What Is The Difference Between Lopressor And Toprol Xl
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Koolau Says:

I was switched from toprol XL 25 mg once a day to lopressor 25 mg 2x aday. The nurse said it was the same because one is extended release ad the other is not

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Shirley Says:

I have been taking Toprol XL since 1997 & have had no problem at all . Then last month Human Medicare prescription didn't want to pay for it so switched me to the generic Metorprolol ER , I took it for 8 days & then the same problems returned that I had had in 1997 , High Blood Pressure , fast heart beat & the feeling of shakingness & really nervous . So went back to Toprol XL & paid for it myself . But my doctor is trying to get Humana to pay . This company is worthless as I pay $80.00 a month is deducted from my social security check & this year they have only paid $130.00 of my 5 medications . Can't wait for October to get here , so I can change !!!!

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nursing student Says:

as far as I am reading and researching these two drugs, it looks to me that there is a slight difference in the two..... they are both metoprolol, and yes toprol XL is the extended release and lopressor is not. That being said, in my text book it says that only the extended release form is used to treat heart failure, other than that variance they are the same drug. You will however have different doses. hope this was helpful.

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Jessa Says:

I have been taking toprol xl 50 mg for 2 yrs; after my check up I went to pick up my script and it was for lopressor 100 mg. I think the dr just goofed, but will it make a difference? I take this for chronic tachycardia, not really for HBP, so maybe it won't matter. Anyone have any advice?

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David Says:

Hi Koolau,

Based on my research, the nurse was right in saying that they are the same medication and that Toprol XL is simply an extended-release version of Lopressor.

Because of this however, there may be a slight variation of inactive ingredients which can actually be detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. I'd just be aware of this factor if for some reason you don't get the same relief or effects that you may have had from the Toprol XL.

When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it.

I hope this helps to answer your question!

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