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This a liquid cough medicane :get sleepy after 30 minutes of taking med.; I take teaspoon at 10:00 P.M.
before retiring: do not cough during the night so I get 9 hrs sleep: I forget alot. Is this a side effect of the drug?

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Has this cough medicine been recalled by the FDA or is no longer available for prescription?

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No, it has not been recalled, it is still available. I just did a search at the FDA recalls site. They did issue a warning on it in March, but that is all.

FDA Tussionex Warning Click Here

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The reason I wanted to know is I have been very sick for 2 weeks and spent 2 hours in a doctor's office yesterday and saw a nurse practioner and I brought the empty medicine bottles that the doctor gives me when I have this real bad sinus/allergy/cold twice a year and I normally get a sinus cocktail shot, sinus pills, an antiobiotic and this cough medicine b/c I don't get any sleep at night b/c I am up all night coughing and to the point of choking and when you are working 10 hrs. a day some sleep would help when I am sick and the nurse practioner told me that it been recalled and was no longer available. I had an appt. at 3:30 and got there early and didn't get out until 5:30 and only got a shot so I am still up all night coughing and I am not able to lay down. My regular doctor had tried other cough medications but this was the only medicine that helped my cough at night which is the only time I took it so I didn't know what was so bad about the medication since the nurse practioner told me it had been recalled.

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It does contain Hydrocodone, which is a narcotic, so they may just be reluctant to keep prescribing it, due to its potential for abuse and addiction.

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I can understand that but they can't assume that every person will become addicted b/c if that's the case then it should be recalled. I just know that instantly caused me to stop coughing at night which is when I am coughing the most and I was able to get some sleep so I am able to get ready to work 10 hrs. b/c I have not missed work due to my sickness so I sick at my desk and cough and as the day goes on I get sleepy but I have 10 hours to work then I cough even more at night. Maybe I just understand b/c I am not addicted to drugs and I don't use or abuse drugs or drink.

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I understand your point of view, not everyone has addiction/abuse problems. The main problem is that the government is very picky about doctors prescribing these types of medications and makes them account for each prescription and some doctors have just gotten sick of dealing with it all.

The only thing you can do is try to talk to your doctor about it.

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is there a generic i can get for tussionex ext-rel sus? it is very expensive

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When it is high allergy season, and I get the non-productive cough that won't stop, tussionex pennkinetic susp is my miracle. My first line of defense is rhinocort aqua, 24hour claritinD, & sometimes use of benedryl or chlortrimaton at night. This is all for allergies, which happen the worst in April & October in Wisconsin, except for strange years like 2009, when they go on straight through from Spring to Fall.

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I took tussionex ext - and I have NO desire to sleep. and the doc gave me a sinus cocktail shot. NO cough no pain but no sleepy..NOT GOOOD

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Tussinex Pennkenetic is a very effective, very powerful cough syrup that is a narcotic-based (opiad) solution that is designed to handle the worst cough. I get this about once per year for a chest infection that usually comes on like clockwork around February. Like all narcotics given by prescription, it will require a verification of your ID by the pharmacist to track potential misuses of this drug. Because it has hydrocodone as the base of this syrup, there is potential for addiction and abuse. Some may wonder why the need for a pain killer to treat a cough? Opiads trigger a certain part of your brain to suppress the cough reflex.....and this stuff can work wonders if you are in the midst of a bad URI and wake up throughout the night with coughing fits so bad it results in you practically choking. This stuff is very effective and will give you a strong buzz for hours in addition to eliminating your cough, which allows you to sleep uninterrupted. It's no different in its potential for addiction than any narcotic-based pain medication: Norco, Oxycodone, Percocet, etc. So, please use this within the level prescribed to get the benefit you need but be very careful about taking more than necessary, doubling up on doses, taking it to get high and so forth. Many physicians will ask for height and weight when prescribing something like this as the same does might have a much more powerful efffect on somebody who is 5'4 and 130 lbs when compared to another individual at 6'1 and 200 lbs.

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I agree with the other comments but have a different question...when I occasionally get bronchitis (sometimes once a year), the doctor has always prescribed Tussionex Pennkinetic Sus and it works beautifully. Without it, I'm up all night coughing. Today I went in to the doctor's to get help with a bad cough, and the doctor gave me the usual prescription for Tussionex. The pharmacist responded by giving me Hydrocodone-chlorpheniram Susp instead, saying it was the same only generic. Well, here I am, at 12 midnight, still awake and coughing like crazy. Are these two drugs the same? Might another medication have stopped the effect ? The doctor also gave me a 'new' antibiotic (Azithromycin 250 mg)for
Bronchitis, and every night I take Lisinopril and Bystolic for High Blood Pressure. Will any of these react with the cough medicine, or nullify it's effects?

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To the above post, yes, Hydrocodone Chlorpheniramine suspension is the generic and the same at the Tussionex name brand. My doctor has prescribed me Tussionex just the other day for a sinus infection and bronchitis and 2 years ago as well. When my doctor writes for Tussionex, the pharmacist offers me the generic and tells me is the same medication. Tussionex is the only cough syrup that works for me as well. When I get bronchitis, I cough as though I have pneumonia! I have so much fluid and mucus in my lungs that I have seizing coughing attacks most of the night if I try to lay down and even when I am standing up! Tussionex is literally an answer to prayer for me. It's a real blessing.

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I used an old (6/09) script of Tussionex Pennkinetic susp last night along with a new script of 1000 mg Biaxin XL. I have the strangest headache this morning, as well as feeling a bit nauseated, and am wondering which one of these it might be. The headache does not respond to aspirin. Thanks.

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good morning! Says:
Thursday, 3/10/2011 3:44:45 AM

I used an old (6/09) script of Tussionex Pennkinetic susp last night along with a new script of 1000 mg Biaxin XL. I have the strangest headache this morning, as well as feeling a bit nauseated, and am wondering which one of these it might be. The headache does not respond to aspirin. Thanks.

Tom with these symptoms call your Doctor.

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You can get away with taking a prescription that is expired a few months after it actually expires but if it has been expired for more then 6 months, the chemical compounds are likely to change because they are past their shelf lives. PLEASE call your dr. It could be dangerous.

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Why can’t I sleep when I take Tussionex for my cough. I have an upper respiratory infection with strep throat.

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