Dangers Drugs Paradex

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Is Paradex a dangerous drug. If so, why.

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Roy Says:

Paradex contains Paracetamol 325 mg + Dextropropoxyphene 50 mg.

The reason that some may consider this a dangerous drug is because of the Propoxyphene. It is potentially habit forming, and if not taken carefully (or if mixed with certain things), can result in a fatal overdose. It is highly recommended that you follow a physician's orders very strictly when taking this drug.

For more details about this medication, please see:

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Fitzie Says:

Taking Coumidin as directed 4 alternate days 10mg and 3 days 7.5 having INR's. How can I now be taking 'one pill twice daily' NO INR's. Where is the
monitoring protection?

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Spanz Says:

What is the fatal dose?

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Emma Says:

I have spinal stenosis which can be very painful at
times. the only drug i could find due to allergic
reactions of other tablets was Digesic. I only take two
when the pain is very bad and this may not be every
day.Paracetomal alone does not help.I am not
addicted to the drug as some days i manage without any but when the pain is very bad I need two tablets.
I dont know what I am going to do when they
disappear off the market.Help !

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Five ti9mes a grannie Says:

I have blocked leg arteries and have previously taken Paradex for 4 or 5 years without feeling the need to take more than the allotted 8 ntablets a day. Are there any dangers in me taking it again

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Mitchael R. Says:

since taking paradex i can't produce sperm so nothing comes out when having intercourse with my wife. is there anything that can help please.

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Alan Smith Says:

I have been using Paradex for 6-7 years for cronic pain after cancer surgery. I have found that pain relief has been far the quickest than any other prescibed, ie- Panadene, Codein etc. My cancer is terminal, so why in New Zealand is it banned?Surely the patient should have a choice if the results are better than another drug?

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Antipodean Says:

Absolutely agree - paradex was a miracle medicine for me. I have chronic pain from nerve damage to my sphenoid sinus and interior skull due to surgery. I'm basically always in pain and paradex was the drug that enabled me to get off a sickness benefit and get back to work. There ain't nothing more evil than a bunch of sanctimonious drs with a bit of power! Medsafe would be an absolute joke if it didn't hurt so many people. I'm heading back to benefit thanks to them.

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Alan Smith Says:

Paradex has been my ultimate weapon for pain after cancer surgery. I have used it contiuously for 10 years plus with NO side effects and ofcause it has been made unobtainable ! My uestion is :- Is it legal to obtain it overseas?

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