Hysingla Er V Norco

MB Says:

Does the new Hyslinga work on severe pain better than Norco or Oxycodone?

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David Says:


One might be able to compare the effects of Hysingla ER (Hydrocodone Bitartrate Extended-release) with Norco more easily since they share one of the same active ingredients. However, Oxycodone's analgesic effects are reportedly more potent than Hydrocodone and therefore I don't think Hysingla would be a better option than Oxycodone, personally.

Then again, everyone tends to react/respond differently to these meds based on tolerance, level of pain, inert ingredients, metabolism, body chemistry, etc... So you may have to try them all for yourself in order to grasp a truly valid opinion between the three medications.

One thing I do hear a lot though is that extended release meds are often recognized as better options for those in chronic pain, due to the lasting effects. Some pain patients also take an immediate release med for breakthrough pain as well with good results.

What does your doctor suggest?

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deedee in missouri Says:

Dr. Out me on hysingla..been on nucynta no help just tired of all the med changed ive been on praying this help pharmacy had to order so wont get to start for couple days..i wonder is it stronger then taking hydrocodone..which i take for break thru pain.

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Maryb Says:

For me the Hyslinga was stronger than Vicodin and I could sleep all night without pain. I still needed Vicodin 3 times a day for breakthrough pain! Good luck I hope this helps.

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Brea Says:

Most pharmacies will fill it I have found. You may just have to wait for them to order it. CVS, Walmart, Custom Care, any I have tried have been willing to fill it.

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Maryb Says:

I was on 65mg Hyslinga for almost a year. I became very ill and couldn't take anything by mouth for 4 days incl. Hyslinga, the withdrawals were so severe I thought I would die. I refused to take anymore and feel a lot better on Vicodin 10. Use at your own risk cause Drs won't tell you if the dangers.

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OkieCowgirl Says:

Hysingla ONLY comes in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120mg pills so there's NO WAY you could've taken 65mg of it.

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Bethy Says:

I'm taking Hysingla ER 20mg and feel awful!! We just can't seem to find the right match for my hydrocodone, I take 4 5s a day, for awhile we were using 10s until a long acting or alternate could be found. Any ideas?? Thanks! ;-)

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