Is Anybody Being Prescribed Scopolamine For Depression

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is anyone being prescribed scopolamine off-label for depression? the NIMH is doing clinical trials for same and apparently it works, however my p-doc won't prescribe it for me.

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Verwon Says:

Since it is only in clinical trials, this does not necessarily mean that it works for depression. The trials may be showing some positive results, so far, but there is a lot more involved to making sure it is working and safe to be used that way.

As to your doctor not prescribing it, that is entirely up to him. He is not obligated to prescribe something, just because you learned some information on it and want him to do so.

What are you currently taking?


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Helene Says:

Yes. I was in the study back in 2006 and have been successfully depression free thanks to scopolamine, taken only for a few days every 3-4 months, with no side effects and no pills everyday! It has totally changed my life.

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Leslie Tibbetts Says:

The clinical phase 2 trials use Scopolamine intravenously. It seems to be having very good results used this way. The pill form has been discontinued. My Pdoc prescribed the patch for me but the dosage in this form was not enough to help me. I am very curious to see what continues to come out of the trials. I have been trying to get into one.

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Helene Says:

I use scopolamine with huge success for the last 6 years after I did the study. You can still get it in pill form but you must go to a compound pharmacy where they can make the capsules for you. I get it from Steven's Pharmacy in Costa Mesa CA and they mail it to me. Call them and ask for the compound pharmacy and they will tell you what your doctir needs to order. If you have more questions post your contact number and I'll call you or email directly. Good luck!

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Ty Says:

I would really like to know more. My number is 9xx-xxx-xxx9 and my e-mail is xxxxxx at [1]

[1] Editor's note - In order to protect privacy, we do not allow individuals to post their personal contact information on our discussion threads (except in some very rare cases).

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Mary Says:

I am desperate to find help for my 26 yr old son. None of the other meds worked. How are you receiving your treatments - still as a part of the study or are there docs who will prescribe this? You now only have to take every 3mos? Sounds like a miracle! Side effects? Pill form or IV? Thank you

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Lynn Says:

One of the listed side-effects is drowsiness... this is counter to what I want in lifting my depression. To those of you who have been using this therapy, could you comment on drowsiness or lack of alertness?

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JC Says:


Thank you for sharing with us your experience with Scopalamine. I'm really happy that you've found something that works so well for you. I've had depression and OCD for 22+ years...and I'm 43 now. Would you mind to tell with me what the actual dosage amount that your doctor prescribed for capsule form? Also, are there any studies/publications that you and your doctor used as guidance for dosing information? Was this a very complicated process to convince your doctor to write a prescription for this medicine in capsule form? And did you say the only way to purchase Scopalamine is through a compounding pharmacy? I'm thinking that this may be a "hard sell' to my doctor...but I'm willing to try. Any information you may be willing to share would be great! Thank you in advance...J.C.

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Helene Says:

Best advice to all of you guys who posted recently... go do the trial at NIH. If you do the study, you doctor will be much more willing to write a prescription for it. It is very hard otherwise to find doctors who will prescribe meds "off label". As far as drowsiness- yes it does make me lightly drowsy and gives me a dry mouth so I take it at bed time and by the morning its out of my system so i wake up with zero side effects and no depression.

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Jared Says:

Do you have a link for this study?

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Jan Says:

I am so interested in scopolamine for treatment of depression. I am suffering with a bad bout of it now and my twin brother has been suffering for years; even done ect. I live in Hawaii and he lives in Ct. I would just like to find out how i could try scopolamine. To take something that would get rid of depression immediately and keep it gone for months sounds heavenly to me and life changing. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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dave Says:

Here's a link to the NIH clinical trials.

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Helene Says:

Let me tell you a few important things about using scopolamine for depression. First and most important, it should only be used BY PRESCRIPTION and under the supervision and care of a licensed medical doctor. Scopolamine interacts with MANY things including medicines, over the counter & prescription, supplements, vitamins, alcohol, etc.. It should never be taken while you are on anything else. It has worked for me but it does not work for everyone. It is best if you can do the clinical trial and then if it works for you, find a doctor to follow up with after the trial. I do believe it works for some people and highly recommmend you do the clinical trial at NIH.

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simon Says:

can get the patch online without rx via Canadian pharma.

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Jack Says:

Yeah, good idea. Everyone can get to NIH and qualify for the study.

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SA Says:

how do you even get into a clinical trial? and do you have to be located there to participate? I can't tell from the NIH info page.

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Michael Says:

Hi everyone. I know this thread is a bit old and it has been over a year since any replies have been made, but this thread has been about the only one I could find on the net that has actually participants in the use of scopolamine for depression, so I thought that I could post a question here.

