Searching For Suboxone Dr That Accepts Medicaid In Louisiana

Nancy Says:

Suboxone Dr that accepts Medicaid in louisisana been searching for a Dr that accepts Medicaid for payment. Hard for me to afford the monthly bill of my appointment when I have Medicaid and it's hard for to find a Dr that accepts Medicaid please help me locate one


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Jamie Says:

I was wondering if there is a doctor around the Lafayette Louisiana area that tasked medicaid thanks.

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Bonnie Says:

Need to find a doctor that accepts Medicaid in lilburn GA area. Moved to far from my other Dr and can't seem to find a new Dr. Was on pain medication, would like to get them back, but wilh no luck. Can you help me find a doctor soon? I'mrunning out of options . Thank you

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john Says:

it's a lady dr in oak Grove Louisiana next to the hospital I forget her name but they take medicaid for the visit and it pays for the medicine. call the oak Grove hospital and ask for the suboxone clinic

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Kimberly123 Says:

You deserve a big Thank You for sharing that information. That was kind of you as many people for selfish reasons of their own I guess would have chosen to keep any helpful information to themselves. Thanks, again!!

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Antoinette Says:

Re: Jamie (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Did you ever find a doctor that takes Medicaid for chronic pain in the Lafayette, Houma area? I have chronic bone pain and several bacterias and a fungal infection since 2014. Still suffering MRSA colonization in stomach, intestines and I know it's in my bloodstream. It's taken a toll on my ears, eyes, mastoid bones and I need an in-network infectious disease doctor who can get this MRSA treated and the fungal infection. This mess is taking my life & it seems Medicaid will not cover the bloodwork to get a specific type of MRSA evaluated so I can be treated. Can't eat, sleep, always in the dark because of these serious infections. My PCP where I used to live is a twisted, puppeteering doctor who does nothing but manipulates his patients and he's even committed fraud with Medicaid by saying I was in there 30 minutes & was in & out in 5 minutes with no vitals taken. Another reason our system is so broken!! It's all about money. They don't care about your life. It's very sad for all of us and looks like it's going to get worse. I'm a breast cancer survivor since 1996. Had two major surgeries and just found out after all this time that surgeon omitted the truth of all he messed up in my body. Top half of my omentum is gone, it caused a sliding Hiatal hernia and a VENAL hernia. I suspect my vegas nerve, which is not easily seen by any means of x-rays, and that causes these diseases to cross the blood-brain barrier which I know is the case. H. Pylori went undiagnosed by doctor error for 8 years. I HAD to be diagnosed by blood. Problem with that is according to state guidelines for H. Pylori they say you cannot be diagnosed by blood but because of meds and various supplements you're not supposed to take to get an accurate diagnosis, all of my scopes were false negatives. They wonder why people commit suicide??? This is why. They leave us helpless and hopeless. I thank God for sustaining me thus far but there is no light at the end of the tunnel until I die. I believe that we are all on a population reduction hit list. Let the ones who are suffering & disabled, die for the sake of money, that we paid into this system our entire lives to be taken care of. I just moved to Berwick and not one doctor here takes Medicaid!!! Not one!!! More bad news, I'll never be eligible for Medicare because I lacked 2 credits to get SSDI and wasn't technically married the 10 years it takes to be eligible to draw extra income or Medicare. It's very sad, overwhelming and just wrong on every level for anyone suffering whatever they are suffering. Too many are dying for lack of healthcare and falling through the cracks of this flawed system. I pray all of you find the doctors you need, the help you need for whatever crisis you are facing. In Jesus' Name. Amen and Amen.

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Missy Says:

I am in desperate need of suboxone doctor closer than i am traveling, which is 9 hour round trip! One that accepts medacaid around lafayette, la area.

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Kimberly Says:

Re: Missy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, Missy. Have you had any luck with finding a doctor that's closer to your location?

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Missy Says:

Re: Kimberly (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

No kim, i haven't had any luck. Is there anybody you could tell me about? I really need the help.

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Kimberly Says:

Re: Missy (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, Missy! Can you tell me what parish or city you are closest to so that I may be able to assist you in locating a physician who will accept Medicaid as payment for the visit as well as the medication all but around $3.00 for your monthly supply.

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Missy Says:

Re: Kimberly (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi kimberly, thanks for responding. I am in the lafayette area. Any help you can give me is much much needed help. {edited for privacy}. Thanks in advance for helping me find suboxone doctors in the lafayette area that accept medicaid.

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Sherry Says:

Re: Kimberly (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Please tell me I'm by Lafayette..about a Dr that takes Medicaid for office visit

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Tiny Says:

Re: john (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Her name is Dr. Cheryl are gonna love her!!

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Gina Says:

Does JeffCare in Kenner, LA have a Suboxone program? I need to get on a program asap.

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KimF73 Says:

Re: Gina (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

There has been an expansion in Suboxone Clinics in the Southwest Louisiana area and the clinics do accept Medicaid and most are accepting new patients at this time.

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D Nicholas Says:

Re: Kimberly (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I'm in Hammond and my son is in desperate need of a Suboxone doctor that takes Medicaid. He's trying to come off of the needle and his addiction.

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KimF73 Says:

Re: D Nicholas (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I'm not 100% certain and that's a little further away from my area but I'm almost positive there is and if not, there's most likely more than a couple in the nearest Metropolitan area. My suggestion is to go to I believe is the website and it allows you to search & find Suboxone Clinics nearest to your area. Also, you can visit and they also offer a location tool finder for Suboxone Clinics dependant upon the zipcode & radius of miles you're willing to travel to a Suboxone Clinic. Between those two websites, you are sure to find more than one who can accomodate your son. Good luck to y'all.

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Imtryingtohelp Says:

What part of Louisiana are you in?

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Kf1973 Says:

Re: Imtryingtohelp (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Who are you asking?

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Imtryingtohelp Says:

Re: D Nicholas (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

In LaPlace at a walk in clinic they accept Medicaid.

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Kc Says:

Re: Antoinette (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I pray things have changed around for the better ma'am. Your in my thoughts and prayers

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