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Dianabol 50mg

can i buy Danabol 50 in Australia? if so where can I get them from?. Having a real difficult time getting steroids Here would really like some help please. ## Obtaining steroids is difficult for a good reason. Unless you have a life threatening illness that requires their use, it will inevitably ruin the rest of your life if you take them for a short period of time and then stop (once you start, you have to rely on them to support the off balance of hormones, etc). If you are under professional medical supervision for administration of the steroids you may be able to avoid some of the side effects, but that is not guaranteed. Hopefully you did your research, but it doesn't seem like you have if you are asking this question of availability. I know if you researched enough you wouldn&...

dianabol white

Hi iv got whit dbol tabs there from casablanca pharma no markings tho callesd dianapro are these lagit ? ## Anyone used these ? Just got some dianapro my self can't find anything on the net about them ? ## i have been on dianapro for 16 days and can see quite a big improvement in muscle size,there little white tablets with no motos on them but i am feeling aches in my kiddnys ## @antwon, Without a marking of some sort to verify the ingredients, this could be anyone's guess. I actually went onto the Casablanca Pharmaceuticals webpage and didn't see a pill like this listed among their other products. Although the company itself has a reputation for being legitimate, this also leads me to believe that your particular pill may be a counterfeit. I'm not saying they don't ...

re: dianabol white

Yes they are legit. From Casablanca pharm in the UK. They are 5 mg tabs sold in bulk. ## Hi deputy, Thanks for sharing this information. As a means of verification though, do you know what the description of these tablets are outside of just the color being white (i.e. shape, imprint, scored)? If you could please post back with any additional details that would be great. A lot of user's come on here trying to identify various steroid tablets, so it's very helpful to have a full description to refer back to if you're able to do so. Thanks!

Dianabol Sm Orange

Is there a dbol that is white with real specks and no mg markings? ## Unfortunately, since this isn't something legally available by prescription, I can't provide you with a definitive answer to this question. There are several companies that make these anabolic steroids and most don't list any imprints, or what their pills looks like. Where was it found/obtained?

answers about dianabol

hi,i have nomad lab.dianabol 10mg with letter N on it is this the real thing or fake ## help with dianabol nomadlab ## hey guys i got round dianabol blue tablets a few days ago an am really worried if there fake or not. they have no markings on them, i would appreciate for your help thanks

help!!!!!! i think its Dianabol???

Hey guys. I'm knew to this..... But I bought what I was told is D-bol when I got them they were the color of dbol but there very small round pink an on one side there is a slash an the other side is blank. The way to take them I was told is the 1st week. 2pills a day. The 2nd week 3pills a day an the 3rd week 4pills a day...... Hope u guys can help me out thanks ## i have round light blue pills which came in a pill container labelled cutting edge pharma with dianabol printed on it....................real or fake. ## They are REAL ! The blue d-bols are the Iranian D-bolls. They are used a lot over there and u do get good gains of them because I have used them in past, best oral steroid I've ever used is Anaor ! Its the bee's knees. ## If there are no markings on them, there i...

Oval tablet pink dianabol SB

I have so called dianabol and i'm wondering if they are genuine. They are a small, pink oval shaped tablet with the symbol SB written on 1 side? ## Is there a round pink dianobol pill with letters PP on one side and mg on the other? ## Hello .... can anadrol 50 usp brand be light green and oval....and can the dbol 25 usp brand be pink and oval? I'm having trouble finding answers ....as there r many colors and shapes. ## I have these. Small round pink with PP on one side. What are these?

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dianabol steroid tadlet 10mg

an oval shaped pink tablet with the letters sb on one side ## I located a few oval pink pills with SB on them, but they also have numbers on them either 2, 4, or 8. Could these be your pills? Please post back so I can help you locate the correct pill. ## I jus got 500, 10mg pink dbols with the letters sb printed on them!!

blue dianabol pill EB engraving

Blue round pill with a stamp of a backwards E connected to a B. Guy said its dbol, but I don't believe people that easy. ## Hi Ryan, Based on your description, the closest ID I'm finding is an round, dark blue pill marked with a capital "EB" on one side (they are connected to each other, and the "E" is facing backwards from what I could tell, so each letter shares the same 'backbone' if you will). On the other side of the pill is an embedded imprint of what looks like a lady lying down. These particular tablets are identified as E, or what some people call 'Molly' (an illicit party drug). Does this sound like a possible match?

shape hexagon pill pink dianabol

Has A line thru one side. Pink an shaped like a stop sign. I want to know how many mg's they are. ## Dianabol is an anabolic steroid. From the little I can find on them, the pink ones are 5mg tablets. The steroid they contain is Methandrostenolone. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## just got pink hexagonal supposedly 10 mg anavar tabs. One side has a line through it and the other has an imprint that i cant tell what it is. Looks like maybe a dragon or duck or something lmao. Anyone know what these are?

