Pink Pill R 33 Clonazepam

Kenn Says:

I take Clonazepam for anxiety. I have always got the yellow. This time after filling them as I was leaving the pharmacy the " Pharmacist" lets me know that the yellow are on back order so we just gave you the bubble gum pink, this was told to me in an apologetic voice. The pink R 33 0.5 mil ARE COMPLETELY USELESS TO ME. These make me sick in my stomach and very irritable just what I don't need in the middle of a panic attack. Who has been coming up with these pretenders. How does the government O.K. such Crap. If they offer these Red R 33 to any of the Clonazepam USER DO NOT ACCEPT, GIVE THEM BACK AND FIND ANOTHER Drug store

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David Says:

Thanks for the heads up Kenn and sorry to hear about your experience with these useless clonazepam tablets. It seems very unlawful that a pharmacy would be willing to give patients placebo-like meds in place of real medication (and not allow the patient to have any say in the matter). Even though part of me still questions whether it's just the different inactive ingredients that may be affecting the drug's efficacy, we as patients and paying customers should have a lot more say in what we exchange our dollars for; especially with a doctor's recommendation. Next time around I'd probably look into having the doctor write out a specific manufacturer's brand on the prescription... This way if a pharmacy doesn't have it in stock you're not subject to whatever else is left on the shelf.

Has anyone else here had a similar experience with these R 33 tablets?

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Bonnie Says:

My pharmacy has been giving me the pink r33 pills 90 monthly for 4 years. This last refill was a small yellow pill e63. I don't like the yellow ones. Severe stomach pain. Been with my pharmacy for over 20years

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David Says:

I'm a disabled vet in the VA switches back and forth from the yellow pills to the pink pills and I agree 200% the pink pills are garbage I could tell the difference in less than a day but I was not getting the same benefit hundreds of vets at the VA hospital have complained about switching meds that affect you mentally it is morally and ethically wrong and we have to suffer because they want cheaper meds

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Lisa Sharp Says:

Yes we all saying generic I think I used to get real one I get 1 mg blue e64 now I get blue one bid with c and a 1 all about money.

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King kong Says:

They sound like actavis/purepac which i haven't had the klons but xans they are great they are owned by pfizer just like greenstone and tge real xanax.

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