Adderall Ir Is Not Working As Well As Adderall Xr

Ginger Says:

I recently switched from adderall xr 30mg to adderall ir 20mg because of the price of the medication. Now im in space and unproductive, moody and sleepy. WHY???

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Verwon Says:

The XR was a controlled release medication, the drug is released slowly over hours of time to keep a steady dose in your body.

The IR is instant release, so all the medication is released at once and also processed out of your body much faster.

Did you doctor approve this switch?

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lisa Says:

are you taking the generic form of adderall IR ?.. because even though your doctor and pharmacist says its the same as brand.. trust me its not.
i was prescribed strattera when i was first diagnosed with ADD/Depression and it pretty much seemed to magnify the problems i already had.. sleepy.. forgetful/foggy mind.. headaches.. moody .. so i was switched to Adderall 5mg.. then 10mg.. but getting it filled in generic form (Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine Mixed Salts).. was making me feel the same way as you.. tired, kind of a brain fog and extremely moody... not knowing much about this particular med.. i did some reseach and found alot of people having same reaction to generic but having amazing results with brand..
well seeing this i explaind to my doctor that i was still feeling this way even after uping dose and asked him to prescribe me the brand name adderall.. and belive me it is a great difference.. now ofcourse everyone is different.. i have read a few posts where people where having success with the generic.. and not everyone reacts same to medicine and all that..
but i have been on the brand adderall for a week and it is def better.... now saying that... i will be asking doc. for more info regarding the xr because i still dont feel like this med. (at 15mgs now) is as effective as it should be.. seems to not last as long as i need to get threw day.. but we'll see
def.. check google difference between generic adderall and brand.. its very interesting to see how many people have same symptoms with generic brand..

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Lori Says:

Well I just started taking adderall xr like over a week ago and I feel nothing. Then like maybe tuesday or wed. of last week I began to feel funny. Yesterday It really hit me and its like im drowsy or something. I am not so sure what it is, but it is not normal. I have no extra energy, no concentration really..nothing. I am not sure what to make of this, but I am sorta freaking out. Can anyone help?? Of course im calling my doc on monday but at the time being ive been searching all over the web to find out if any side effects match mine. I cant really even describe this effect except to say that it makes my head feel funny..can anyone help??

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add man Says:

I have been on the generic ir version for about a month now and words cannot explaine how incredible I feel. I am 40 and for my whole life I have struggled with getting things done and motivation, I seriously just thought I was lazy and could not change it. My doctor has been telling me for years that I have add and should consider treatment (I just never got around to it go figure). So last month I started testment and WOW! I have been more productive in the last month than all 40 years combined! I feel so clear headed. I am on 10 mg twice a day. At first I got bad headaches at the end of the day but these headaches are mild now, similiar to when you drink too much coffee. Other than that it has been incredible.

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rhonda Says:

this past year I have been on adderall and what a big difference it has made in my life, i am no longer lost, dazed and confused, tripping over my own feet, and not being able to focus on anything, or finish things i start. there is a BIG difference between the xr and the salts, the xr time releases and lasts alot longer, the salts are short acting, when the salts are done, your grouchy, and irritable, try to eat something, it will make you feel alot better. I am on both xr and salts, 20 xr in am 20 xr at noon and 10 salts at 3, ive noticed if i eat something it takes the irritability away, you may not feel hungry, but when you start eating youll finish! hope this helps.

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~SlimminDown~ Says:

You could be just taking too much as it is instant release instead of extended as you are used to. What I do with mine is break it in halves usually. If I take a whole one, it doesn't last all day, it is very strong at first... then once it's gone, I'm extremely edgy and mean. So I do 1/2 in the am and 1/2 between lunch and 2. It's my ghetto way of taking an extended release lol. :) And I take generic, and I like it.

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tomlinson Says:

Adderall IR (brand name) has a new formulation! That is why it has a different effect than it used to.

On 6-29-09, I phoned Barr Labs (which makes brand name Adderall and generic Adderall) and was told that there is a new formulation. The new brand name pills taste much sweeter and have the imprint d/p on them instead of AD. The feeling from it is very different than from the well-known old formulation. The old formulation will no longer be manufactured.

