Aceclofenac And Paracentamol Side Effects

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I would like to know the dosage for this drug for gouty arthritis pain and the side effects.

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Yogesh Kothiya Says:

Orthopadic doctor has prescribe Aceclofenac with paracetamol to cure back pain of my wife. Let me know the side effect of my wife and my 1 yr daughter as she has been taking breast feed.

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deepu Says:

intake of large amounts of paracetamol and aceclofenac kills the important bacteria present in the liver intake at times does not cause any side effect

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shripad naik Says:

I am using aceclofenac with paracetamol combination since long period.Did not find any noticeable adverse effect.But in last week one patient having low back pain came to me with c/o swollen lips & swollen eyelids after intake of aceclo-para with pntoprazole & domperidone as antacid.This adverse effect has not mentioned anywhere in text book as I have read.Kindly give an information, whether it is common side effect or was there any thing wrong with treatment.

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Yogesh Kothiya Says:

Due to back pain, my wife has been taking Nimek -para (nimesulide with paracetamol ) since 3 year and continue even the pregnancy of 3 -4 months. Is there any side effect on my wife and growing baby ? The reply will be appreciated if you have any information in this regard.

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