What Is The Difference Between M367 And Watson 853

Teena Says:

I have both pills, m 367 and watson 853, the pharmacy ran out of one so split it with the 853. Anyway I have been taking norco for over 2 years and for some reason neither seem to work for my pain. I am going to talk to my PCP and maybe get a different medication. I went on a few websites and they said one of these norco manufacturers went out of buisness. Thank you for your time

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Teena! How are you?

Both of the tablets you mentioned contain 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, they are generics for Norco.

Learn more Norco details here.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

However, if you've been taking it for that long, there's a chance that you've just grown tolerant to it and may need to try a different medication.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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help us we deserve releif Says:

I too have been left in pain by this eneffective pain medicationWatson 10/325 No this is NOT a tolerance issue. this is a favorite party line of pharmacies and manufacturers when they have bought or made badly manufactured pills . I know this because upon finding older pills 2 in previous handbag all my tolerance issue dissapeared and I had pain relief that I had not had since I was given these crappy pills. heartbreaking Write your congressmen. ask phamacist to test product. this is unconciensable. My child needs me!

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Denise Says:

To Help Us We Deserve Relief
I totally agree with you. They think we're stupid and won't know that they've changed our medication that we NEED for our chronic pain. Not all of us are abusers, our quality of life is what it's about. So, so frustrating.

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tiffany Says:

I have lupus and a lot of pain but they want give me any pain meds please help me understand this

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Siglam Says:

You are so right about it not being a tolerance issue and it makes you want to shake someone when they tell you that. These worthless Norcos that we have to pay for not only don't work, they won't constipate you they plain just do NOTHING. Except give some people like me a rash, sores on my scalp, throat itches and headaches. How do we know what this garbage will affect us in the future? Who can test these for us?

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jackie Says:

My Dr moved and now im having trouble finding a dr between the hospital, me, and medicare, a total of 46 drs were called and I couldn't get in, either cuz of insurance, my medicines (I have been taking for use years now) or there booked and my narcolepsy medicine will give me a seizure also my anxiety medicine will. I have all of my medical reports, the four drs I've been to won't even give me an xray so they can see for there selves which now makes me pretty much bedridden on the heating pad. Justin Amish (our senator) will be in battle creek for a town hall meeting on the 13th so we can get our questions and frustrations addressed. Maybe if enough people will address all of this, then something will have to be done. Please pass along. I worked 31 years for this??

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carol Says:

I'm curious about your rash? I've suffered for 4 years now with and awful itchy rash and sores on my head. I've had lots of tests and biopsies and they just say eczema because they're stumped. I've often wondered if it was the pain meds because that's the only thing I've changed when this started :(

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Cindy Says:

I'm responding to the person that put about them giving u what they want! The pharmacy thinking we r stupid people and don't know the difference in the pills we get before and what they choose to give us!! That pisses me off...even when one has good insurance!! I had been getting the name brand and went to a different pharmacy and got the generic brand! I called them and let them have it, but also wanted that pharmacy to know that I do know what helps me and what they gave me and, also told them I will never use them again!!!! Talk about being frustrated and in pain

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LadybugMomma Says:

I was thinking that I felt a difference in these 2 tabs... the Watson just doesnt seem to work every time where the m367 works everytime... weird how that works... I wish they'd do away with the Watsons and just get the m367 again. My pharmacy said that the Watson is changed cheaper for them so that's why they went with it... I would rather pay the extra personally!

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Mike Says:

Will both of these pills come up the same in lab work?

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Mgs Says:

Try antibiotics for follicular infections. My girl suffers from folliculitis...antibiotics worked but her tummy can't handle it. Same as your symptoms...NO HAIR DYE..CHECK FOR A SULFUR ALLERGY TOO. Good luck!

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Tammy Says:

Typically the only difference in the different brands of hydrocodone are usually insignificant preservatives etc...I have taken different brands and had adequate relief with each. If you have been on opiate analgesic for an extended period of time you are kidding yourself if you think tolerance isn't going to become an issue.

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Tammy Says:

Narcotics cause itching. Read the side effects on the meds the pharmacy gives you. If it's more than mild itching it's probably an allergic reaction. Stop taking the med and notify your doctor.

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MiserableSinner Says:

Yes, they both come up as norco. They look for certain chemical markers in your urine that are processed when you take them. They only have to have a certain % of the active ingredient..the rest is just filler. As to what that filler is, your guess is as good as mine.

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Jobi Says:

Re: Cindy (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Why doesn't someone inquire to Watson Pharmaceutical to see if they actually discontinued? In that case, if they haven't then the pharmacy is buying a cheaper version which is bs...

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Cherise Says:

I recently changed the place where i get my prescription...but now my generic norco is a different brand (White m367). They used to be white watson 853. Is one weaker than the other?

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Starract Says:

Re: help us we deserve releif (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I agree they're probably taking the real ones themselves

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