Doctor That Prescribes Adderall In New Jersey

jay Says:

I'm looking for a dr. to prescribe adderall in nj. I fit all the symptoms.

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zee Says:

you are seeking an adderall script in jersey?

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Marie lange Says:

I need a doctor in wildwood nj to prescribe me adderall I can't get to my doctor in va an my prescription runs out tomorrow

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mamacooper Says:

Yes, i would like to re-start on my adderall 30mg. Please reply, thanks.

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mamacooper Says:

Yes, im looking for a doctor to prescribe Adderall, i live in south jersey.

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extremelypainfulpain Says:

My bad- Dr srinivasa- Parsippany
- Dr John V Kelly- Bloomfield nj
*-Dr. Daniel Cowen- Somerset Nj
*-Dr. Stephen Buford- Flemington Nj

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Sparks Says:

I fit all requirements for ADHD. I have never had health insurance until now. I also have major anxiety and really don't want to go to a doctor and be shot down. I'm looking for a doctor to prescribed Adderall in North central NJ. Thanks.

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Lady59 Says:

Hello out there. I need names of drs in Central Jersey that prescribe adderall and xanax. Been on them since 2000. Lost my Dr. Can't function. Please if you know of any (sliding scale preferred) I would greatly appreciate it. 59 year old working woman. Thank you.

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Billy jean Says:

Did you find any dr in nj that prescribed adderall

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Lady59 Says:

No.No one has replied.Every doctor I have seen will not help.

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John Says:

Re: Lady59 (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Tell me about it. It's killing me that I can't do anything and life is just passing me by. Dr's think I'm either making it up or are afraid to help.

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Cosmo Says:

Re: Lady59 (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Same situation. Did you find anyone? Due to drug issues and ods, Dr's are afraid. I don't sell any drugs or abuse them. Adderall helps my quality of life.

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Constance Says:

I'm a 37 year old male who lives in south jersey and needs a brief family doctor that prescribes adderall.

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kenneth Says:

Re: zee (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I live in NYC, my therapist was in a car accident and I am left high and dry. Thanks to Governor Cuomo, it is VIRTUALLY impossible to get a script in NYC or NYS. So there must be some md out there who'll write. I am very discreet. PLEASE HELP!

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kenneth Says:

Re: extremelypainfulpain (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Are the doctors you listed still practicing and in those locations? I would travel to any one of them to get a rx. Please respond

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kenneth Says:

I live in NYC, my therapist was in a horrific car accident and was in no state to refer me to a new md. My internist has been helping me out, but made clear that he'd only do it until I find a new therapist - I have been taking 30 mg Adderall for years. I am so desperate that I'd go to New Jersey or Connecticut. I hear it's very easy to get in Delaware, but I don't know Delaware and it's a bit far - but if I have to do it - in the meantime, metro New York readers, ANY help would be precious. I am nearly at the end of my tether.

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kenneth Says:

If you want to come to NYC:

Dr. Rudoy
26 Court Street - Room 808
Brooklyn NY 11201

*Not sure what his initial fee is - but subsequent visits are $100.
*Paper scripts - very nice man.
*People in and out - you won't wait more than 10 minutes

There's a Duane Reade downstairs. All very convenient. GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK!

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kenneth Says:

Looking for GP or psychiatrist who'll prescribe Adderall

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