Buprenorphine 8mg Tablet Comparisons

Jared Says:

Is there a difference between 54 411 tablets and the orange half moon subutex? My son seems to think the 54 411 makes him sick. Is there any ingredient difference?

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David Says:

The 54 411 pill made by Roxane Labs (with a National Drug Code of 00054-0177), contains the following set of inactive ingredients:

citric acid anhydrous, corn starch, crospovidone, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, mannitol, povidone, and
sodium citrate

The orange half moon 153 subutex pill made by Actavis (with a National Drug Code of 0228-3153) contains:

anhydrous citric acid, crospovidone, fd & c yellow no. 6, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, mannitol,
corn starch, povidones, and trisodium citrate dihydrate

I know some of us are more sensitive than others to various inert ingredients (such as dye's), so if this is determined to be the specific culprit, hopefully his doctor will take notice and only specify the manufacturer that works best on future prescriptions...

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Brookie Says:

The white half moons are suboxone, which contains naloxone that usually makes people sick. The 54 411s are subutex 8 MG and they do not contain naloxone, which make them a little stronger. One has a block and one doesn't is the difference. Subutex and suboxone, 2 different pills.

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Charlene Says:

Hi everyone, I was looking around all day. Calling all the pharmacies for the nee Rhode subutex they just came out in October 2017..nobody has them..so I called winn Dixie they said they only have Roxanes.54 411 why does everyone say they are no longer around Its westward now they bought Roxanne..so how come winn Dixie calls them from Roxane..this is a new post july 13 2018.

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Davo Says:

Re: Brookie (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I know this is old, but wanted to clarify some things. The question was about the orange Subutex with a quarter moon on them. These orange Subutex do not contain Naloxone. It was not about the white Suboxone with a quarter moon. I only answered in case someone use this info in the future.

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KristenGfromGa Says:

Re: Davo (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I was about to post the same thing...good shot. Misinformation gets out there so easily from simple misunderstandings like that.

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davidjw1 Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Going to fill at my local Walgreens the Actavis 8mg oval orange 153 next week, Had enough of CVS BS!!! Customer Service confirmed to me today that our concerns for the awful Sun 460 tablets are here to stay and they don't plan to even search for Mylan even though Mylan is well stocked. It's not the pharmacy's fault. Its the top . So they lost my cash money. Walgreens Actavis with my drug discount card (California Discount RX card) is $281 for 120. About $70 more than CVS but well worth it to me. I refuse to pay hard earned money for a product that is poor and ineffective. That's what the Sun brand is... for me at least. Side effects like I never imagined. Just an awful medicine. FDA has a message from me, now. CVS seems to care less about us.

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Charlene Says:

Re: davidjw1 (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Why don't you try to get the new Rhodes 8mg the are the best. Out of all the generics actavis and sun say only 8mg of bup .Mylan has the most 8.624mg and the rest is 8.64mg bup equalvent to 8mg. I usually get hikma but from now on it Rhodes..I hate the orange half moon, I had to except them last month. Never ever will I let that happen again.

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Davidjw1 Says:

Re: Charlene (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Out here in northern California (bay area of San Francisco) it's very hard. No real mom n pop pharmacy to order from. I may have to keep calling around. I've been trying for 3 months. Fortunately I found the Westward Hikma last month.

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Charlene Says:

I would say their is a huge difference between 54 411s and orange half moon. Hikma is wayy better to me no comparison

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Lou Says:

Re: Brookie (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Anybody taking 8mg a day of subutex or bupe is having themselves on, unless of course they've been taking at least 3 or 4 grms a day of very high quality opiates that have not even been around since 1970s, otherwise they are just being greedy and will regret it, as sub and bupe remain in your system for a very long time, and also stops all pain relief meds from working which can be dangerous if pain relief is needed because nothing will work... As far as I'm concerned it's another guinea pig cure, trying to replace opiate meds, codeine, ect. Since when has big pharma been interested in helping people who prefer being laid back then drinking themselves into a drunken stupor talking crap and driving on our roads killing people.

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Charlene Says:

Re: Lou (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

U hit it right on the nail..I have been on this medicine since 2007 buprenorphine 8mgx 4 daily. I went to a new doctor awhile back and he said I only give 2 8mg pills take it or leave it. Well of corse I took it.for 9 months I was so sick on and off.my husband putting money out like crazy trying to see why an I so sick? My thoughts were maybe I've been on them to long and I'm done.i found a pain management dr. Giving me percocet 10s x 4 daily to get off subs. I was so weak by the 10th day in the doctor's office he looked at me and then my husband and said I suggest she goes back on 3 aday..it seems I was somewhat detoxing for 9 months from the drop of one 8mg pill.. weeks after that I find a new doctor fresh out of college 31yrs old she adjusted some of my meds and said I need probably 3 to 4 subs a day..but like your saying this medacation buprenorphine just came out in mid.2003?? Around that time..but back then the way doctors prescribed them are way different than today..my mom was with my my 2nd appointment her first question are these addictive..no...now to the pharmacy my mom said to the pharmacist are these addictive?..he says no...well since them my mom has passed away and I never got to tell her how addictive buprenorphine is....I have tried many times to make a jump with this medication but no luck..my husband retires soon.mayb with his help or basically someone else in the house with me I can alway try again..but u are so right..the phamasuitical company help us get addicted and then they come out with buprenorphine treatment that cost alot of money and just about impossible to get off

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Jay Says:

