Green World Sliming Amaigrissant Capsule

daniella Says:

Does anybody know any useful information about greenworlds slimming amaigrissant capsules? - Effects, benefits, manufactures, and a website where I can actually find an image of it?

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nji Says:

Greenworld slimming (amaigrissement) capsule is basically for people who want to lose weight, without food restrictions or have very busy daily schedules, thus don't have time to exercise.

-it's a natural floral formula which helps you lose weight safely with no complications or side effects
-it lowers the cholesterol to keep you healthy
-improves your immunity
-prevents the symptoms associated with obesity pains. Bad cholesterol, tiredness etc.

Composition: Cassia seed, hawthorn fruit, jasmine petal, roseleaf, bitter orange flower petal, mulberry, green tea

This product adopts a natural floral formula which helps you to lose weight safely and steadily by regulating the overall function of body. This product contains no hormone and has no complication.

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Verwon Says:

Thank you, nji!

The caveats here, however, are that these herbal formulas are not actually proven to work, plus you can't really say that they have no complications or side effects, because some of them can be just as powerful or even more powerful, than prescription drugs.


Does anyone have anything to add?

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peggy Says:

Has greenworld slimming capsules got any side effects n how does it work?

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secunda Says:

i am currently taking them althuogh i lost 5kg in 3weeks but i dont sleep well and constantly scared of palpitation that i get.

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John L Says:

please tell me where you got them from. I a, also looking for it to purchase

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joypee Says:

pls can I can the greenworld drugs in kaduna, am I also want to register as sales member

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joypee Says:


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ChiChi Says:

Pls the slimming caps and other green world weight loss products work. 2caps should be taken only in the morning and not at night cos it can cause sleeplessness in some ppl. If u want to buy or register please send a mail to *************** for more info.

Editor's note: Sorry, but aside from extremely rare exceptions, we do not personal contact information to be posted on our forums.

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Cecilia Says:

I am interested in buying slimming capsules amaigrssement in Cape Town, South Africa. If they work, i will be the distributor. what are other effective products to loose fast and for the big tummy. Give other adreses in South Africa

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Cecilia Says:

Hi Chichi, i desperately want to buy slimming amaigrissement in Cape Town, South Africa plz help with adres. I also want to be a distributor

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spikie Says:

@cecilia,yes greenworld dos work!

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bobo Says:

I have been taking amaigressemnt tables for a month, and am not loosing instead am gaining weight. How long does it takes to see the results

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bobo Says:

Hi, read your comments. Kindly advice, how long dit it take for you to see the results from the pill. How may kg did u loose and how bottles did you use.

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keke Says:

@ world prdt really do d slimming tea,slimming pill,chitosan and lecithin and u'll c d effect in a month's time.hope dis helps u.

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patches Says:

I have been taking it for like 2weeks now, that is the slimming and chitosan capsule and I'm hving this stomach pain and I have lost appetite, please is this normal?

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jane Says:

Please I av been taking both chitosan n amaigrissement for over two months plus now n out of 82kg I weighed , am still on 80. Don't knw if I should stop. It actually controls my appetite such dat I eat once daily. But av still not lost more dan 2kg in almost 3months. Am 5ft 8inches in height. Wat do u advice. Pls post my reply to . Tnx

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secunda Says:

Inbox me and I will give u required details

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ese Says:

Pls I wanna find out,what's d correct prescriptn n does one have to take all d green world stf or just slimming capsule n chitosan n den d tea??? I take all 3 n go to gym too. Hv bn usin it fr 10 daiz n av lost dat slow. All being equal,like hw many kgs on d average shd one loose within a month?

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megga Ockhuys Says:

I am using this capsules for a month and need another 2 bottles of the casules.Where can i get this capsules?

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Malz Says:

Hi Megga

All Green world products are excellent. The turnaround time to see results is good. The products cannot be purchased over the counter. You must be a registered member this will qualify yoou for 20% of the product price.
This is a MLM business which offers great rewards.

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