Dextroamphetamine Instant Release Core 10mg

Ridgerunner007 Says:

Has Core Pharmaceuticals improved their product since the year 2009? When I last tried the Core 10mg generic version of Adderall, is was most inconsistent, almost as bad as Ranbaxy, the latter now off the market. Core now has a license to manufacture 5 mg and 10 mg pure dextroamphetamne. Some Rite Aid chain stores in the USA carry this product. Any experiences with anybody on Core C-II stimulants? Core also is a subsidiary of Amedra Pharma, and under Amedra, they also have a fairly new license to make the Dexedrine Spansules in 5mg 10mg and 15 mg at a very high price. I was only interested in I/R tabs.

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David Says:

Regarding experiences on Core Pharma's dextroamphetamine, Post #2 in the following discussion thread offers their opinion in a comment from 2010:


This other discussion thread from 2014-2015 (linked below) also goes into detail about the efficacy of Core Pharma's dextroamphetamine:


From what I'm seeing in these reviews, it appears as though their product hasn't improved since 2009.

This is not to say that you'll have the same experience as everyone else, but a trend of inefficacy is noticeable.

I hope this helps!

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Kathy Says:

Can someone please help me? I'm a very nervous person to try diff meds. My doc told me these were better than adderall. I dont know about that. I'm going to get it filled today but tired of paying out money i dont have. Do zenzendies give you any energy like adderall does and help with concentration? Please help me.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Re: Kathy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on CII stimulants non stop for the past 24 years. My current choice, only my opinion, is Mallincrkrodt mfg of Dextroamphetamine instant release. The pill is white diamond shaped with an "M" on one side and a "10" on the flip side of this 10 mg tablet.

Good luck everyone out there as IMHO there is a HUGE amount of difference in the generic versions of nearly every mfg out there the past 7 to 8 years in a row! WHY? It is the binders and the fillers, that are not regulated by the FDA, impacting the bioavailability of how our bodies metabolize the ingredients of the substance!

Believe me, I have tried many versions since the year 1969 (when I was a teenager)!

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Concerned helper Says:

Re: Kathy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I read your post and felt it was my duty as a Zenzedi prescribed 30 mg patient to respond to your question about what it is compared to Adderall because that's what I switched from. To be honest it actually does not come with that same increased heart rate off the bat like Adderall does, which is actually good and hard to find these days. Regarding Adderall generics, I*m talking about they're pretty much all s***ty at this point so I had to switch to Zenzedi to get away from the inferior teva oval 30s... I later found out how expensive it was but used the coupon to get 30 pills free...It will cause an increased heart rate at 60mg for me and I take a half of a xanax and I'm fine...but it's really a great change and improvement from generic Adderall and I recommend it! Good luck and God bless!

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Question for RidgeRunner....I've read several of your contributions today and you're by far the most informed, and humble commentator. Your detailed assessments wrt unreliable, inconsistent quality dovetail my own since 2009. I share your frustrations and appreciate the time you've put in! Especially with the rabbit hole of Orange Book and NDA! I'm searching for my Holy Grail of the once reliably effective ADD meds that rescued me from Lyme-related intermittent brain fog, low energy, social inhibition with the razor sharp focus and energy I had known. Originally in 2010, the small blue sweet tasting Adderall IR generic really did the trick (Sandoz?). Eventually, the peripheral nervous system jitters of Teva Barr pushed me to Dextro Sulfate 10mg/day and that's basically been a good fit for years... CNS stimulant, less peripheral NS. The quandry... Have I developed the proverbial tolerance? Or, do the meds suck compared to yrs ago? Srsly, my brain wakes up but a single Sudafed does more to get me off the sofa. 100% agree about binders, rate of absorption (pH related), breakdown rate, bioavailability, etc. Focalin did zilch, and as many have commented the pink corepharma Adderall was a nightmare that traumatized half the United States of America on ADHD meds. Basically, I just want to feel like I have a working brain, less social inhibition, more inspiration/ambition, and physical energy again. That's what my meds did for me. Now, they just save me becoming completely apathetic, lazy, unfocused, indolent. Cold comfort for sure. BARR and Mallie are both AA. Seems my 9 yrs of experience might benefit from your 50! Especially with tolerance, generics, long term side effects. Thanks!

