Limcee Vitamin C Chewable Tablets For Acne Scras

imu Says:

I am 21 year old lady .....I have acne and acne marks on my face it good to take limcee 500 mg chewable tablets for removing my acne marks......

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Imu!

Vitamin C hasn't been known to help with scars.

Scars are usually permanent, though there are some products that can help minimize their appearance and fade them.

Have you tried any topical remedies or vitamin E?

Have you consulted your doctor?

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John Says:

She didn't say scars, there is a difference in acne scars and marks..

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anil Says:

limcee is scar treatment or pregnancy pls clear

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Krishna Says:

I bought limcee vitamin c chewable tablets. I'm 23 years old. Single. I want to know whether this tablet help me to get fair skin? My menstrual cycle is not regular already... And i heard that some vitamin c supplements could cause a miscarriage. If i consume 1 tab per day, is there any problem in my future? Plz reply soon.

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lucky Says:

Some dosages of vitamin tablets are not good for ladies who are waiting for their pregnancy. So without consulting the doctor, don't take any vitamin tablets.

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