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How To Snort The New Formula Opana Er
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O-pain-a Says:
I became a pain patient after I fell off a horse in March of last year and sustained spinal injuries which are still VERY painful. Opana ER was the first thing doctors gave me that helped at all and now that they have changed the formula I'm in a lot more pain. I want to break down the formula so I can snort it, as I am told I may get more pain relief and increase bioavailability of the drug. The new formula hardly offers the same pain relief, Please help me!

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Kenny Says:
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Hey,I would like to know how to do it!i was in a accident and I'm in a lot of pain.i take opana 15's.they don't work to good swallowing them!Thanks

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CrushThis Says:
Idk what everyone has trouble with. OM is water soluble, completely. Let it sit in water overnight. The clear gel is the release coating, the gooey cloudy liquid is the water/OM. Pull the liquid, put it in your nose. 100% successful insulffation without heatin extracting freezing etc. it works. Ive been doing it for months. E 40 crappy opana. You just have to wait ~24 hours and do it slow so it doesn't reach your throat. Try it before you tell me you dont blast off. It's messy but soooo simple.

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Throwingshade Says:
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I used to be an addict but I've been clean for a year now and I gotta say it's really dumb of you to say that about ppl abusing them because like it or not your not taking them as prescribed. your misusing them therefor your abusing them. Your one of those ppl who can't look at themselves in mirror like you just described. Your in love with these pills just as much as anyone else so stop kidding yourself

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SunShineOC Says:
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Thank you much for the info. I'm now on the DR oxymorphone as well as the IT which the IR works better being it's not the sludge. I have been trying to get the generic ER with no luck. But I guess I need to have a talk with my pain management doc. Cus I believe my OR version is generic.

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Voice of Reason Says:
Another damn moralistic projection. Maybe you want to feel high but most pain patients are severely under medicated. Feeling relief from pain is enough of a "high" for most chronic pain patients. If you knew anything about chronic pain, you would understand that severe pain prevents us from feeling high in most cases.

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Don Says:
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I'm prescribed hydrocodone 10 milligram from my doctor I have a Dr appointment tomorrow I took opana 20 milligram er will it show up at my doctor's office different than opiates or will they all show up the same? thank you

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Yohinus Says:
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Can u explain for me?

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Magical Says:
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I didn't say there were no difference between Opana ER or IR then hydocodone. The one I replied to said the formula has changed since they weren't getting any relief any longer and they wanted to insufflate them. Your body acculamates to anything you take on a daily basis, trust me I know how strong my meds are and why they are prescribed, I take NOTHING without tons of research and lots of questions to my oncologist and pharmacist. I just don't see why people have to try insufflating, mainlining, or muscling their meds, that ruins it for all of us that truly NEED the meds such as myself being Stage 4 terminal cancer, now they are putting that plastic coating on everything and they seem to take a bit longer to get in your system.

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Januce Says:
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I would like to know could you explain to me

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Magical Says:
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I take OPANA ER an OPANA IR, been on them for yrs nothing's changed still work just fine and I'm stage 4 terminal cancer. Your use to them now and not getting the high u want.... Face the raw fact your a junkie!

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Shkdwnst Says:
Not at all...Oxymorphone(opana0 is 6-8 times stronger than morphine, it just has a 10% bio availability orally(50% insufflated, 100% IV, IM, or subcutaneous), like morphine. Hydrocodone, is only about twice as strong as codeine, which is MUCH less powerful than morphine, Whoever said Opana is no different than hydrocodone without the apap has no clue what they're taking and needs to look online to get some real info on what oxymorphone really is and how strong it really is. The only thing stronger is fentanyl..they're even stronger than heroin. Don't believe the research yourself. The amount of complete misinformation on this thread is unbelievable. Especially from the ones that supposedly are taking it. I don't take ANYTHING without finding out all I can about it beforehand.

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rae Says:
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Help us my husband has had three back surgeries and still 3crushed vertibres inoperable

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Shelly Says:
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I would like to know what u r talking about. I take opana 10s ER 6 times a day. I have severe neck and back problems. My email is: {edited for privacy}. Thank you very much. Have a good day. :)

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zowie Says:
you cant be actually go through all this...personally...i wouldnt even have the time to do something like must lie in bed all day to accomplish this feat everyday....

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Misselaineousl Says:
Thank way I've heard.

