Buprenorphine 153 The Devil

Joel Says:

The best possible thing you could ever do for yourself is to reduce and stop taking these as fast as possible. I was fortunate to have the time off of work to do this after 2 surgeries. I was on buprenorphine for several years. I grew tired of being a slave to this medicine and reduced to 2 mgs. Per day. Then I quit taking them completely. I will admit, it is hell for 3 weeks. Then 4th week was not so fun either but, you will start to notice how much better you gradually feel. Since the 1/2 life of buprenorphine is 12 hours vs. Oxycodone being 4 hours. It takes roughly 4 weeks to rid your body of this DEVIL. Its very rough to get through, some days you just feel like giving up, especially after the 1st week! I shouldnt have lived through my bodies toxicicity of infection when my bowel ruptured. The doctors said it was a miracle that I survived that whole 6 month hospital stay! Well, that didnt kill me and I am making sure that buprenorphine wasnt going to kill me eirher! Get clean, eat right and enjoy life! I did it and so can YOU!!

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Pamela Says:

I am late to the conversation, but your advice is spot on. I lived in Asia for 20+ years and was an opiate addict for 28. July 21, 2008, (but who's counting, right?!!!) I entered rehab and two months later came out. It was so horrendous the first week I do not remember a thing. Just what I was told. They have had me on suboxone since. I had ankle fusion surgery last year and they briefly switched me to the subutex, which I did not like. Last week my 90 year old mother fell and broke her hip. I had to fly across the country at sla moment's notice thinking my doctor could mail me my prescription when the time came. They informed me it was illegal and I would have to find a doctor here. After 2 days of calling several doctors I found one. A very good one actually. Internal medicine. He would not accept my out of state blue shield and charged me $360 (first patient visit fee) I was so scared that I would run out and get sick and then what? "Sorry mum, I can't come see you today. I'm withdrawing." Anyway I go to fill the script today and it was not suboxone (buprenorphine, but the buprenorphin) the pharmacist explained the difference, and although I don't like it, bottom line I am not sick. This whole experience put me back 10 years ago and how awful it was to run out, get sick, etc. well, this was no different and as soon as I get home I will be getting off this crap. After reading your post, I must admit. I am scared. I am on 8 milligrams per day. Thank you for your honesty. I have a long hard road ahead of me.

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Sad but true Says:

You can take it as long as you need to. Don't let anyone scare you into being off of it.

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