Anyone who wants to confirm this - or make their opinion of the new formulation known - can contact Barr Pharmaceuticals. Contact info: 225 Summit Ave.
Montvale, NJ 07645
United States
Phone: 201-930-3300
Fax: 201-930-3330
Toll Free: 800-222-0190

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JakeMan Says:

I also called Barr on 6/30/09, and left a message. I rep. did call me back and confirmed the new Adderall IR Brand had changed to a new logo(dp) and it also changed formulas from the original Shire formula with logo (AD). He also, said that they are not going to make the old formula any more, but he could not give me a reason. I have read many emails and blogs from people that have had the exact same issues with the new formula. And I am sure that there are many more people who have noticed a difference and either didn’t realize it was the pills, figured they couldn’t do anything about it anyway, or their doctor told them it was the same and it was just in their head.
My physician was not aware of the situation, but has not looked into it.

The adderall IR with logo (AD) brand that I have been taking for years has worked great with no side effects and no dosage increases. The new Adderall ir brand with logo (dp) now makes me feel fatiqued all day, my head has a fuzzy feeling, it is difficult to concentrate and my hands and feet feel week.
When I picked up my new script this month, the bottle said (as the previous one had) that the pills inside were Barr brand-name adderall ir, and that they had 'AD' imprint, etc.,but when I opened the bottle, they all had the (dp) logo. Actaully, after looking closely there were a few with the (AD) logo. And when I took the few (AD) logo pills it was unbelievable how much better it made me feel with zero side effects. Anyway, I asked the Pharmist about the new look and she showed me the bulk bottle, and it says that brand-name Adderall now has 'dp' on the pills. II thought nothing of it, until I took the first (dp) pill and noticed how awefull it made me feel. I contacted Barr and googled it online and found that others were also having issues with the new Adderall ir. You can contact Barr and the FDA- MedWatch w/ your complaints either through Email, their websites or by phone. The current makers of brand-name Adderall ir and generic Adderall is Barr/Teva Pharma.

Barr/Teva Pharma – 201-930-3300

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tomlinson Says:

Even if Teva (DuraMed, Barr) has changed only the binders and fillers, what it's done is create a new generic! Can it do that without FDA approval? Did they obtain FDA approval? My intention is to contact the FDA regarding this issue.

The FDA has a contact page, here's the url: http:/­/­­AboutFDA/­CentersOffices/­CDER/­ContactCDER/­default.htm

Let's make our voices heard about this to the FDA, and to Teva as well. .

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Bobby Pettit Says:

Ok I got my new new refill and i am having the same problem barr has changed the active ingrediants,i to have called and they me only the nonactive ingrediants have changed ,but they make feel in a daze all day .What are we to do ?my insurance thinks I am crazy ,but i know they are not the told me they are only going to make name brand.They you only what they want you to hear

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sharposts Says:

There is another generic company (Eon labs owned by Sandoz owned by Novartis who manufacture brand ritalin) who make adderall generic. I switched to it and its awesome.

"(1) Eon labs is Owned now by Sandoz
Sandoz is a generic company owned by Novartis (makers of brand Ritalin).

(2) Eon labs still make adderall generic
they now use the same formula as sandoz for their generic

(3) sandoz generic = eon lab generic is reported to be very smooth and equal to the brand when made by shire if not better because they do clinical trials and studies on their generics

You will get good adderall formula or at least better than teva new formula for generic price"

here is the link for details:


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johnb Says:

Yes, generic Adderall IR made by the Barr manufacturer sucks. It's very weak. If you want the best generic Adderall IR, you should try the one by Sandoz. There's a night and day difference between the two. And tell your pharmacist this, so they'll quit filling it with the crappy Barr brand.

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olive Says:

i am 61 and have been on different antidepressants for 15 years. am now on effexor 150xr and just began adderall. i'm also on avalide 300/12.5 for blood pressure. is adding the adderal safe for my heart? it is a generic 15 mg, but i have to take 2 for them to do anything.

