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dubious65 Says:

So I've taken benadryl off and on, especially when I didn't have a prescription for loratadine back in the old days for my allergies, usually one every night. But the other day I took two in the span of three hours. 50 mg.
I fell asleep for an hour later, and woke up with muscle weakness, later constipation, frequent urination, and a few others that I'm embarrassed to admit. I'm hoping that the "few others" were just my imagination, because I feel like 50 mg would be physically impossible to produce these side effects in 160 pound person?
Or can you suddenly find yourself with a drug allergy? I hope not, because Benadryl is cheap, compared to loratadine which is 1 dollar a day. For now, I just went out and bought pseudophedrine and that's working fine.
I looked online about benadryl and people taking ten or more at a time, I couldn't believe it. That's just seems like pushing your luck.
I feel like this is a technical question, that would require intimate knowledge of the drug, so I won't be surprised if nobody has anything concrete.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, you can suddenly develop an allergy to anything. Our bodies change with time, so even though you were able to take it before, without a problem, you could suddenly have a reaction to it.

However, I can't really tell you much, since you don't want to admit what the other symptoms were that you experienced. But the tiredness, weakness, constipation and frequent urination are not symptomatic of an allergic reaction. Those are just possible side effects, as listed by the FDA.

Regardless of your weight, you can still experience side effects, since this a potent antihistamine and 50mgs is a fairly high dose.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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dubious65 Says:

No, thank you. I looked online and other people had more serious reactions to benadryl so Ill just be thankful.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it's ironic, you can develop an allergy to a medication that's supposed to treat allergies.

GO figure…

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