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Bo jack Says:
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3 years ago I had rotator cuff surgery. I was prescribed 90 325-10 percocet. I would take about 2-3 a day and they helped with recovery. After about 4-5 months, I noticed that the 2-3 weren't as effective anymore so I started taking 3,4,5 even 6 a day. I told my dr what was going on and he switched me to 15mg IR Roxie's (small green pills) 120 per month and 60 per month of 40mg ER oxycontin. After a while I started to need more and something more efficient. So currently I am perscibed 180 15mg IR Roxie and 60 40mg of oxyMORPHONE. I don't really notice a big difference between the o-contin and o-morphone it's just not handling the 4 disc herniations in my lower back, 2 in my neck, torn meniscus in my Knee, blockages in ulner nerves In my elbows, arms and hands too. I've also done something recently I said I'd never do and that's snort a pill. I snorted an oxymorphone thinking it would work fast and good. All it did was make me tired, dizzy and gave me vertigo. That was my last ÿstraw with these meds. I made an app for an epidural which should numb me enough to ween off these meds, good luck to all. It's very tough

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Jordy Says:
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Berky and Liza, there are other means to cold turkey! The most common is methadone, but it causes a euphoric effect and has high risk of abuse. It will help with pain also. The second (better) is suboxone or subutex. They have no euphoric effect but still help with pain so abuse isn't a risk-no euphoria so no desire to take more. They also block any opiated from working while on the subs. I let my rx opiates get out of control & knew I needed to quit, but I'd get sick as hell each time I'd try-so sick I'd give up, until I found the "wonder" drug. The subs block the withdrawal effects. I took them for about a week, and that was it. I'd take half of the 8 Mg the first 2 days (you only need to take once a day) and then I'd take less than half the rest of the week and that was it. Most cases of sickness last about 3-5 days. On the 6th day when I didn't take any subs, I was completely fine & back to normal. To be honest, I've had slip ups here & there (not many), but only for a few days when I do but always have subs. I probably wouldn't get sick, but I'd rather not take any chances, plus it helps with the lack of energy. Seriously, they are the wonder drug. Talk to your dr. If he won't prescribe something else that will help, inquire about the subs-they can be life changer

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Brien Says:
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To SunShineOC:
Your doctor basically cut your primary med by more than 75%... calculated using bioequivalency charts of oxycodone and oxymorphone. That is a ridiculous and unnecessary adjustment to happen in one month. They could have easily reduced you to the new meds and doses over several months. It was not necessary to put you through that amount of withdraw! I am a major advocate against insulfation(snorting) of any drug except in emergency situations, and then I think it's a bad idea. But I must say that you are completely justified, if not forced into the situation. Your withdrawals would have been horrible had you not done this.(still can't believe I've said this!) Now though, once you have been on this new pain regimen for a few months. It is now time to start the tapering off of snorting the opana . You will now understand why I say it's a bad idea to ever snort it! The reason it helped, is that you get about 7 to 8 times the amount of opana in your system by snorting it. Don't just stop snorting it and taking it orally. You will slowly need to snort less and less everyday over about 7 days, depending on how well you tolerate the will probably have some minor amounts, and this is normal.You may need longer than 7 days, but don't exceed 14 days!!! You can start taking them orally as they become available from not snorting them. When done, everything should be back to normal....whatever that means...good luck...hope this helped.

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Brien Says:
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To SunShineOC:
I can ofter you some ideas and suggestions on how to remedy your situation if interested. I have been in your shoes. Just let me know.

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SunShineOC Says:
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That was well said. That is the problem with our world there is always someone trying to pass judgment and put other people down to make themselves feel greater. Even if he are she is a junkie they deserve love respect and the simple things in life that we all do. I wad in a bad accident when I was 16 and almost lost my leg. I have had 3 surgeries that was basically the trauma team trying to rebuild it. Needless to say I am crippled for life and my entire body is in pain because of it. I was taking 7 80 op and 10 opana ir. They recently switched me to 6 20 opana er which don't work as well as the op did. Although none of them work better then the original OC are the stop sign opana I do sniff my 10 with the hope of some kind of relief. I do my best to do all that my doctor ask because I do know I am on a very high dose. But after all these years this is where my tolerance is and my pain level. So everyone be kind to your fellow man addict are not. I know many people who are on street drugs and have told me that they would have been committed suicide if not for their choice of drugs. So let's have compassion for those who are addicts cause no one wants to be. Good Luck to you all.

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