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Janet Says:

is it a generic for Floratil?

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Verwon Says:

Floratil is from Mexico and is listed as being a probiotic to aid in proper digestion.

Otherwise, I am sorry, since it's not from the US, I don't have a lot of information on it.

Does anyone else know anything?

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Jean Says:

I live in Mexico and take Floratil when my system has troubling recovering - usually after a course of antibiotics, which destroy the good bacteria along with the bad.

Floratil is a super dose of good bacteria (saccharomyces boulardi) for when yogurt and lactobacilus pills alone are not enough.

There are no contraindications.

Dosage is 1 capsule twice a day until your stomach feels better - usually 4 to 6 days.

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Leslie Says:

I have spent a lot of time in Xalapa, Mexico, I was given floratil by a doctor here when I had diarrhea. It was very effective. I like to buy a bottle whenever I visit to carry on any trip.

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Nayeli Says:

My 5 yr old daughter has been ill for the past 5 months, she was in and out of the hospital, given steriods and has seen several doctors. The diagnosis thus far is an unidentified colitis. We are now working with a Natural Doctor and a new Gastroenterologist. The New Gastro has suggested Floratil, he says that this will finally cure her and avoid an ulcerative colitis diagnosis, but it is not available in Puerto Rico. Does anyone know how I can have some shipped to me?? Please, any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Andre Says:

I have been told by MDs I have IBS - constipation and have had limited benefits from whatever Rx's, OTC's.
I am a retired man living in Chapala, Mexico and my condition here has had me experience a frozen gut, poor peristalsis, poor BM,bloating, reflux too. I have detected an odd odor in my breath, even the feces, perhaps metallic(?)
I have detected that breath odor in others too. Different diet / different water? Now I have a bottle of FLORATIL 200 mg. Another dead end product of hope? I am now facing a driving trip and I am concerned about taking something that is going to give me cramps and emergenices. I have tried using stool softeners, mild laxatives, enemas, colon irrigation. I'll take this Floratil and hope it is a Mexican blessing.

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Jean Says:

Andre, I hope it worked for you. I found the following on Wikipedia.

Irritable bowel syndrome

A prospective placebo-controlled study found patients with diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) had a significant reduction on the number and consistency of bowel movements.

while taking Floratil.

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Jean Says:

It's available in the U.S. OTC as Florastor.

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alix Says:

I have h pylori gastritis reflux diarrhea I took floratil en one day it works for my stomach now I have to fix my h pylori but I am allergic to pennicilin that's a problem I need help on that any body please help

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carlos Says:

i used floratil and i got better almost immediately. the doctor had me take two for the first 3 days and then one in morning and one in evening. feeling so much better.

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bushra Says:

FLORA sb dosage for 6 month baby how to use and how much

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