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Can You Mix Suboxone And Dianabol

I'm on suboxone and would like to include a cycle of dianabol. Will it work or will suboxone block it? ## The anabolic steroid? The Naloxone in Suboxone neutralizes opiates, nothing else. Learn more Suboxone details here. Learn more anabolic steroid details here. However, anabolic steroids are very dangerous to use and could place your health in very serious jeopardy if used improperly. ## No, suboxone will not block the effects of the steroids. I went on a dbol cycle with tremendous results and I'm also a suboxone patient. The only thing I would be weary of is the amount of strain you're putting on your liver while using both drugs. Be sure to use a liver cleanser and anti aromatase inhibitor. ## Its a farkeng good mix. Better then nothing. But nothing can be better the som...

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shape hexagon pill pink dianabol how many mg

dragon imprint on front and a line down the middle on the back ## I am not sure, I am finding two different listings for the strengths, they have tablets that look the same that in both a 5mg and a 50mg strength. Since these are not a prescription drug item and have been banned in the U.S. they are not under strict regulation like prescription medications would be, so it is going to be difficult to know what strength these are. Where were they found/obtained?

Dianabol round orange tablets with sm markings

round orange dianbol tablets 50mg marking sm onthem real or fake ## According to someone else who has these same pills, these are legit Dianabol tablets, from Poland. They are regarded as being light orange and round, with SM on one side and line in the middle on other side of the pill. Did you order them online? I hope this info helps!

dianabol red capsule no marks winstrol blue cap stack pharma

I have a question about Stack pharmaceuticals I recently received products that are supposed to be generic Dianabol 10 mg and generic Winstrol 20 mg both are made by this company. I have never heard of them and I normally wouldn’t as I have taken both products several times over the years but they happen to be all that is available and my pharmacy assures me they are legitimate. So I am seeking a second opinion. The

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There Are These New White Pills Out That Supposed To Be 10mg Dianabol

Does anyone know if these pills are legit? They are from Biotech Pharma Clinic, they are methandrostenolone white circular pills that have a U and a V on one side and just a line on the other. No one has a clue what they are.. and I'm interested.. thank you ## Hi Korey, Based on my research, the white round pills with the UV imprint are manufactured by Univet; a pharmaceutical company in Mexico. I do believe that the pills are Dianabol (methandrostenolone), but I can't say for sure if they contain (10 mg) of the active ingredient. It's hard to identify drugs of this nature due to the fact that the imprints are quite vague- and there's definitely a chance that these pills could be less potent than those from more "well known" or reputable manufacturers. I hope my ...

i got dianabol with yellow color 15mg from zaria muscle research center is it legit/fake

Hi everyone I just got 100 dianabol tablets which are yellow in color.it is written its 15mg and is from Zaria muscle research center. Can you please tell me is it legit or fake? Thank you ## Take it. If your acne gets horrible, your testicles shrink, and you get filled regularly with violent rage......they're real. ## Hi I just got dianabol 15. It's says 15mg 100 tablets from zmrc and tablets are yellow in colour' is it real or fake any one knows?

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I have a green dianabol with a line in the middle and has a 10 and at the back of it, it has a face of a tiger. the pill has a pear or apple shape. Dont know if its real or fake. ## I have a green dianabol with a line in the middle and has a 10 and at the back of it, it has a face of a tiger. the pill has a pear or apple shape. Dont know if its real or fake. It is from meditech and i think its from thailand. Anyone tried it before? Supplier claims its a new one. ## Hey i am using the same how is the result with u???

steroids an suboxone

will suboxone block out dianabol ## The Naloxone in Suboxone only neutralizes opiates, to help prevent someone abusing them while they are under treatment with it. Learn more Suboxone details here. So it has not effect on other medications or substances. Anabolic steroids are very dangerous, I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but I do urge you to proceed with caution. Are there any other questions? ## Does steroid 4 milligram and suboxin 8 milligrams mix well?

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blue round 56125

it is a mid sized round light blue pill with the numbers 56125 on one side. ## i got a light blue round dianabol tablet it's got a N on one side and the other side it's smooth. it comes in a glass bottle marked nomad laboratory 50 tablets methandrostenolone dianabol 10mg per tablet. i would like to know if this is the real thing and what the side effects would be. i will appreciate any feedback on this before i try it

Square Pink 50 Bp

Small square pink tablet with BP on one side and the other side says 50. What kind of steroid is this? ## dianabol dbol danabol decca A BULKING STEROID ## That's DIANABOL alright! I just started a new cycle yesterday. ## Hey I'm trying to start a cycle of these and I have like 50. What do I do? ## Take one in the morning every day no more because of your liver don't drink alcohol to much. Otherwise keep your normal diet maybe as some protein to it. ## I have 50 bp what are these and how do i take them


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