Althea Pill Side Effect

abby Says:

hello po, gumamit po ako ng althea I have the prescription from my doctor after I used it after 6 months mga ilang weeks po ung breast ko may lumalabas na gatas wla pa naman ako anak ska I am single, side effect po ba to saka normal lng ba din to pls reply po i just worried to myself. thnks

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David Says:

I'm not sure I fully understand your question due to a possible language barrier. However, with the help of a translator, I get the sense that you may be inquiring about about the safety of this medication during breastfeeding.

From what I could gather, Althea (Cyproterone acetate + Ethinyl estradiol), is not recommend for use in those who are pregnant or nursing, as it does actually pass into breast milk and may end up causing undesirable side effects on a nursing infant.

In such cases, I would always recommend talking to your doctor first about the benefits and risks involved with taking this medication. Usually a doctor will only suggest it if the benefits for you are far outweighing any potential risks to the infant...

I hope this info helps!

Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this.

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abby Says:

Thank you po sa advice, am actually po wla pa po akong anak ska po wla pa po ako asawa o bf man lng nagtaka lang po ako bkit po nagka milky discharge ako may kinalaman po ba iyong althea pill na iniinom ko? pina inom ako ng doctor ko nito dahil po may polycestic ovarian kasi ako d po ako nagkaka period pagka wlang gamot iniinom.cguro late 16 o 17 yr old nku nagkaron noon dahil sa unang pill na ininom ko yaz .

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Ladee Says:

hi abby!

Im taking din ng althea dahil din sa pcos pero last month lang ako ndiagnose.. ndi ko pa naman nraransan yan. pero skin kc sobrang bleeding. inabot ng 28 days.. :( anu pa ba pinainom sau ng doctor mo?

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che Says:

good day
hi im che
its my 1st time to used althea pills.
the reason why im taking this pills
is to prevent pimples and acne.
but my question is this " i have ademayosis to prevent pain i need to inject depo-trust every 3 mons? for not having menstration.
what is the side effect if i using two contraceptive?
what is the dis advantage and advantage of using two different contraceptive?
che :)

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Kc Says:

Hello po. Im taking Althea because of pcos. Side effect nya po sakin ay nagblebleed na po ako for almost 28 days. hindi naman sya heavy bleeding. right now nag stop po ako for 7 days them start naman ng new pack. Ask ko lang po kung ok lang po ung pagblebleed? btw its my first time . Thank you

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