Lisinopril Anxiety And Palpitations

Mark Colorado Says:

I have come to think the extreme anxiety depression heart palpitations and tingling in my left fingers are related to the 20 mg lisinopril I started just over a year ago. I also take amlodpine and warfarin ...I cant believe it took me so long to suspect this. I will speak to my doctor but also want to see what those who quit lisinopril have to say about the weaning period and side affects while cutting down and quitting . Please advise. This is horrible beyond anything I have ever experienced. Please help if you can !

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VerFree Says:

Sorry, I just saw this post with more details.

In this case, since you are on several medications, it is hard to say which one might be causing your symptoms, if they are due to a combination of them, or if they may be unrelated.

As to stopping Lisinopril, sometimes if you are on another medication, or replace it with another one, no taper is needed, but it depends on your blood pressure, and heart rate levels, which is why I asked about your monitoring them in the other post. When I stopped taking it, due to adverse side effects, I was able to just stop, since we were replacing it with something else.

How long have you been taking the other medications?

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EDDY Says:

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What were the adverse side effects Ver? I also take Metoprol ER and yes these make me feel somewhat strange as Marc described above. I also take 1 mg of Xanax with it which seems to help. My BP is wonderful!

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