Medicine For Increase Height After 18

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medicine for increased height

I want a tall height. Right now I am 5 feet but I want a medicine to increase my height without any side effects. ## I am 21 years old. I want to increase my height by only 3 inches. Right now i am 5 feet 3 inches, but i want a medicine to increase my height without any side effect. ## hi dear i m nimi and i want to increase my height bcoz i m just 5feet so plz give me medicine for my height but without side effects ## i am 18.6 year old girl .but my height is 4.2 inc. so tell me any medicine i want incress my height 6 inc. ## I m 20 years old and 5' in hight I want to increase hight upto 6 inches.....please recommend drugs and medicine with diet chart to increase ## SORRY THERE IS NOTHING TO DO OR TAKE BY DIET MEFICATION OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL DO THAT AT LEAST ON PLANET EARTH A... ...

How To Increase Your Height After 18 years?

Human body is supposed to stop growing after the age of 18. However you can increase your height up to 4-5 inches naturally at home. At first you have to take care of your nutrients and diets. As diets & nutrition are one of the crucial factor responsible for growth of the body. The right amount of vitamins like protein,calcium,calories,carbohydrates are very important & are compulsory if you intend to increase your height. Make sure every morning, you wake up early and do some yoga and exercises, as yoga makes body flexible. Yoga & exercises must be done before having breakfast in empty stomach. After yoga you can have your breakfast and it must fill your stomach full. You can have 2 eggs and milk with supplement diet and some oats. Supplement diets are easily available in ... ...

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Height Increase Tablet

plz tell me my age 21 but my height is 5/4 inche ## I am 23 year's of old but i am only 5.3". Is there any tablets to increase height? ## I am murad 23 year's of old. My height is only 5.3". I want to increase my height. ## I'm 22 years old but my height is 5 feet 1 inch.....plz give me a suggestion to my email ## my age is 29.. is there any possibility to increase my height. my height is 5 feet. ## i'm very very short like a kid , 5 ft do you have any medicine drug medication or ect for increasing my height ? do you? ## hi my age is 18 and my height is 4-11..I wnt to increase my height in two or three months..Do you have any medicene for increasing my height???????? ## hi i m karishma,my age is 23 n height is 5ft .... so plz give me tablate for my height.....plz... ...

i want increase my height

sir im 20 years old and my height is 5'7" can i increase my height to 5'10" ## My twin sons height is 5 feet n 3 inches, both are at 18 years n 3 months, is there any possibility to increase their height more 3 inches. Is there any medicine or exercise to increase the height. Up to which age height will stop to increase ## please give me the medicine for tallness i am so short please i need to be tall thanks. ## I'm sorry, but once someone reaches the age of adulthood and their growth phase has passed, there is nothing that can be done to change their height. When younger, there are some growth factors that can be given to help someone reach their full height potential, but that is the only time that they will work. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Sir/Mada... ...

Height Increase capsule name is yash.i am 19 years height is 5.5 inches but i really nt satisfied with it...plz suggest me any tablet or what ever so that...i can increse my height early az possible.... ## If you are done growing, there is no medication or supplement that is going to help you grow more. There are some growth hormone products that can help someone reach their full growth potential, but they only work while a child is in their formative years. Once you are past your growth period, you just have to live with the heigh you have. Learn more human development details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## use the shellcal tablet twice a day ## I am Kalyan Pati. I am 18 years old. My height is 5'4". Iwant increase my height. Which tablets can used to growth ... ...

Height Increase 15 year olds

hi i am 15 years old and my height is 4 foot 8 is there any tablets that will make me grow taller. ## Hi am Nelia my problem is my height since I'm 15 up to now I'm 33 my height desame 4'11 please is there any medicine that I could take?Cos I feel no guts face to face all discrimination. ## Unknown, at your age, there is still a chance that you will grow more. Growing can continue into someone's 18th year and sometimes a little longer. However, if you're concerned, there are some things you can do to make sure you achieve your maximum height potential, such as taking multivitamins to make sure you get the proper amounts of them each day. Learn more dietary supplement details here. You can also try talking to your doctor, because there are some growth hormone medicati... ...