My pharmacy has consistently ordered Barr 10mg dextroamphetamine sulfate for me, by request, for years -- simply because the devil I know is better than the 60-day hell of a surprise attack, like Wilshire, Core or KV. Like you, Mallie has proven to be a very acceptable alternative to Barr.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

RCMAFL (# 5) -- Sorry for responding late. My pharmacy stopped carrying the Mallie 10 mg. Instant Release dextroamphetamine Sulfate 10 mg after 3 years of use 2015-mid 2018. ......... Mallincrkrodt still makes the 5mg and the 10 mg pure form of dextroamphetamine (generic) for the old original formula of DextroStat, (made from 1995 until 2009) a brand name, that was discontinued, by original patent holder Richwood (KY) later ShireUS, after Richwood merged with ShireUS. When Teva purchased Barr Labs of Sellersville, PA (Dec 2008), the excellent brand name "Dextrostat" was removed from the USA market, by mid July of 2009. When Glaxo Smith Kline stopped making the pink/orange E-19 Dexedrine brand, 5 mg I/R, (summer of 2009) and the same company sold the patent of the 1952 brand name Dexedrine Spansule's in December of 2010, IMO it was a huge loss to those afflicted with Narcolepsy, ADD, ADHD, after being so consistent, (the Spansules size 15 mg, were so smooth, after being made for 58 years, and the Dexedrine brand name (5 mg I/R) was also removed, voluntarily, by former SKF, SKBeecham, GSK, aince 1937 until 2009, I have been searching for a similar high quality product, without the outrageous price increases I switched to Adderall, Instant Release, just on a fluke, when it was mfg by Richwood, before it was sold to ShireUS, around 2001/2002, I would rotate on occasion, either of the Richwood Adderall 10 mg, brand, or ShireUS brand, 10 mg I.R. and I was reasonably content, (even after Teva of Israel, bought Barr Labs, I continued to take a combination of both Barr Labs embossed Dextro- amphetamine 15 mg ER or SR (not sure which) but they were less expensive, and Orange Book rated them AB with both the Teva/Barr Adderall I/R 10 mg, or 12.5 mg added to my Teva/Barr ER/SR Dextroamphetamine Capsules 15 mg (the generic to Dexedrine Spansules, about 1.5 years before both Dexedrine Spansules brand name was SOLD to Amedra, with a 300% price increase in 2010, and the Brand Adderall 10 mg I/R also had a big price increase and my Insurance company........ WOULD pay for both of the generics made by Teva, but embossed Barr, I stuck with them until the massive shortages in late 2011, 2012, 2013, and the further price increases, my insurance company by 2014 had removed all forms of Adderall brand or generic off of my formulary. I tried 1/2 dozen other Adderall I/R generics and all were very poor quality, either were very WEAK, or unstable, with the bioavailability, like Wilshire, Ranbaxy, Core, and many more generics, and the price gouging, I ask my M.D could he put me back on Dexedrine Generic instant release 10 mg per day x 3 tabs and he did. As Teva/Barr did not seem to work as well vs. constant shortages, vs increasingly price gouging,more added fillers & binders left using Adderall I/R at the end of 2014, and switched 100% to generic Dexedrine Instant Release x 3 per day , as I said earlier, it is hard to find in SE USA, but by 2018, it was extremely hard to find, so I went back to Teva-Barr Dextroamphetamine 10 mg, I/R. IMO, the Mallies and the effects of the Teva Barr Dextroamphetamine pure are nearly identical. Instant Release, and are very consistent. Dexedrine per milligram is 3 times more powerful, according to chemists, than the base Amphetamine, such as the former Benzedrine, that was phased out in the mid 1980's after a run of nearly 50 years. Also, the ultra rare ethical pharmaceutical, called, Desoxyn (methamphetamine) technically is 5 times more potent that the base Amphetamine, Since Adderall has 4 mixed amphetamine salts, 50% of the Adderall instant release, has two forms of amphetamine salts added to two forms of dextroamphetamine salts, it stands to reason, that pure 10 mg of Dextroamphetamine, vs 10 mg of Adderall I/R. "with all things being equal, no extra cheap bulk filters and no added cheap added buffers, that Dexedrine Sulfate 10 Mg I/R would be