For How Long Does 11mg Of Klonopin It Stay In Your System

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I took 11mg of klonopin for just one day,how long will it stay in my system for!!

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Verwon Says:

Klonopin is a benzodiazepine, which contains the active ingredient Clonazepam and 11mgs can be a dangerously high dosage.

As to how long it will stay in your system, if you are talking about for a urine test, then you should be clear in 48 to 72 hours.


Do you normally take these types of medications?

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ReRe Says:

I have been taking 3mg's of klonopin every day for the past four days.I've been taking them for anxiety & i've had mild chest pains from the anxiety so someone suggested for me to take the klonopin for it.Today is friday,and my last 1mg dose was last night about 7pm.I have court tuesday and maybe a urinalysis for drugs.Do you think my urine will be clear of the klonopin by tuesday?

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Chowman Says:

No your screwed

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Crystal Says:

I'm on klonopin, I'm usually in the clear after 3-4 days. So I think you will be ok. That is over 4 days. Xanax though always stays in my urine longer than klonopin.

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marykay Says:

I took 20mg of kpin from Monday through weds. I MAY have a urine test for probation on Tuesday. That's 5 days since my last dose and 8 since my first. What do you think?

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EDDY Says:

Why would you do that? 20 mg in two days. Are you aware of possible serious side effects that comes with benzodiazepine's? You might stroke out or Die

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victoria Says:

I took 2 kolpin at1mg and the next day I f
Took 2 more and have to drop sun day will I be OK I haven't taken them I'm 4 months or what can I do to clean my system

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Ricardo Says:

Will I be clean if I took two 2 mg klonopin on 4-9-15 n I have a urine test on 4-20-15?

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DeenaW Says:

You will be fine!!! It should be out by Tues. Drink plenty of water. Use a store bought test if you're that worried. :-) people like to try to scare people.

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Jacki Says:

I never take pinns and i took 2 .5mg how long does it stay in your system for? I had a panic attack this morning and my gf gave me 2 pinns..Starting a new job soon and might need to take drug test next Thursday

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dingie Says:

i need to get pot out in 4 days how can i

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Mike Says:

I took 6 yellow kpins first time in over a year will I be clean 85 hrs? For a urine test that sent to a lab?

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Chuck5986 Says:

You should b fine of course it all depends on your body and health. I can get them out in 48 hours no problem.

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Liz Says:

4 days is not long enough, because it stays in your fatty tissues. It would take 30 days. It can get out much quicker if you exercise a lot and take a lot of saunas. And drink plenty of water.

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Syphoxx Says:

No. First time taking it in probably 5 months. So I have no tollerance.

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Brutalawareness4All Says:


So wtf does tolerance have to do with drug testing? People with LIMITED INTELLECT SHOULD NEVER ENGAGE IN USE OF SUBSTANCES THAT MAY FURTHER RISK THE LIMITED COGNITIVE FUNCTION AND LUCIDITY YOU HAVE LEFT. Seriously though our enemies abroad need not fear the almighty USA or the stability of our new leader PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP Because we are destroying OURSELVES with little pills that we believe we need to function. All you need do is read the moronic posts of desperate fledgling addicts seeking to justify their need for narcotics. Give it a name, I consider it PATHETIC AT BEST.

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Giveitaname Says:

What the heck does tolerance have anything to do with testing positive for benzodiazepine class medications. Gawd, simpletons like yourself should really refrain from using any controlled dangerous substances since you obviously have a difficult time utilizing the minimal cognitive function That even a mosquito contains ugh lol

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