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Active Ingredient(s): Linaclotide
FDA Approved: August 30, 2012
Pharm Company: FOREST LABS INC
Category: Laxative

Linzess Overview

Linaclotide (marketed under the trade name Linzess and Constella) is an peptide agonist of the guanylate cyclase 2C enzyme that is undergoing clinical trials for use in treating abdominal pain in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) accompanied by constipation. The drug also has promising outlooks for the treatment of gastroparesis, ulcerative colitis, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO), and inertia coli as well.[1] The drug was developed by Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, based i...

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the timing of taking Linzess
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I was told by my gastroenterologist to take linzess on an empty stomach. So I actually take it at night before I go to bed and I usually make my BM the next morning just about every day. Once in a blue moon I may skip a day, but I never go more than a day without making a BM. I wonder if linzess may be affecting the way my body digest food. Because I'm having issues with being very hungry about 45 minutes after I eat. & I wonder if Linzess forces my digestion to speed up. After I eat. I also have a disease called insulin resistance which makes me very carbohydrate sensitive. Also wondering if linzess has any effect on the metformin I take for my insulin resistance? ## @Dee, To answer your initial question about Linzess possibly affecting the way your body digests food, s...
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Worked first time I used it but no longer - in fact, more constipated!
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I do not have IBS but have constipation due to vaginal floor problem. I normally have a small bowel movement or two daily but do not clean out completely. The first time I tried it it worked wonderfully, although quite a bit of cramping. Next 2 days / doses, some rumblings but nothing. Now I am more constipated than before. Is this possible / been reported? ## Hello, Felice! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Many people have had similar issues with it, it tends to work great at first, then just seems to stall. The instructions on the Linzess website state that it should be taken on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before your first meal of the day. Have you been doing that? Typical side effects are listed as diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain and abdom...
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Can I take Lizness only as needed, maybe twice a week or do I have to take it every day. I do not like the idea of having to take a medication for the rest of my life daily so really only wanted to take it when it was really necessary since it works so quickly. I need it because of my IBS and have tried everything else but it still makes me nervous to be on it daily especially since it has not be around that long. ## Hello, Lori! How are you? You should take it according to your doctor's instructions. Many medications don't work as well, unless a steady regular level is maintained in the body. Typical side effects to this medication may include nausea, bloating, stomach pain and gas. Many people do take medications for their entire lives, for heart conditions or high blood press...
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linzess help
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I have been on linzess fir a week now and no results yet besides bad bloating! Will the bloating go away? How long does is nnormally take to start working? ## How are you feeling? Have your symptoms improved any? It can take several weeks for a medication to reach its full efficacy level in your body and for the side effects to peak and begin to taper off, usually 4 to 6 weeks. ## started linzess few days before colonoscopy and it after five days after colonoscopy it hasn't worked yet.i have ibs c
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Stopped working
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I have been on Linzess 145 mg for a month. it worked great the first 2 weeks and now it just stopped. I don't know if my body got use to it already or what could cause it. ## Hello, Marci! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. Actually, that has been a very common complaint from people that have tried it. However, there is a higher dosage that you can try, so you may want to speak to your doctor about prescribing it. Typical side effects to this medication may include stomach pain, nausea, gas or bloating. Have you been taking it on an empty stomach? ## Yes I've been taking it on an empty stomach & I've even doubled the dosage & it doesn't work. I finally resorted to taking Milk of magnesia nstead because I was so miserable ## ...
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New on Linzess for IBS-C, slenic flexure syndrome
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Been on Linzess 2 weeks now. I take it before dinner, sometimes really watery stool or just normal stool. Can't take in the AM due to work schedule. Take then so have time to evacuate before bed, best time for me. Still have splenic flexure pain, will see with continued use, on 290 mg dose. ## Hi Chris, Sorry to hear about your continued splenic flexure pain. From what I've read online, splenic flexure pain is said to be caused by gas-forming foods as well as various types of fatty foods. Do you find this to be the case in your situation as well after eating certain meals containing these foods? If that is so, my first thought as a nutritional advocate would be to supplement with digestive enzymes and probiotics to help better metabolize foods that would otherwise linger in the ...
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Taking Linzess with food
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I started Linzess 145mcg 9 days ago. Only had one bm. Called Dr she said take 2 pills at a time and if that works she will call in the higher dose. Took this morning before bed. (I work nights 7p-7a) I have had stomach pain all day. I haven't been able to sleep or get comfortable. I've had rumbling in my stomach, gas and an extremely hungry feeling with the 145mcg dose but no pain. It's been 8 hours since I took the 290mcg dose. I just ate something and I feel a little better. I read that I should take Linzess 30 minutes before eating but I usually don't eat until I get up in the afternoon. Could this pain be a result of not eating with the higher dose? ## Hi Krischris1, Sorry to hear about your situation. According to the manufacturer, you are right that it is recommend...
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can I take my synthroid at same time I take linzess
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I take synthroid and,belviq in the morning at same time I take linzess.? ## Hi Judy, Upon looking up potential drug interactions, I did find an article noting how Linzess (Linaclotide) has been known to cause diarrhea, which in-turn may affect the absorption of other medications that are taken orally, such as Synthroid (Levothyroxine)... essentially not allowing it to work as well as it should. So if you do decide to take them together, I think it would be equally important to watch for signs/symptoms of decreased thyroid function as a result of this interaction. Have you been taking the Linzess long enough to know how it affects you (i.e. regarding diarrhea)? ## The Linzess does cause some diarrhea ,if I take the synthroid and belviq 2hours later (after the linzess ) would that be long...
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is this working?
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Hi. My Dr gave me the lower lose and the first day I had 3 bm's but nothing has happened in the three days after that. I'm discouraged. Is this normal? ## Hello Ekt! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you've had. It seems to do that to many people, it works well at first, then just stops, but I'm not sure why. You may need to try the higher dosage. Are you making sure to take it on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before a meal? Are you on any other medications that might affect it? Side effects may include stomach pain, gas and bloating. ## I take it in the morning but not always 30 minutes before eating or drinking. My bottle just said take each morning. What might this cause. My only other med is wellbutrin 300 mg. ## Some medications don't work as ...
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how long can you take linzess?
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How long can you take linzess?? Can you take it for a long period of time???
Updated 1 month ago.

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  • Capsule: 145mcg, 290mcg
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