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what is the generic name, indication and the dosage.

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Endang Kumolosasi Says:

what is the generic name, indication and the dosage of papase drug?.

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Verwon Says:

Papase is not a drug, it is a natural digestive enzyme sold as a supplement.

It is touted to help with gas, digestion and stomach fullness.

I'm sorry, that is all the information I can find on it.

Does anyone else know anything?

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WC Says:

Its main pharmacological action is to reduce severe swollen gums.
Other uses are known, but seldomly used compared its main preferance.
Known side effects include gastric disorder, trembling (differs from person to person) and uncomfortable.

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BPharm Says:

Perhaps you should say, its agitation instead of uncomfortable.
Anyway, some drug itself is sold as 'papase'.
Yes, it is mainly used for reducing swollen gums, suitable for adults above 12 years of age.
Take 1 tablet, 3 times a day after food.

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Getz90 Says:

Does papase also use to treat haemorrhoids?

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John Says:

Papase tabs (sublingual are taken 10 minutes before melas to thin saliva. Used for patients's with Lou Gehrig's disease...they have thick saliva and are at a risk for choking.

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Jose Says:

I suffered an ear infection & doctor prescribe me with papase. Now, after a week, still no changes on my swollen (middle) ear. Any advise?

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Waty Says:

i'm mother for 3year old kid, which is my daugther is suffering eye cancer and called retinoblastoma, im looking this kind of medicine "ABUZZY PHAPASE SYRUP" or "PHAPASE SYRUP", anyone can help me to find it. Kindly inform me or drop me email for any advise... {edited for privacy}

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Angelie iglesia Says:

Hill I'm suffering from gas, I feel so bloated, my stomach is always full and I feel so breathless cause of gas I think and I burp to much so annoying and uncomfortable and make me feel anxious. It's for almost 2 mos. I take a lot of antacids and for gas but it didn't effect on me. Can I take papase meds?! Or anu suggestion pls... Thank you so much.

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Prince Says:

Take C.Omeprazole 20mg tablet twice daily for 2 weeks. Dont take with antacid

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Tony Says:

Waty, please relay your question in full so I may answer them in full too. I am from the Philippines. {edited for privacy}.

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Tony Miso Says:

Angelie Iglesia, are you from the Philippines too, as I am? If so, kindly ask this facility if you can write to me direct thru my snail? I understand that we have to observe their prescribed protocol, for our safety and privacy. Many thanks!

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azs Says:

My gum got swollen... im taken ibuprofen n amoxicilin but my swollen never reduce...

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Tony Says:

To: Endang Kumolosasi / azs / wc: Papase is the Generic Name, it is NOT a drug! It can & should be let to dissolve in the mouth/sublingually (like candy) & can be taken by children (2yrs & above). It is extracted from Carica Papaya from South America, cheap & no contra-indication. Indicated for any case of swelling, colds w/ mucus, boils & helps in acting w/ antibiotics! For more info, please refer to Dr. Murray Grossan. {edited for privacy}.

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Fyza Says:

I hv knee inflammasion on my both knees & iam 37 with 90kg weight. been described with papase 2 nos for 3 times perday. To take or not to take this tablet?

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Aina aka Aenna Says:

i heard that this papase r also used in cosmetics as in Laneige cleanser . is it safe. i guess it to be safe bcos it derived from papaya .. is it safe?

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unknown Says:

take for reduce the swelling
do you on any antibiotic?

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montgomery Says:

side effects include gastric disorder, trembling (differs from person to person) and uncomfortable --> Yes I'm having this effects

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