What Looks Like Oxycodone

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I am looking for a vitamin that looks like oxycodone - I think there was a mistake when my script was refilled and I suspect it was a vitamin.


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Marcus Says:

I'm having tooth pain. And someone gave me a small white round pill with no imprint and one line on the other side, they told me it was a Percocet?

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GreenEyes Says:

I need to know if there could be pills that look like percocet 30's. I too think my refill might have been wrong.

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Got beat Says:

Did you ever hear anything? I'm thinking this same thing happened to me.

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Worried for friends Says:

Someone had a few pills they said was oxycodone 15 mg . mine are green. This was almost a turquoise with dark blue specks on it and a very rough texture with only a faint 15 on it. They said they got damp.. That's all. I wouldn't touch it. It looked home made. Mine from pharmacy are always light green and very smooth and clearly marked. I only take mine. And have tried to warn people about not trusting it if its not from RX. Anyone heard of these?

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Wolf Says:

WATCH OUT FOR ANY OXYCODONE 30mg that r white with lil blue specs and r soft. They r the fakes which they r putting fentanyl in them. Very dangerous. And the A/215 30mg are ONLY LIGHT BLUE. If u ever get a dark turquoise A/215 and it's hard, it's fake!!!

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Olay11 Says:

My pharmacy messed up the amount of oxycodone 10/325 and now I'm screwed for my count. Don't judge, just answer my question if you can. Is there a pill or a way to make a pill look like my oxycodone 10/325??

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