Can I Drink White Grapejuice While Taking Oxycodone

Joe Says:

I'm taking oxycodone ( 10/325 ) after having two discs replaced in lower back . My pain doctor will only give me 4 a day , nowhere near enough . Will drinking white grape juice allow my system to utilize more of the painkiller or is it grapefruit juice? Please help , I'm suffering over here. Thanx!!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Joe! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain.

What type of doctor are you seeing? If it's just a GP, then he can't prescribe anything else, they are very limited, now. If you need stronger medications, then you'll need to see a specialist.

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Joe Says:

First of all Verwon let me thank you for your response. This has been going on since May of 2012. I live in N.C. and my GP had me up to 9 10 mg's a day with no acetaminophen , the little red ones. In April of 2013 she finally sent me to a pain clinc where they promptly cut me back to 4 of the 10/325's a day. Evidently here in N.C. a GP isn't as limited as a pain management clinic or the DEA has them running scared at the patient's expense. Anyway , they finally decided to do the surgery ( the surgeon was hesitant to do surgery because of my age ) and I was quite comfortable in the hospital with the pain pump and 2 of the 10/325's every 4 hours. Now that I'm getting my meds from clinic again , I'm back to 4 of the 10/325's a day. It is nowhere near enough to give me some semblance of a normal life , hence my question about the grapejuice allowing my system to absorb more of the actual painkiller . Does anybody have any suggestions ? This pain clinic is a joke , unfortunately my pain isn't . This was not a minimally invasive procedure , I've got a 9 inch scar down my back that starts at the crack of my a** and proceeds upward . Thanks to anyone that can help . Joe

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Snoopbernard Says:

Joe im in LA. And I had lower back surgery from the anterior. That surgery didnt help so Dr. Went thew my back on 2nd one. I have 2 cuts 12 inchs on stomach an back. Im been getting 30mg roxicodone from qualitest pharmaceuticals has a v on them. Well I filled my meds and I took a roxi an no relief, I went though the day taking these pills, I looked an it was a different pharmaceutical company KVK tech inc. So I wanted to know why im not getting relief. Is it the brand or what? I take methadone too, good thing.

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Keikee Says:

Is it possible that drinking grapefruit juice could make it look as though one was taking 10 times the amount of oxycodone one was prescribed on a drug panel? I'm a pain management patient. I take 2, 40mg oxycontin plus up to 3 oxycodone for break thru pain daily. My drug results showed the oxycodone was off the charts high, though I'd only taken one of the oxycontin 40 mgs that same morning. Thanks!

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