Mixing Resperidol With Milk

lynn Says:

my son was recently prescribed resreridol he is 3 yrs old and we have been puting it in his milk to get him to take it is this okay will the milk effect the potency or absorbtion of this med?

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Verwon Says:

First my curiosity makes me wonder why a 3 year-old is on this? It hasn't been approved for use in children younger than 5, which means no testing has been done in younger children.

As to taking it with milk, I'm not finding any problems listed about it, but I'd suggest checking with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain.

Risperdal contains the active ingredient Risperidone, which is a potent antipsychotic medication and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and severe sedation.

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Tessie Mae Says:

I hope that you went to someone for a second opinion. Of course, I am extremely curious what symptoms your 3 y/o child exhibited to make anyone place him on this drug; however, that is not for me to ask. It is intrusive. Take care and I am keeping you and your child in my thoughts.

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quacker Says:

Giving a 3 year old Risperidal is Malpractice. You'r Dr. is a quack. Tell him to take that crap, garbage. How bad can a 3 year olds behavior be??? Is he/she out of the movie "The Omen"???

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Tessie Says:

To say that a physician is a quack without knowing all the facts is a bit harsh. The mother did not say why her child was on this drug. For example, this child could be a baby born from a drug addict on crack or opiates. Or the child could possibly have been on prednisone for a serious infection and/or allergic reaction and is now exhibiting steroid psychotic behavior. Also, the child's doctor could possibly have done his own extensive research before taking this step.

But, alas, we have been given far too little information to effectively give advice ourselves - other than for her to seek a second opinion -- or if she has not already done so -- at a minimum research the drug online herself and/or ask the physician what was his reasoning and his expected outcomes.

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Sly Says:

You don't use Risperidal for a medication induced psychosis. If taking Prednisone the psycosis would clear up after the med is washed from the system. Risperidal is not FDA approved for children of that age. It's like when shrinks used Paxil in children, it does more harm than good and it doesn't work.

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Tessie Mae Says:

I was merely outlining some instances in which Risperdone is used. It is used in adults for Prednisone-induced psychosis with good results. Obviously I may have overspoken when I added this use to this particular thread. However since we seem to be in a debate, I took the time to find out why this drug would be considered in young children. Children showing signs of autism, specifically aggression, are now regularly placed on this medication. (Just Google "Risperdone use in young children"). Now we probably know why a doctor would place a three-year-old child on Risperdone. Case closed.

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Sly Says:

Can you read??? Risperidone is NOT FDA approved for children..ergot, It shouldn't be used in children. It's a dangerous, useless medication with horrible side effects like it's cousin Abilify. It is poison. I've been studying Psychopharmacology before you were born. The articles you are most likely referring to are perhaps ghost written like the Paxil study. Paxil IS NOT TO BE USED IN CHILDREN. It does not work and can lead to agitation and suicide, suicidal thoughts. Like your great medication Risperidal. It's not to be used in so called cases of Autism or Pervasive developmental disorder. Further more I would like to see a 3 year old with Psychosis. What the child is manifesting is perhaps an organic nature. I'd really like to see this so called psychotic child! Psychosis in a 3 year old is something a pharmaceutical company has made up to sell their poison like Risperidal or Abilify. They offer no better advantage than placebo. How would some one tell if a 3 year old is psychotic??? If a 3 year old is acting like he/she is psychotic that clearly has an organic basis. Even if it was similar to autism, autistic children are not psychotic and do not become psychotic unless perhaps there is clear brain damage. In which case you could give it Risperidal, but it would only aggravate the condition. This low serotonin theory and chemical imbalances is something the pharmaceutical companies came up with as a result of crap like Zoloft and the other SSRI's. (David Healy MD. THE MYTH OF SEROTONIN, THE CREATION OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, THE PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGISTS) You simply need to reference the leading expert in the world on Psychopharmacology and drugs like Risperidone..David Healy MD, Ross Beldesarini MD. You can listen to Dr. Healy's lectures on Pharmacology and the games pharmaceutical companies play. He has many lectures on you tube simply search him, keep an open mind and pay attention. You will not find a more informed and knowledgeable expert in the field. If you don't listen to at least one of his lectures that tells me you only want to hear what you want to hear.

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Tessie Says:

Good Grief! I never expected so much hatred to be spewed at my simplistic answer to a SUPPOSITION based on a question someone asked who also gave absolutely no details as to what her child's diagnosis or behaviors were that led the physician to place him on Risperdal.

May I also chant likewise: "can you read"? I stated that I misspoke about the child being placed on Risperdal for steroid-induced psychosis. I was wrong. I erred! There. I said it in 8th grade English. Do you now understand?

Risperdal is used, however, in adults with steroid-induced psychosis. I have read the dissertation on it.

Furthermore, it is very unfortunate but Risperdal is used for children with autism - however dangerous, unprecedented or unapproved by the FDA for this diagnosis. I merely stated this fact. I did not make any judgement call legitimizing its use for this. I would never suggest a child this young be placed on this drug; HOWEVER, I am not an expert in this field and I cannot and will not advise anyone based on a supposition alone. And most certainly I would not give any other advice than I originally did without having first seen the child in person and done the necessary extensive evaluation and background work.

In case you missed it, I suggested at the very beginning that this mother should get a second opinion.

Thank you... and I hope that you have vented whatever rage you had adequately. I certainly have had enough myself. It is unbecoming of an adult and even more so of a professional.

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