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Crystal Says:

S 90 3 rectangle shaped pill is Alprazolam 2 mg, also known under the trade names Xanax, Xanor and Niravam, is a short-acting drug of the benzodiazepine class used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression.

NDC: 67253-903
Labeler: Dava Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Inactive Ingredients:
-Docusate Sodium
-Magnesium Stearate
-Cellulose, Microcrystalline
-Silicon Dioxide
-Sodium Benzoate
-Starch, Corn
-FD&C Blue No. 2
-D&C Yellow No. 10

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J Says:

it is a 2mg alprazolam (xanax) bar, the only 3mg xanax's i have ever seen is a triangle not a bar, Mylan makes 2mg xanax pills but they are round and you can split them into 4 sections and they say Mylan on the front of the pill, color of the pill does not necessarily tell you how many mg they are, no matter what color they are bars are usually always 2 mg, 1mg are ususally blue and round or football shaped, .5mg are round and peach colored and .25mg are round and white colored and have an R on the front of the pill

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pillpoprrrr Says:

ummm ur wrong...ther's all kinds of xanax bars, yellow, green white...etc...s 90 3 on a rectangular pill is a xanax 2mg...tastyyyyy

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Xany Says:

It's xanax for sure.

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Barr head Says:

Yellow are quick release green are extended release the white and pink bars are regular the 3 mg xanex are purple triangles that release 1 mg every hour for 3 hours its all about the white bars thst are smooth on one side and have a v on the front

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Barr head Says:

Your wrong purple triangles are the only 3 mg xanax all the different colourd bars determine if iys quick release(yellow) or extended(green) white just means regular

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steveyd356 Says:

Wrong The color distinguishes the brand green = iR, white IR, yellow Ir. Green is notr extended release, only xanax xr traingle ones or hexagonal.

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foot Says:

First off there are 6 different brand of Xanax that u can get so color makes no difference except on a 3 mg Xanax. Sandoz, mylan, purpac, qualiteast, greenstone, and dava. Different brands r different colors and shapes. I can tell u what is written collor and shape of each brand.

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Dr Pickurpill Says:

Yellow bars are fast release, Green are extended release, White have the standard release speed set by the FDA.

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Dubac Says:


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don folks Says:

Wallgreens has yellow 2mg bars, CVS have round 2mg pills that break in 4 piesces, and there are 2 types of white 2mg bars, 1is scored on both sides, those disolve better, and the other white 2mg bar is scored on one side and is rounded on the other side. There is a 3mg xanax but its a XR triangle. There is no 3mg xanax..

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don folks Says:

S 90 3 green bars are 2 mg xanax too, i forgot to mention that. As far as the yellow being instant release and the green being xr's and the 2 white ones being regular, i dont know about that, the pharmacy gives me what ever color i want depends on what pharmacy i go to. So i dont think they are xr ,ir, or regulars...

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451boii Says:

The green bars are not three mgs people often mistake that because they have 3 sections which the white and yell break in to four section. So let's say if you a white bar it breaks down one section at a time so .5 mgs at a time but since the green bars only have 3 break tabs you get of a dose at once so they seen stronger

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foot Says:

No there r three now. There r the ones with the funky v, gg's & single G's. Double r the one scored on the one side and the other 2 r scored on each side.

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foot Says:

All but the 3 mg triangle are instant release. A 3 mg releases 1 mg an hour for 3 hours.

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The Truth Says:

Being in NYC I see anything and everything possible! So here is what I see..... The v's are alright but watch out for the fake ones in witch do not have the detailed ~v raither than just a straight v. Footballs whites .25, beige .50, and blues 1 mg. if you see double gg's run like hell they suck! Real but suck. Oh the rounds same basis as the footballs. Three mills must be the triangle, don't know never seem em? You can never go wrong with greenstone single g's white stick nice cut pill, did I mention one "G" I've been stuck dem for a minute know'
Then the sandozs oh the sandozs the nice three scored green gems s 90 3 ive heard they contain a higher mg. but don't really feel that jazz xr I don't think so because I think personally the are the best ones the market. Oh and for those who are experimenting you should go to the public library and feed your head that way!!! Peace love

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Pill popper Says:

Ur right I've been doing this as per a dr. It depends what pharm. you go to and who manufactured them. I know from 10+ yrs exp. the white single sided SUCK the white double sided are better and then also they newly released a white one that says Xanax written across it which are stronger. I just today got the green "supposdly" 3mg ones and had never seen them so hopefully they are as strong or stronger as the white written Xanax.

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Diddy Says:

What pharmacy carries the green Rectangles xanax

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Me Says:

Green bars s 90 3 bars are instant release, i have tested it.

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Nikki Says:

To "pillpoppperr" or w/e, she said that Xanax can come in those certain colors, she didn't say ONLY these colors. I've had pink yellow blue orange green and white :)

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