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hoodwinked Says:

THANK YOU ALL FOR ENLIGHTENING ME. I have been taking generic BARR Mfg 10 mg Adderall for about 4 years . In the past few months i had noticed a huge difference in the affects, I thought It was just one of my Illnesses causing the fatigue and change in concentration. but then I noticed that even the look of the pills were different, they are now harder, with a kind of waxy look, and MUCH lighter in color, some even have noticeable WHITE "dots" and the overall color is not consistent they had been before. I had an allergic reaction to the inactive ingredients in a diff ADD med years ago and know how BAD it made me feel. Anyway so I asked my Pharm if they had gotten a new order that mite be a "Bad Batch" or if the MFG had changed an inactive ingredient..he said not that he was aware of...well I intend to speak to him tomorrow and see if I can give these POS pills back, cause they make me sick, ..for the effects they cause I am sure I would be better off not taking any of these KNOCK OFF pill any more....what was FDA thinking letting Teva Pharma change the formula when the purchased from BARR??!! Should be Illegal!! And what about all the Kids out there taking this med and suddenly they don't know why they feel different!! What The...?

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jill Says:

please everyone...i am warning you of the side effectrs of will start halucinating if you dont take them every day like you should

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jenna Says:

The pharmacy gave me generic adderall by barr, did not realize till I got home. It is like taking nothing at all but is very sweet.10mg 2x day. They say b 972 are they the old ones? I like the ones from eon labs much better that is what I got the last few times. I have called all the pharmacy's and no one caries them so I do not know what to do . The pharmacist says she has to go by FDA, what a joke.
The nurse says it is how pharmacies make money. How much money do they need to make and at who's cost?

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jenna Says:

They were thinking of the Money first, just like many things in our business run govt.

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barryousuck Says:

just got back on barr generic IR 20mg after years of no meds, pre 09.. Total garbage now. So disappointed in this stuff. now way this is adderall. Cloudy headed, terrible duration. No help with attention or social situations. a complete 180 from what i remember this drug being and the way it helped years ago

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dc Says:

i agree the fda and drug companys have screwed adderall up all for the money i go and see my shrink today im going to have him write me 20 20mg adderalls that i have been getting in barr total crap what brand should i ask my pharmacist for and should i get the brand or generic im also getting 2oxrs what should i ask the pharmaccist for on them?im trying new adderall brands as the barrs are like a bad batch of crank thanks all info is appreciated

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kinikee Says:

I have also been taking adderall ir generic on and off for about 4 years. It was right around August 2011and a new refill that I notice my 10mg tablets were not working. I was moved up to 20mg and then 30mg and still nothing. It is a huge let down. I really counted on this medication. Every month I go in and hope they have changed back to the old formula but still nothing. The med seems to cause a brain fog, a hint of nausea, and fatigue. I think I am going to stop taking it. At this point it is a waste of money and is doing more harm than good!

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Jacob Says:

Re: James (# 57) Expand Referenced Message

I had been noticing good from Teva’s generic Adderall IR

While they (Teva Adderall 20MG IR) seemed to be working, this month (November)
and last month I noticed much less efficacy,

Also, the tablets actually appeared -slightly- smaller in size, and I also noticed
that the “sweet like sugar” flavor isn’t as pronounced...almost as if they took it out..

Anyone notice these two items?

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James Says:

TEVA pharmaceuticals issued a voluntary recall for certain lots of their generic Adderall IR on May 22, 2020

Citing the possibility bottles may contain tablets of mixed strengths, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA is voluntarily recalling 100-count bottles of dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate tablets (mixed amphetamine salts product). The recall was included in the June 10, 2020, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Enforcement Report.

The following products, distributed throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico, were included in the recall:

5-mg dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate tablets in 100-count bottles (NDC 0555-0971-02) from lot 42614718 (Exp. 2/21);

15-mg dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate tablets in 100-count bottles (NDC 0555-0777-02) from lot 42617008 (Exp. 10/21);

20-mg dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine sulfate tablets in 100-count bottles (NDC 0555-0973-02) from lot 42617891 (Exp. 1/22).

