What Is This Pill That Is Orange With 54 375

maxpayne Says:

I have plans to quit opiates this weekend. After 4 months I got this pill with 54 375..I'm not sure if this pill can help me to stop the withdrawals... How am I supposed to take these pills?? How many do I have to take?? And for how long?? I just need some help to get my life back.. Please someone help me. Ty

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Verwon Says:

This tablet is manufactured by Roxane Laboratories and they list it as containing 8mgs of Buprenorphine and 2mgs of Naloxone. It is a generic for Suboxone, which is most commonly used to treat drug addiction. The Buprenorphine is a mild opiate that helps prevent the cravings and the Naloxone neutralizes other opiates to prevent them being abused, while someone is under treatment.

The FDA warns that this carries the risk of also being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth.

The dosage can vary up to 32mgs a day, depending on the severity of the person's addiction and which drug they were abusing. It is usually dosed once a day, though sometimes splitting it into two equal doses works better.

You shouldn't take this, without your doctor's approval, since the dose does need to be carefully calibrated for you. Additionally, you cannot take it, until you're in full withdrawal from all other opiates, as otherwise, it could throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals.

Have you considered getting medical help?

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Dee Says:

Have u try it? How your process going ... I want to start my process this weekend to thnk u

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Jessiah0808 Says:

How do u take the pill though? Do you put in under your tongue or just pop it?

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ve Says:

Put it under your Tongue and let it Dissolve in a Single Spot. Try not to move it to the top of your Tongue or it will not Dissolve into the Blood Stream as Intended.

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Lisa Says:

If ur planning to stop taking opiates you will need more than one. I take two stronger ones daily because my Dr. felt that's what I needed. Look on the internet for drs who prescribe suboxone. I went to our a local rehab for two days, then they referred me to a dr. when i was discarded. They will send you home with a month's supply till your next dr. appointment. I am now 8 months clean after taking opiates for 5yrs. Saved my life.

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