Red Round Pill No Markings Scored

amanda Says:

I received this pill from out of the country. Its a fairly big round red pill. Scored on 1 side with two lines. Its suppose to b Tramadol 200 mg

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Amanda! How are you?

What country is it from?

When it comes to foreign pills with no markings, it's likely going to be difficult to determine a positive ID. However, if you can post back with more details, such as what country it's from, I may be able to find something. Thanks!

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angel Says:

i have a red round large pill with 2 scores and no imprint it's supposed to be a oxycodone 30 & its From overseas. is that what it is?

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mohamed fix Says:

this is tramadol 225mg slow release. ive seen it as round red/dark pink with either a strawberry, capital R,or 225 marking and scored on the other side. even though its slow release, be very careful of such a hi dose.

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The Pharmacist Says:

The Round Red Pill that's blank on one side and has a scored X on the other side is Oxycodone 80Mg Extended Release.

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The Patient Says:

Pharmacist, a friend of mine says he has some of those blank red pills with the crossed lines on one side. He isn't an addict and doesn't know much about pain killers. He's also not very bright and I don't want him to hurt himself or worse. I'm trying to find some info about these things, he thinks they are from another country. You claim they are you know of any links online where I can confirm this, possibly with a picture. Thank you for your time and sorry for the long message.

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