Teva Pharmaceuticals initiated the recalls May 22, 2020.

The FDA designated the recalls Class II on June 4, 2020, signaling use of the tablets could cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences. A remote possibility of serious harm also exists.

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Tim Says:

Hello. I take Adderall IR (generic Sandoz) and the medication only seems to last 1 to 2 hours. I hear that XR lasts longer but it comes with more crashes or bad effects, is this true? Has anyone had the medication last a short time and then start lasting longer?

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jmtizzle Says:

Re: Steve (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on the same dosage of adderall for 10 or so years, i've seen this happen in cycles, back in the day sandoz actually worked and the name brand xrs were like a godsend.

I take 90mg adderall a day and I noticed this in jul/aug of 2018. so for a couple years things have been good and I used to take the 30s but i felt them basically doing nothing last month, as my brain is so foggy it is taking me forever to even type this, but my pharmacy randomly gave me something different than what i was taking before... which blanks me right now, I think they were peach oval shaped. so my pharmacy said something about them being a different manufacturer but it's the same pill and instead was given these 30mg by mallinckrodt. NDC: 00406-8894.

Without even taking what she had said into consideration I had noticed over the past couple days I was really tired and just not... me. Something was off with those.

So this month I had my doctor change the method of dosing from 30mg to 15mgs to something the pharmacy had in stock that weren't those horrible mallinckrodt or w/e. and instead i got these Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine pills (imprinted: b 777 1 5) which are the 15mg generic tevas. The point of how ineffective these are is quite unexplainable, and I actually feel my life going downhill because of this as I am not able to stay awake for certain periods of time, i am constantly tired and forgetting things, not thinking clearly. Finding this thread is kind of a bless and a curse. I literally feel useless with these little s***s.

the 30mg IR generic Mallinckrodt suck
the 15mg IR generic Teva suck.

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Steve Says:

People, you need to list the brand that you bought and the strength. Also list whether it is ir or xr. This is the only way others will know the brands to steer clear of. Let the companies stock is all the understand anyway...profit.
1. TEVA = overall, totally useless. I tried the 10mg ir and then the 15 ir. You will feel worse than if you hadn't taken anything.

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jglow7 Says:

Re: James (# 51) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you James! YOU have said it all so clearly! Now I understand.

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Lucy Says:

Re: lisa (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

So you think the brand name Adderall is a lot better than the generic? I certainly will ask my Dr to write my prescription for the brand name if that's the case because the generic brand Teva just doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to!!

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James Says:

Re: Stella (# 50) Expand Referenced Message

What concerns me concerning generic meds:

When a generic firm decides to file an application to the FDA for manufacturing a medication, they are required to conduct "tests" to confirm that the bioavailability is commensurate with the brand name product.

They must also show that their product's bioequivalency is satisfactory with FDA standards.

My concerns:

The "tests" are conducted solely by the generic firm.

The process and results are not made public.

One wonders if there is appropriate external and internal validity.

Also concerning that we the public, are not able to view the data, and more importantly, the specific --process-- in which testing was conducted.

Then after their product is approved, FDA oversight to ensure quality standards is very poor.

You would need to be poignantly naïve to think that the FDA is available to oversee these, mostly, Third World country firms in an appropriate way.

This is simply profoundly concerning to me.

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Stella Says:

I have same results. Am so tired all day.
It's the pill, manufacturers in India

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Edward Says:

My best guess, based on my experience with generic Adderall IR is that if you feel it's "not working" almost always the dosage needs a slight adjustment up or down. Try increasing it to 25mg or down to 15mg.

I also have felt that feeling of this refill is "worthless" and every time a minor dose adjustment fixed everything.

My experience with Teva/Barr, Sandoz, Actavis, Aurobindo, CorePharma & Evekeo is that all of these generic IR Adderall required a different dose to achieve maximum efficacy for me.

Try it. It works.

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