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tips for increasing height after 18 years

i m 18 yrs old my height is 4.9 inchs plz tell me what can i do for increasing height ## I m 19 years old and my height is 4.11 inches. I want to increase my height. Plzzz?? help me. ## I'm 18 years a girl now but my height is 4'10. I was suffering from a physical problem, before 1 year my left leg was broken n and it takes lot of time to recover.... So. I can't do any exercise to increasing my height but i'm disappointed with my height and want to increase aprox 5nto 6 inches more anyhow... Pls suggest me any medicine and suggestions to increase my height fastly ...

Height increase tablet name if one exists

Sir, I am 19 years of age. My height is just 4'9 and my growth is not increasing. ## sir iam 19 years of my age i am girl ## I am 18 but i am not geting my height as per according to my age. my heighi is 4'8". I want at least 5'3"height. Please give me a solution by medicine. ## Sir i am 18 years old my height is 5.6 how i increase my height . Please tell me tha name of tablets ## sir my age is 17 completed my height is 169cm i have tried all steching,yoga but my height is not increasing i want my height should increase upto 176cm plzzz tell me how can i increase my heighr is there any medicine or tablet ## My age 28 and my hight 5.1 I want increase my height 3 inches plz give me any suitable medicen ## I am 27 an im 164cm can ii increse my height upto170cm is there ... ...

fat gainer medicines

I want to be fat because I am slim. I am from India Kashmir.Age 28 years ## Hello, Jan! How are you? According to the NIH, being fat/overweight is actually not healthy. It puts far too much strain on your body and organs. Being overweight, even slightly, can increase your risk of many dangerous medical conditions, such as heart attack, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. What is your current height and weight? ## I have a tiny body pls i need a quick medicine to get a little fat in my body. Weight 66, height 181, age 25. Pls help. ## I am from Nepal my age is 27 and weight is 49 so how can i improve my body i want to make up to 60 please help me also give me medicine name which medicine i will use . ## I am 26 years weight is 40 kgs...all kidding abt me that too lean...i want t... ...

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Tips for increasing height.

Sir, I am 18+ in age and my height is 5 ft. 2 inch approx. I want to increase my height so how can I?? Please tell me the name of the medicine by which I can increase my height. ## Hii I'm 18 years old my hight is 5. 4 inch I want to increase My hight ...

fatness medicine name

Please I need fat gain medicine I'm too tall n thin body plus less weight so I need a fatness medicine please tell me the fat gain medicine. ## I'm a 24 old girl I am thin l want medicine to Become fat ## I need medicines to get fat or to increase my weight very urgently because, i can get enough foods daily but i can't get balanced weight. I am O blood type owner and 183m height and 60 Kg weight & i am 28 so what type of medicine would you give me to get immediate relief without side effects.Thanks a lot for your immediate response. ## I have very skinny body.. My weight is 35kg. And 25 yrd old.. plz tell me the medicines to gaining fat in short time ## I have very skinny body. My weight is 35 kg. And 25 years old..height is 180 cm. please tell me the medicines to gaini... ...

height growth

i'm 19 year old guy. i'm 5 feet 6 inches tall...and it makes me worried...i just want to know if my height will grow naturally or do i need to take some medicines...i want to grow 3 inches!! ## i am 18 year old my height is 5'1.5 inch . what will i do for height incrise. i got 5'10 inch . please give me some medicine for height increase. ## am a foot baller,i need dis height so dat it can helpme in playing ...

how to increase weight I eat good diet but nt gain weight

pls give some suggestions about the how to gain weight ## Hello, Arun! How are you? How tall are you? Are you male or female? How much do you weigh? What type of foods do you eat? Are you any medications? Do you have any medical conditions? ## I m 56 kg.and 5'10 height. in morning I eat 5 chaapati with sabaji and milk and in afternoon I eat rice and 2 or 3 chappati with daal and at night I eat 5 chappati with sabaji and milk.i am nt taking any medicine.. ## i am boy of 18 years old and height 5'2" and 45 kg weight so what i do if i want to gain my weight and height? ## hello i m v k mishra i m stand on 35 year and my weight 56 kg.but i want increase my weight above 65 kg so i m asking you that u have any solution for me plz inform me ## I am Kiran my age is 21 weight is 45 I... ...

