Doctors Who Can Prescribe Methadone For Pain Management In Colorado


I've been on methadone for almost 13 yrs due to a car accident when I was a teenager that left me disabled and with chronic pain. My current Dr. Received a letter from the Medical Board ( which he let me see) explaining that in order to keep prescribing methadone that he will need to get a license that will allow him too continue to perscribe this. My dr said it's became a huge hassle and that because of other patients "dr shopping" he just can't do it anymore. I've been with him for over 6 yrs! He was nice enough to give me a supply to last me a few months to give me time to find a Dr that will help me. My dr now said if by chance I'm still haveing trouble at the end of three months, he will keep helping me but he's not sure for how much longer. I'm scared and it's the only thing that helps me function like a normal person without hurting so much. I know I'm always going to have pain but the methadone helps mask it enough for me to function like everyone else. I'm on a controlled dose of 80 mlgrms a day. I was at 120!!! Crazy I know! I took myself down and found a good dose that won't put me to sleep and I can still take care of my family. I'm in centennial co. I'm willing to drive a bit if needed. I've been trying to look but I'm somewhat afraid that I won't be taken seriously. I'm not a drug addict. I'm just a girl who was delt a bad hand of cards early in life and has left me in pain. I've also have had surgeries every three years since that horrible night. If you have any information, please contact me. Sincerely, Karin T {edited for privacy}

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Hello, Karin! How are you? I am sorry that you're in pain and in such a situation.

If you require this medication on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a pain management specialist, now, due to the new regulations that were put in place last year.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area?

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I read your story & it reminded me so much of my own, I really felt/feel your pain, as well as your fear. I live in a small town & although I've weaned myself off very high doses of oxytocin & then switched to subutex bc that was the only doctor that wld see me. She was great & the drs. I saw b4 I'd been with for a very long time with no problems,but she didn't take any insurance,so & some personal issues I won't speak of (not concerning her or me) . I was in 2 bad auto accidents as a teen,bt was in 4 auto accdnts in a yr & a 1/2 .. none were my fault. I've developed all kinds of issues & suffer greatly from chronic pain,fibromyalgia, nerve damage, severe closed head injury,neuropathy, etc ,etc.& if course horrible neck & back issues. I didn't even have to see a judge for my disability bc my files were so bad.
Now though, I thought I'd found a good doc ,internal medicine, was disappointed, bt she took me & my insurance, bt as soon as she hooked up with another internal medicine doctor & some urgent care & then I was dropped like a hot potato,even though I had no problems, w exception of needing to reschedule a few times, bc I was too ill to move. They saw thru chance & told me to find someone else. I've tried every doc in a 300 mile radius of where I live & they either don't deal with 'ppl' like me 'chronic & beyond pain' or those who do are full. I'm desperate too & idk really hw this forum works, bt i wish you the very best! If you find a good hearted doc ,please share! I'm desperate myself! My quality of life is gone & I can barely move. I force myself to do the best I can,bt this seems cruel & unusual punishment to ppl who are already suffering. I've nvr doc shopped or abused squat in my life & I have medical so called professionals who don't give a flip. I'm at wits end & would appreciate anyone's helpful input ! Again.. best of luck! Be happy you found a temp doc. . It's so unfair! Who wants to live like this?! Quality is gone.

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Hi shauna, thanks for your reply. It's nice to know someone else understands how scary this can be. I wouldnt even wish this situation on my worst enemy. I do have an appointment with a place called Rocky Mountain Pain Management in Parker. I was told that yes they do perscribe methadone but before they do, they need to do an asessment first (understandable). Also medical records etc.... From my specialists. I'm hopeful.....but in the mean time I'm slowly trying to taper off. Nothing fast To cause me discomfort. This whole ordeal made me realize this is not a way of life. Yes I'm in constant pain (bad pain) but the thought that I need pills to help me function normally kinda sucks to be honest. I know that my life changed forever when I was abducted as a young girl. I just thought by now this nightmare would be over........16yrs old to 50". Can someone live a whole life on Methadone? I wish everyone best of luck and comfort.............sincerely Kadine

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I live in Michigan, I to was on methadone for my chronic pain issues, which are many. My doctor took me off of it and changed me to a different long acting med. They are finding that being on this med can have bad side effects, causing heart damage and other problems. I would ask your doctor to switch you to another med. Good luck

