Jevity And Kidney Stones

Laurie Says:

My nephew has a brain injury and doesn't communicate at all. He has a feeding tube and uses Jevity for nutrition. He continues having trouble with kidney stones. He can't tell us but we know he is suffering. When is passes them you see them in his urine bag. Is there anyone that knows if it causes kidney stones?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Laurie! How is your nephew doing?

It depends on what type they are. If they are calcium based, then yes, the Jevity might be contributing to them. However, they could also be unrelated and caused by something else.

Is he on any medications regularly?

Have the stones ever been analyzed by a lab to see what type they are?

Has he been dehydrated, at all?

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Laurie Says:

He does not take any medication. Every now and then he gets a Lunesta to help calm him down when he seems agitated. I'm not sure about the dehydration but I'll ask my sister. How do you determine if he is?

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DrPrepper Says:

My mother is on Jevity and since she started on it, she's been having kidney stones almost on a weekly basis, whereas prior to tube feeding, she never had a stone ever. She ate mostly a diet of broiled/grilled fish, root vegetables (burdock, carrots), seaweed and soy bean based foods like tofu and miso, fish eggs and boiled white/brown rice.

Since being on Jevity, it's been a nightmare with weekly catheter changes. I have tried D-Mannose, cranberry powder, lemon juice, alkaline water, even calcium and Vitamin C but it has no use. The only time there was a pause in stone formation was when she was on antibiotics for UTI. Then the stones formed again immediately after the last dosage.

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