drug to help gaining weight

Sir I m 19 yr old, my height is 6 feet and weight 55 kg can you plz suggest me some medicines or products which can improve my BMI is just 18.4 so plz help me. ## i am 30 years old my weighet is 47 i'm healthey but my weignet is constant for many years so i want increase my weighet by using drug ? ## I am 19 year old boy but i am very short and very thin so please help me i have been surfering for a long time ## Cyproheptadine will Help You Gain weight, Doctor prescribed ## Trying To Gain weight Bonaplex Syrup,, FOUND ONLINE FOR WEIGHT GAIN ...

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Cherifer PGM 10-22

height increasing food supplement ## This is a supplement from the Phillipines, there is no scientific proof that it does as claimed. ## can u help me? i want to grow up. my height is only 5'2 ## does Cherifer PGM really increases growth? I am 18 and 5'3 in height.. i really want to grow at least 2 inches..but seems cherifer doeasn't work at all.. please reply..thanks ## How long should i eat the cherifer pills to grow up? when is the best time to eat the medicine and is there any effect? ## my sister bought me a box of cherifer premium instead of pgm, does premium are good for the growth? or just a vitamins.. plz reply me.. tnx ## i take cherifer, because i want to grow more, but it seems it doesnt work! ## when i bought cheriffer pgm.. the girl in the merury drugs says tha... ...

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Faster Weight gain syrup

Hi i am 26 year old male. weight 48kg. i would like to know how to gain weight naturally or if you could suggest any tablet or tonic to gain weight ## Sir iam sirisha my problem is height 4.8 i want increase my height and also weight 35 my age was 20 ## Hiii..... I m jitendra.. m 27 yrs old n weight 50 kg so plz give me the medicine for gaining weight? ## dear sir my name his rakesh kumar 26 years old my weight 47 kg please help on us weight gain ## Hello mam I am Mona sheikh and I am so apset for my health plz give me suggestion for increasing my weight I am 18 and my weight only 30 ## Hi i am 26 year old male. weight 50kg. i would like to know how to gain weight naturally or if you could suggest any tablet or tonic to gain weight ## I am 30 year's old but my wait is 45kg plz tell ... ...

Cherifer PGM

chemicals in cherifer PGM ## IM Tasking as cherifier tatangkad kaya ako ng 2 inch in 1 DAy ## Do I have still a chance to grow better, now that I am already 24 year-old? ## Reynante, the chances of additional growth, even with the addition of medications, at your age, are unfortunately very slim. ## i'm 19 do have a chance to become tall???? ## im a girl and im 13 years old.. i am currently taking this supplement, CHERIFER, since i believe many are using this and says it boosts growth.. do i still have a chance to grow? im 5'3 in height.. and i want to increase at about.. 3 inches more! badly.!!! ## will cherifer make me grow taller i am 22 and 5'5''. also will it have any affect on my birth control. if it works, how soon will i begin to see results? ## i'm 18 ye... ...

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suggestion for increasing height after 18

Hi I am Sarif. I am 21 years . My height is 5'4" . I want to increase my height 3-4 inch. Plz help me ...

i want to grow more

Hello! Sir myself aaisa shah and I am 18 year old n my height is 5ft. I want to increase my height.... Sir please suggest me what shell I do to increase my height? ...

medicine for increase height after 18

I am bijay 22 yrs old boy .my height is just 5.0 feet...i want 6 inch more how can i get it.what medicine should i take..? Even i had tried so many pills,capsule,stepup also bt nothing change..and they lead to side affect. Can u hlp me ## my height is 5.2 inch. I wish to have increase my height to 5:7 inch i'm a vegetarian pls help me ## I want some help for my daughter. What is the best medicine to make height for 21 years? ## I am 23 year old, and my height is 5.4. I want to grow 6 inches taller. Just wondering, can i increase my height or not with using any kind of pills? ## i m 25 years old..and i m only 5 feet 2 inch.i want to increase my height more 4 inches. plz send me a efficient way to expand my height. ## Sir I am 23year old and my height is 5" but I want to 4inche in... ...

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