A bit of background on me. I am going in for an evaluation with a doctor at UCLA for possible treatments using infusions of ketamine for a major depressive episode which has been plaguing me since my sister's death over three years ago.

A friend who has struggled with depression his whole life and I were discussing my possible treatment and he told me about these studies using scopolamine. After speaking to my own psychiatrist (who referred me to the doctor at UCLA) about the scopolamine studies, he told me that he would be willing to prescribe me scopolamine if the ketamine treatments were either ineffective or if for some reason I didn't meet the criteria for treatment.

The question I have is, besides subcutaneous injections, does anyone who is currently either taking the drug via patches or orally have any idea what the dosing regimens are? Is it done by a person weight or is there a recommended dosage for an average adult who is taking it as a possible treatment for depression? Is the dosage ramped up from a low one to a final dosage, i.e. is the drug titrated?

I'm glad to have a doctor who is open minded enough to possibly prescribe it, but since he was not familier with this use of scopolamine I am doing my own research to see if I can find an optimal dosing regimen and so far haven't been able to find anything on the net except the amount that was given intravenously to the patients in the initial studies and since an oral version or patch application of the drug would be considerably different (and much easier to obtain than trying to get injections), I want to see if there is some sort of protocol for it's use via the patch or in pill form for it's use in depression.

Thanks ahead of time for any help or possible answers.



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Michael Says:

My mistake. I was reading the thread backwards. It looks as if this thread is alive and kicking ;-)

Anyhow, any info you could provide would be appreciated.


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Nancy Says:

Helene - I'm assuming that you take it in pill form - have you (or anyone on this post) ever used the patch? If so, can you speak to the effects and results compared to the pill form? Thanks much - I looked into the trial but I am too old (57 - cut off is 55.)

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Jon walker Says:

Love to communicate with you about this, however this site won't allow us to post contact info. I am desperate for a break in this 25 year battle with depression, anxiety and memory problems, i would so like to talk with folks about this. Thank you!

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Nihilistie Says:

Re: Charles (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

You can buy Scopolomine over the internet, I believe on Amazon. It's sold for an upset stomach.

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Dee Says:

Is Scopolamine FDA approved? Do any pharmacies carry it? If so, how much does it cost? Thank you.

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Dee Says:

Re: Sharkie (# 169) Expand Referenced Message

I have been dealing with depression since my twenties I am 58 have tried just about everything to no avail I just can't stand it anymore I want to try an live what little time I have left. Please can you tell me what I can tell my doc, so he as well as I, can understand the concept good bless

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Jaxon Says:

Katamine "helps" everyone. It is now considered a "street drug". Ketamine is not the protocol they are talking about here to treat Depression, especially to "Treatment Resistant Depression" lasting for years, not responding to standard treatment
What IS being evaluated is the metabolic "Hydronorketamine". Ask your Dr if this will help you with your particular diagnosis.

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Nick Says:

Hello, my name is Nick. Thanks for your post. I know this is over a year, and it'd be hard to believe you'd respond to my question, but, just in case, I'll ask. I have been through countless remedies, medication combinations, ketamine infusions, deep tms, stellate ganglion block, ECT, and much, much more with no results. Years have gone by where I am debilitated by this every moment of everyday in each sense of the word. I am just finishing my final (36th) session on deep tms and my 4th day with the scopolamine patch. I am constantly suffering, but I guess I am currently suffering a tiny bit less the past hour which gave me the ability to type this. Anyway, I was wondering how you were doing and how you did with the ketamine and/or scopolamine patch. Also, any other thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sharkie Says:

That last post from me was for MJR post 155 to answer.

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Sharkie Says:

Can you tell me how the scopolamine worked for you while trying to taper the Valium? I am in the same spot. Tapering valium with some growing seasonal depression and anxiety. My doctor is suggesting the protocol you did. Did you have any interactions
with the two drugs?

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Jim Says:

SAD is not always (solely) caused by a lack of sunlight. There are other seasonal factors (such as reduced ability to exercise) which can exacerbate mood. You cannot expect a SAD lamp to bring back the comprehensive environmental enrichment of a good summer. They work for some but not all.

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pickupsticks Says:

So maybe don't remove it? I remember other patches causing similar marks and irritations. So what I'm saying is it could be more of an irritation of the dermis and not a reaction to medication. Could wait for skin oils or baths to wear down adhesives. Should not be a problem as meds in patch are already gone due to absorbtion. All I'm saying is you may not have to give up patches; certainly sounds like it would be worth looking into. Good luck!

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Sarah K Says:

Ketamine helps me. Unfortunately, I personally didn't respond well at all when we added oral scopolamine. However, I do know that it's being tested and found helpful by some others.

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