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If all you take is methadone then go to a Methadone clinic and save yourself the headache

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I feel for both of you, right now I am trying to find a new doctor that is closer to wear I live with no luck. I have fibromylgia, cfs, nerve damage in my legs, was in a car accident have three herniated disks in my neck, my neck is shaped like a S, osteoarthritis in my knees. carpel tunnel in both wrists. I am on disability, I can no longer work. I was on methadone for at least ten years, but my doctor didn't give me a choice he put me on a different long acting pain medication. I am grateful it's working. I have had chronic pain for at least 16 years. I have all my records and mri's and cat scans, but because of all the people who have abused or sold their medications it now has made it impossible for people like us who need these medications to just be able to function and have some quality of life to find a doctor to treat us, so for now I will keep seeing the doctor I am even though it's a hour and a half. I wish you all the best. God bless all of us that have to live with pain.

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Thanks kadine for you're reply and Thanks everyone else for the support. Sometimes it's nice to know that im not alone and someone understands. Thanks again for Everything. Happy New Year's to everyone. , Hug s

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I am curious why you don't join a methadone clinic. There are 17 in Colorado a lot in Aurora. Are they not accepting new patients? I find that hard to believe.

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Colorado has passed medicinal marijuana, right? Would that not be much better than Norcos? All states don't have it so CO is fortunate to have that law as a way to manage pain. It will never happen in NC. I would bet my life on it! I need a good pain Dr. in NC about 40-50 miles from Charlotte. Suggestions are appreciated!

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I live in sioux falls sd. I been on methadone 15 yrs. My family dr prescribes methadone. Not a pain specialists.

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Be prepared for that to end in the very near future. No doctor will continue prescribing when pressure is placed on them By rights your family doc should not continue to prescribe that drug. Most pain specialists are very Leary to continue after the qt interval issues with cardiac involved patients

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have you tryed a search for a physcial medicine dr who does pain also im moving sooon to co an i found several in fort collins area i had onewhen i lived in fl i also was on methodone for pain for 14 years when i moved it was a nightmare an still is im trying co because of son if no good i will return to fl where i always had great pain care good luck

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I'm in the same boat, & docs who can give it, a lot of times - hafta go out & "group meet" to approve, then they kill u with the "sorry can't help u" line. My therapist explains that docs that wanna help -can't if they're in a clinic setting where they have to answer to others. I am currently looking also, but seeing more openings now that looking at "independent general practice doctor" or "independent pain mngmnt drs" in your area on the web, they assess you, & have options to prescribe where necessary!! Good luck, I'm waiting for an appt date currently w/ an independent dr from searching the web. Seems to be only option now, since a car accident in 2003; and another one got me in 09! I really do feel ur pain!! Glad your Dr is helping you, mine retired!! So I'm really screwed!!

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I am in need of dexin in the Tulsa area of Oklahoma for severe ADHD. Does anyone know of such a Dr? One who is not afraid? This is a genuine diagnosis with a history! Thanks for any help!

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I don't know what that medication is but I do know that there are so many doctors out there who seem to have no courage to stand up for what they do and it's almost laughable if it weren't so sad. So many people who have severe pain issues are the ones suffering because of drug addict abusers. It's probably the very same doctors who so freely prescribed to people who had no proof of pain, no MRI's, no xrays, nothing and they didn't even bother to order any tests they just wrote the RX's who are now shaking in their boots to prescribe to genuine pain sufferers. The CDC has made recommendations and these are for new pain patients ONLY and they are by no means LAWS. The DEA has NO business in any one person's medical history or what kind of medicine they're taking. This is an out and out invasion of privacy, I thought we had laws that protected our medical records? Now every DEA agent and doctor or pharmacist can go online and look to see what you're taking, so if your neighbor is a doctor, nurse or any one of these professionals, they're probably checking you out. I foresee many lawsuits in the future for invasion of privacy pertaining to our medical/pharmacy records. Doctors, for God's sake grow a pair!

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Hi, I have a family member that just moved to your area in Colorado. And they're having the same issue they just can't find a pain doctor in Colorado. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with this issue it just pisses me off to no end. Wishing you the best.
They did tell me today Rocky Mountain pain management is an excellent facility you might want to try their good luck.

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