Is Alprazolam A Sleeping Tablet

Asis Says:

I am 48 years old... I have a sleeping problem and depression... Doctor told me to take Alprazolam .25mg but I feel like I am not getting a very deep sleep. So if I take two or three .25mg, is it safe for me? Please advise.

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EDDY Says:

No it is not a sleeping pill and is not safe to take in amounts not prescribed by your doctor. The dose you are taking is relatively small but if you double or triple up, when you run out the rebound anxiety will be that much stronger and can even lead to withdrawal problems

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Takeasdirected Says:


NO it is not a sleeping pill. I'd suggest finding a competent prescriber. By multiplying your dose you put yourself in jeopardy for increased insomnia and dependence of this very potent benzodiazepine. Granted your dosage is relatively low but these meds can create rebound anxiety and insomnia in your case which truly is hell. Find a new doctor.

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Thangamani Says:

I am a 48 year old male having some difficulty sleeping. Can I take an alprazolam 0.5 mg (becalm) for my problem? Will that tablet help me fall asleep naturally?

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Pamela Says:

I take 2 .25s to help me sleep. They relax me but, I still take a 5 mg Ambien. The Xanax just helps the small dose of Ambien work. If you were to take 3 or 4, I think you will sleep well.

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Jimmyf74 Says:

I would get off the xanax, you already going against the doctor's prescribed amount by if dbl. and trpl. the dose. I got in trouble with these just like the way you are starting too. I eventually ran out and 2 days later went into a seizure and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Talk to your doctor about a safer drug, and start tapering off Xanax if needed.

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Jillybean Says:

Yes because that's the lowest mg they make. Two of those only make 1/2 mg, four make 1 mg. They make up to 2mgs. Let them know that dose isn't helping. Also be sure to mention that anxiety is one if the reasons you can't sleep. (Well if you think saying that is necessary. Good luck

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Been taking Xanax since 1990 Says:

How much do you weigh? You can take up to 10 mg a day; that is what Web MD says. I have been prescribed to 8 1/2 mg a day and I am currently taking 6 mg three times a day.

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Mr Xanax Says:

Usually most time doctors will start you off at 1 mg three times a day. A quarter of a milligram or even if you take four quarters with equal 1 mg pill that is still not very much to take. Because at one time I was taking eight and a half milligrams a day prescribed by a doctor for 15 years now I'm just taking 3 mg a day and yes if you take at least 1 mg or 2 mg you'll sleep all night

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Mr Xanax Says:

Re: Pamela (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

You should get your doctor to prescribe you CR 10.5 mg ambien for sleep and still take the Xanax

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