Steps To Reduce Wysolone Side Effects

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i'm 22yr female, i'm consuming wysolone 10mg 3times a day.. i'm having effects like swelling of cheeks and round face.. can anyone help me to recover from it.. please...

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farhi Says:

hi, i m using wysolone 5mg twice a day , along with wysone i am consuming COQ FORTE, POTKOLR SYRUP, SHELCAL, LOPRIN 75, GLYCOMET SR 500 due to 3 miscarriage and high antibodies of thyroid.i m facing side effects like facial hair growth, due to wysolone 5mg. i want to know to reduce the side effects of wysolone. please help me.

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nidhi Says:

take dis tab b4 8am ok

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Dr Ojna Jain Cranialogist Says:

Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines & its side effects.

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Dr Ojna Jain Cranialogist Says:

Know the natural ways to get rid of medicines and their side effects

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seema Says:

ya, same problem is with me.....any solution??????

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mini Says:

hi,actually its a steroid, effects on the body,especially cheeks and .i used 60 mg daily,we can't reduce it with tab's,if u used tab also no use i think,becoz its a experiance of mine,after 6 months am in my previous possition,now its wvery thing ok,cheeks and face,full swelling gone,now am ok,am advicing u the fnds,dont take tension,any tabs,do u r works daily with good will get your original

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Mehta Says:

while using wysolone 60 mg i got swelling hypertension and put on weight.

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ravi kumar s Says:

hi i am ravi male, i am having eye problem my doctor has suggested me to use wysolone 70 mg per day but i am having experience last i have put on weight and my cheek became round

can any one help me how to escape from the side effects from wysolon.

help me?

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ddd Says:

for how many month u take this medicine?

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Mrs Suman Agarwal Says:

Hello Doctor, I'm 66yr old female, using wyselone 7.5mg downwards since last 12yrs to control black spots in my eyes, prescribed by a renowned opthalmologist of New Delhi. I'm now accute osteoporotic and trying to withdrawal it. But now i'm having accute pain in my body specially in my legs & hands/shoulder. Kindly suggest me the complete treatment or some solution of my problem.

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surendra Says:

I suggest you that please consult your doctor and stop the usage of wysolone in reducing method and try a different medicine which is not a steroid like wysolone.

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Sarika Says:

I am taking wycelone since 12 years as I am kidney transplant.

Recently I checked my eyes and doc said cataract is being developed in your eyes as of wycelone side effect.

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Sharan Says:

Hii im sharan age of 20 im takng 50mg of wysolon evry my cheeks become round and a small pimples all over the face im much worried about that

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ansil Says:

am using wyslone 50mg per day..i have got reddish pimples on th back side & it is got increased to neck ,hand..what i will do..pls help me...

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madhu Says:

Due to Thyroid imbalance, I had vertical squint & swelling on my eyelids . Dr put me on Wysolone 70mg & Rantac 150. What will be the side effects How can I negate the side effects?
pl advise.

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fairymit lepcha Says:

i have been diagonised with bell's palsy and am undergoing physiotherapy while iam on wysolone 70 mg for past four days and at the same time i am having medication on migrane. what are the side effects and and steps to overcome it. kindly suggest

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Prateek Says:

Sir am having an problem in my eye so docters suggest me to take wyslone 60mg per day and when I had taken that medicine I found that I am having red patches on my body in a very huge amount. Please suggest me what is it..

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Amit Says:

Hi My mother is 58 yr old now and was on wysolone 10 mg daily for past 8 yrs for optic neuro in eye, now doctor has discontinued the wysolone by reducing it to 5 mg alternate day for a month and then stop.its been 1.5 month she is now not taking wysolone but now she has withdrawal symptoms like vomitting ,low appetite,weakness ,stomach pain reduction of weight.
i have read that these all are steriod symptoms for withdrawal but need to know how long would they last and how can i cure them to bring her back in fair health

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varalaxmi Says:

Wysolone tablet 80 mg, I am 41 yrs old and my doctor has prescribed me wysolone 80 mg for a day for 3 weeks continuously since i have vasculitis and optic neuritis in right eye.
what should i eat and what are the home remedies to this to avoid side effects

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Mamon Says:

Re: Sarika (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Wysolone is a steroid and believe me regarding this, it has a list of devastating side effects varying from person to person. My fiance got vitiligo after consuming this tablet for 3 years as he had nephritis and doctor prescribed him to take it. Vitiligo is a curse in our lives! A person who gets vitiligo has to face a great social stigma that nobody else can understand.
Take my words and ask your dctr to change the medicine with a non steroid drug. Not only wysolone, any steroid drug can give you multiple side effects even multi organ failure!

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Sangy Says:

Re: varalaxmi (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Just go gluten free ! No wheat barley suji ,bread ,pasta , pizza upma, paratha. Etc Lactose free! No milk or milk products cheese butter Lassiwala curd etc.
Regular walk and excersice is very imp. Water intake every three hourly
Potassium magnesium and B12 vitamin D3 check ups

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utkarsh Says:

I am 15 years old and doctors refer me 40 MG wysolone per day but one day I have taken 40 MG wysolone twice in a day in a interval of 2 hrs by mistake.... Plz suggest me what can I do to minimize its effect and please tell me what can happen??

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Neepa Says:

I am 44 years lady i am taking wysolone 30 mg I have a problem of weight gain hair on side checks swelling on checks kindly please guide me how can I reduce my weight n what precaution i can take

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Mamon Says:

Wysolone caused vitiligo to my friend. I wonder thinking that if a tablet has so many adverse side effects to the patients' bodies..why do the hell dctrs prescribe it and why doesn't the medical science do something needful to discover a substitute of it!!!! My msg to everyone is plzz ask ur dctrs to gv substitutes if possible. This tablet can cause a permanent prblm like vitiligo. Itz so painful to carry this thing fr the whole is really a painful trauma caused fr the wysolone.

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Catherine Says:

Hi am 31 yrs female suffering from pnh since 2011 threated by wysolone 40mg when serious and now reduce to 5mg,danazol 100 mg three times a day, folvite, livogen,ME12 pan40,shelca.but this year Feb got dark urine for about ten days n turn eyes yellow.march also Star the same and after getting better April also continue the same will be three days now.want to is this the medicine side effect so should I stop taking? When this happen abdomen pain,tired, hemoglobin become low, whole body turns yellow.please suggest me what should I do am tired enough.

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Ritu gumber Says:

Hii l.m.ritu ..l had a opration of my ear l m taking wyslon ladt 1 month and its side effect my checks are swelling plz hrlp m yo reduse the swelling

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smriti arora Says:

can SLE be treated without wysolone or any steroid bcoz i m 44yrs and taking wysolone 5 mg for last 25 years

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Satish Says:

Remedies of side effects of wysolone 10mg.
I have rumatahoid arthritis and doctor has advised me to have wysolone 10 mg . I would like to know the remedies of lessening or reducing the side effects.

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Madhu Says:

I took wysolone 10 mg per day 3 times, for 15 days. I used it for an allergy on my face, now i am facing so many side effects like round chubby face, and drastic changes in my body weight. I gained 10 KGS within this 15 days, stomach pain, and again I got the allergy because of this steroid tablet. Before taking these tablets plz ask your doctor about alternative tablets.

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