eating? The FDA lists the typical Linzess side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, bloating and gas. ## Can you take stool softener while on linzess I've been taking Linzess for about a month going from 145 to 290,...
Updated 22 days ago in Linzess.
Linzess stopped working
26 Replies RSS
I have been on the 145 dose of Linzess for several years now, and it was like a miracle drug. No side effects, and for the first time in 30 years, regular BMs. The past few months have not been so great, though. Constipation, bloating and cramps have returned. I saw my Gastro a few weeks ago, and she upped my dosage to the 290. No change. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? So frustrating! ## Unfortunately, many people have reported the same experience, though the amount of time have varied. Are you making sure to take it with a full glass of water, at least half an hour, before eating or drinking anything else, as directed by the FDA? The bloating and cramps can be side effects of this medication, but it usually causes diarrhea, rather than constipation. Are you on any other ...
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