What Will Happen As I Have Takemsontin For Several Years For Severe Pain Now Iam Trying To Go Off Slowlywhat Will Help

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Iam taking myself off Morphine contin, I usely would take 30mg of Long active and about120 somtime least never more.What can I except to go,I have been long time sufferer of Fibroymgia for years for year through.THANKS

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DeDe Says:

Help me know what to expect taking myself off Morhine.After long time uses for pain.Thank you So very Much

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nurse jackie Says:

Mayo Clinic want me to stop taking Fentanyl Patches applied to my skin for disabling pains in my guts. What can i take instead of using the patches. Are they that dangerous?

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Pman Says:

You can't just stop opiates cold. You have to slowly decrease the dose over about a six month period depending how long you have been taking them.

Or, you can see a doctor and start a regimine of suboxone for a month. This will help a little with pain but contains the antidote for opioids/opiates and will help with withdrawals.

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VerFree Says:

Withdrawal effects from Morphine may include nausea, dizziness, headache, rebound pain, muscle cramping, and fatigue.

As as been mentioned, a slow taper is best. Your doctor should be able to help you set up an appropriate schedule to make it as safe, and easy, as possible.

Nurse Jackie, yes, Fentanyl is very dangerous, it is highly addictive, and even a small amount can result in a possibly fatal overdose. What other options have they recommended?

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