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Where Can You Get A Prescription For Oxycodone Or Morphine At What Pain Clinics Still Give Them In West Palm Beach Florida

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Deb Says:
i just got an mri where can i take it and get a prescription for oxycodone or morphine in west palm beach, florida, anyone know ?even methadone would do, what pain clinics still give scripts for these medications......the names of them would help me out

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Mrshadow Says:
Deb, I'm surprised your having difficulty finding a pain management company. There are many around west palm beach. There is a problem getting certain medication due to the recent DEA shutting down Walgreens distribution center and quite a few pill mills. I would like to suggest a few, however I need to know whether you have insurance. That would narrow down the search. I have insurance and a long list of problems. I have tried several doctors, however they wanted to change my normal script of oxycodone and give me opana. Opana is similar, but I couldn't find it any where. So, a waste of time and money for me. So I had to change doctors again. I'll do my best to help you find a good doctor. I just need to know: if insured. What's wrong as per the MRI. What area of west palm.

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Verwon Says:
MrShadow is correct, the most common problem right now in Florida and a few other states is actually getting such prescriptions filled, not finding doctors to prescribe them.

However, if you are just trying to go in and present them with MRI results and ask for specific medications, you may be creating a problem for yourself, because many doctors will consider that drug seeking behavior.

Usually, they are the ones that view such test results and decide what medication, if any, is appropriate.

Learn more pain management details here.

Do you have insurance coverage?

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KP Says:
I have had severe lower back pain for several years. Tried just living with it. Have had epidurals & a rhizotomy 3-4 years ago. That worked for about 6 months. They tried it again & it didn't work. Bought an adustable bed and a newer SUV which did help for a while. Doctors have prescriped tramadol, muscle relaxers, 800 mg ibuprofen, none of which really help. Tired of living in almost constant pain. Please help if you can. Much appreciated.

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lorial Says:
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My name is lorial and live about hour and half from west palm. Having the same problem as you. Any info you get can you please share it withme? Imoved from ct. I had to detox off my oxy's and methadone. My days are spent in bed. Not fair after 15 years of meds and now none I want my life back. Please

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Painnogain Says:
Where can i find a Dr who will prescribe Oxycodone in West Palm Beach? I have herniated discs and just had a cyst removed from my Ulnar nerve. Yes and I have insurance. My pharmisist told me to get Morphine Hydrocodone Er and Oxycodone 15 Mg for break through pain.

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Painnogain Says:
Hi Mr Shadow,
Can you please provide the name of a few Drs in West Palm area.that will see me and precribe the medications? i would appreciate it.

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painogain Says:
Thanks for the info. I will reach out to that Dr. I appreciate it

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painogain Says:
Thank you I am lucky to have health insurance and a longstanding relationship with my Pharmacist

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Pookie Says:
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How can I find these doctors? I didn't understand the names I'm your post. I do not have insurance and am going broke too find a doctor to help me with my horrible pain. Thank you so much for your help.

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Miss Christine Says:
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I am in Delray Beach. I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer, chronic neck & long-term back pain. Can someone PLEASE give me a referral to doctors who still write scripts for Oxycodone 30s, or Dilaudid 8s, or similar??? I appreciate it!

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Jenifer Says:
There is a doctor in West Palm who is a GP and pain doctor. I do not think they are taking new pain patients. However you might get a appointment with him to treat other health problems since he is a GP. When you see him you could talk to him about your pain issues. This suggestion may also help and that is to see him a few times before asking for any pain meds. The doctors name Dana Richard. Also make sure you bring all your medical records and not just records that only mention you pain. Good luck

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Jen Says:
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Dr Girard in Boca might be able to help anyone looking for a pain management Dr in Palm Beach.

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