more potent, than Adderall with only 50% of the technically weaker amphetamine salts. Allegedly the Government of our country (USA) wants to eliminate all forms of the faster acting instant forms of any kind of amphetamine, dextroamphetamine or even the extremely rare legal methamphetamine, (5mg of Desoxyn). as the politicians think the extended release will be "less addictive". I do not agree with this, but my statement is just my 2 pennies worth. Also, be careful if you have your RX faxed to your favorite pharmacy (chain) especially, or if you still can get a paper Script for either Mixed amphetamine salts (generic Adderall) OR just for Dextroamphetamine sulfate, either in 5 mg ot 10 mg I/R, or even ER, be very very careful what the pharmacist places in your prescripton bottle, as, from the school of hard knocks, if you do not request, one of the proven stimulants, as discussed on this subject, the "bait and switch is alive and kicking in much of the USA, so before you leave your pharmacy, take a look in the stamped pharmacy bag of your medication, to make sure you get the right manufacturer of your M.D's prescription, because if you walk out of any pharmacy in the USA :"you cannor return the product you paid for, not even a charge back is allowed if paid by your credit card !! I always ask the pharmacist assistant if they have the manufacturers product in stock & that is the only mfg I wlll accept, as, if you do not do this, you are at high risk of getting a reformulated product meaning with more filters and binders in ANOTHER stimulant, that, yes, is FDA approved for the so called bio-equilvalence, (80% to 120% of the original formulation) of the brand, but, many products are this class of drug are subcontracted out over and over, and, the quality you may sadly will find really sucks !! Some of my past I have made this mistake and because even 20% variance in a generic drug that your body is not used to can have a profound effect in onset to side effects to uneven response, to even nearly zero response. WHY? Because the FDA does not check for the BIOAVAILABILITY of the product, only the BIOEQUILAVENCE OF THE PRODUCT !!! (the bioavailability in simple terms is how your body breaks down the stimulant, and if the fillers and binders are cheap quality, you will find often a huge difference, in the effects, in spite of what any pharmacists says, that your meds are the same as the brand name or the requested mfg you desire !!!!!!!! (not true) IMHO !!! Also, in CANADA, the situation was quite different, when Glaxo Smith Kline sold their patent to another Canadian firm, for both Dexedrine brand, and possibly even the Canadian manufacturers of Adderall I/R. any Canadians out there on this forum? (sorry, not edited for errors) bb these are the ones that are embossed with a pink color, and stamped a "b" on one side and flip side embossed a 953 scoreline and a 10, I have been very very pleased with Teva/Barr again since January of 2019. Note: Teva has had many financial troubles, IMHO by growing too fast, merging with too many companies worldwide, they had in my words a scandal as a few years ago, many executives just walked off their jog, and thousands of employess worldwide lost their jobs. It is alleged the US government (not sure if if was the FDA or AG's in different states, allegedly formed a lawsuit, for price fixing, and, poor quality control, etc, around 2016 to 2018, as published in FiercePharma dot com. The US government allegedly forced Teva to sell off their rights to a 3rd generic party to make at the Adderall, I/R and Teva or the subcontracting agent can sell their ability to produce generic Adderall, and I have NOT seen one satisfied patient content with Generic Adderall, since this change, now about 2 or 3 years ago. Meanwhile, Teva/Barr stopped making IMO the superior but expensive Adderall BRAND name in instant release, now from 2 to 3 years ago, and the patent may have ran out, but the BRAND name for the I/R is no longer available, nor is the generic Teva/Barr generic "Dexedrine Extended Release, or Sustained Release, the brown cap with the 1/2 clear cap with the tiny white pellets, were also discontinued about the same time.

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