Re: Charlene (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I jus got 12 out of my 60 monthly of the new Sun Pharm 460 round convex looking aspirin 8mg bups. I hear ALOT of bad things online bout these. But i jus took 2mg (my usual brand is rox 54 411s. These 460s have me feeling great. First time i got euphoria n that opioid warmth from 2mg. That hasnt happnd since first month on bupe. I dunno why ppl hate on the 460s,so far they feel better rhan the 54 411s ill keep u all updated

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Charlene Says:

Re: Jay (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Humm I must have been confused. I wrote saying I thought it was Mylan that had the 460, and discontinued it..so what your taking now is it a new one or older .I'm sure older now that I think about it..is that the one where everyone talks about the burning? I just have never taken that one before..I guess I should at least look into it, because sometimes it get crazy when my refill is due. I'm very picky of what bup I take, so far I only accept Rhodes number one, and hikma..no other one. First once in my life I'm not having to over take my medacine because the bup is to low. Thx for letting us know. Oh I take 8mg. But did you say your on 2mg,? That could be a difference

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Kristen gaddy Says:

Yes!!! It's absolutely possible. Same thing happened to me... The ones from CVS make me sick but the small ones with the arrow or the 54 411s do fine.. I got seriously ill after taking the sun pharmaceuticals brand ones from CVS...to the point so that I was having such severe headaches that I was suspected of having a brain tumor or MS!! I was terrified for a few weeks until we got brain scans back... Saw that I was ok in that area, which made docs dig deeper and finally it was my own idea to change brands of Subutex and that did the trick. Immediately all symptoms went away in a matter of like 2 or 3 days ..I was normal again just like that. I never questioned the meds I was taking..I had been taking them with no issues and outta the blue my PDP dropped that type of drug causing me to change pdps who made me go to network pharmacy (CVS) and the only brand they carry here are the sun pharma ones. They didn't make me sick at first so I didn't suspect them at all. Change pharmacy..get different type of Subutex..ask the pharmacist if they can get different kind if going to a different one isn't possible. That should fix his problem ...I hope! Prayers!

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Charlene Says:

Re: Kristen gaddy (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kristen, I never understood why some generics of buprenorphine would make me I'll, so I'll I'd have to call my doctor for some clonidine to manage my symptoms for the month I was on certain ones. I do my best to stay away from all the generics except Rhodes is #1, and hikma, brand, these two are the best and I will search forever..I absolutely will not accept any others. These are an expensive medicine so I want only the best..on a different blog one guy stated it's all in our heads. He has no idea what he's talking about.. for example you can Google BTODREMS...and all the generics are there full of info for everyone to read, you will notice some bup have more buprenorphine in them than others, then you can see how each one has different inactive ingredients in them..so for instance, myself, I stay far away from the orange half moon, they usually have at my Walgreens, they say 8mg, bup, what they should have. However, you will notice the others have 8.64mg of buprenorphine equivalent to 8mg..on the orange half moon I found myself having to take an extra dose every once in awhile, and at the end of the month coming up short, and we all know that's no fun....I have had excellent results with the new Rhodes that came out in Oct 2017..they are still somewhat hard to find. Usually a mom 'n' pop shop is best because chain pharmacies always have the same, and their not going to budge for one person, eventually once they pharmacy's get knowledgeable about them hopefully they will be everywhere..they have 8.64mg of buprenorphine just like hikma brand..but the Rhodes are so much smoother tasting, and everyone agrees they seem stronger. I'm allowed 3 8mg a day and seriously by the end of the day I think to myself oh wow, I forgot to take my 2nd dose. It true..so yes it's the inactive ingredients in each of them that effects each person individually to weather they can or cannot agree with the inactive part of the bup. I'm sure you know most of this anyway. I'm babbling, but I have taken this medicine forever, starting in 2005. You will also notice as far as the inactive ingredients in Rhodes, that they are the same as the brand name subutex, which is no longer available..so why not go with the best. I'm very picky about what buprenorphine products I take. Good luck.

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Jay Says:

Re: Kristen gaddy (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Honestly. N this is jus my experience. The 460 HIKMA brand. Its not sun as eveyonethinks. My bottle say MFG: HIKMA n there the 460 convex tablets. I havnt seemed to notice any bad side effects fron going from roxane/westward 54 411s to these. But the white arrows are jus too small n many us divide up doses. So while there is def some ingredient in these hikmas that ppldont like. Cuz i see alot off horrible experiences. Jus glad it hasnt impacted my recovery but im praying for those it has. Talk to ur dr. If you have a grwat CARING doc like i do. Hell understand. He told me about how were in this together n i liked hearing that. Hell fight for me at pharmacies n other uncaring 3rd party relations. Lol

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MySheriAmore Says:

David & Jared...That's right, there is some truth to that...I noticed with my ulcer/acid reducer med, Prilosec, I HAVE to HAVE a certain generic OR it doesn't help my stomach acid & ulcers.

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davidjw1 Says:

Re: Jay (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

FYI: In northern California the Westward Hikma is back ordered until mid to late June. My family run pharmacy uses Cardinal and McKesson distributors and were told Westward has a back order. Unless it's on the shelf you are stuck with Sun brand from India, which for me were a nightmare. It took me my regular pharmacy and 6 CVS' to eventually find the Westward to fill my 120. They had 5 bottles left. I was very fortunate! All the others were out and had only Sun. So there is some on the shelves but not any available for a few weeks or so.

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Thall Says:

Re: Jay (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Same. Work so much better and I need less.

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