Buprenorphine 8mg White Pill 460

Dawyne Says:

I just took this pill from sun pharmacies and it had this mint like burn to it... If u are not allergic to suboxone can u be allregic to this pill?? Or is it the same medicine so if one is one way that is same for the other pill... I get bad anxiety bad and i have allergies but subs/seputecs have been fine for years just help me put my conscious at ease...

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Verwon Says:

It might just be due to an inactive ingredient in it, since they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or it could be due to not following it with enough liquid, according to NIH reports. They also warn that it could cause acid reflux.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause other side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth.

Have you taken more of them? If so, did you experience the same issue?

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Sonya Says:

Hey! The same issue just happened to me, they normally give me a different brand of subutex and I had to wait 3 days for them to get a supply in, and I get these sun pharma. They literally burn my mouth so bad that i had to spit it out. I called the pharmacy and she tells me they've never had this complaint and there is nothing they can do. I called my dr and she said to put ice in my mouth (Really?!). I have bad anxiety as is and now this?! I dont know what to do. I'm in withdrawal right now because I haven't taken my full dose. And no one seems to give a f***!

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KristenGfromGa Says:

My hubby takes subs and for the same reason u stated..we started as a replacement for pain meds, not for addict help...but they had a huge positive effect on his anxiety and nervousness...and he's struggled with it since he was a child..tried all the meds out there (all his life-on and off) for such to no avail... then we found subutex/suboxone.. we finally found the right dose for him 8mg subutex due to naloxone sensitivity in suboxone... all has been well until we got swapped without our knowledge to 460s from cvs. I called pharmacist there and she said everybody was complaining about them wanting the 54 411s back but they are now under contract with sun pharmaceuticals from India or something bc they are WAY cheaper than other makes. Told me to complain to FDA. Nothing we could do either. I went back to my doc..took her the 460s to show her I wasn't lying and had her rewrite my script for the remainder of the month...I then went to a local small mom and pop pharmacy and paid 150 cash to get the small 8s with the arrow on them...now 10 days later, we finally starting to feel normal again. Good luck. We all need to complain to FDA and get their approval status taken away.

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Jay Says:

I feel fine if not better than my rox/westward 54 411. But id still like to get my 54 411s again cuz like all addicts im a sucker for ritual. These are not bad so far

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