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Zopiclone 7.5mg blue without markings 111 REPLIES
Zopishine 7.5 Zopiclone from India 109 REPLIES
Zopiclone white BL are they safe? 23 REPLIES
HAB pharmaceuticals Zopiclone 16 REPLIES
Zopiclone white tablet BL 12 REPLIES

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Zopiclone 7.5mg blue without markings

I got zopiclone 7.5mg. They are packaged in strips stating zop 7.5mg. The tabs are round, blue, scored on one side, with no markings. They do work, but i'm a bit concerned as to whether or not they are safe. Can anyone enlighten me on this one? ## If they are Hab pharmaceutical ones from India they are the weakest of any zopiclone and believe me ive tried well over 15 brands! The confusing thing is when you look at their website the tablets are rugby shaped not round an saucer-like? I have a feeling they are not legitimate!!!! ## I brought zopiclone 7,5mg the blue round from India, are these safe and can I cut them down ## Hab zopiclone are fine... Not rugby shaped at all. Mine are round, blue and have a groove on one side. ## I got the same there from india, I been taking them, bec...

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Zopishine 7.5 Zopiclone from India

I filled my prescription for Zopiclone 7.5 mg and received white concave tablets with Z on one side and 7.5 on the other side. On the packaging it says Zopishine / Zopiclone and that it's manufactured by HAB laboratory in India. Does anyone know if this is a good brand of the medication, and are they safe to take as directed? ## Can anybody give me any feedback on zopishine 7.5 manufacturing in India Has anyone tried them? ## I have received the same. Not used yet but have cut one in half and they have the characteristic bitter taste of Zopiclone. Have you taken any of your yet,? ## I got mine today, says the same thing zopishine zopiclone. I’m going to cut one in half and take it, theory being, it’s then a 3.75, will update you soon. ## I have tried and think are about ...

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blue round pill ze 3 g

can anyone identify this sleeping pill BLUE Marked with ze 3 (on one side and G on the other. Was given in hospital. many thanks ## It's a mild sleeping pill- we have them at the hospital- used the same as zopiclone ## Hello, I was wondering if u ever found out 4 sure what that Tablet was? Its round, a light-ish blue, a capital G on 1 side & Z.E 3 on the other side, I was wondering if u did discover exactly what it was please can you send me a private email message to my Inbox on Facebook, name on there is:- Vicki Turner - Tayman, would really appreciate this as its really urgent, hope that this is ok xxx ## It is a mild sleeping tab. Helps treat jetlag. ## This tablet is listed as containing 3.75mgs of Zopiclone, which is commonly used to help treat insomnia. Ref: Zopiclone Inf...

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HAB pharmaceuticals Zopiclone

I filled a prescription for 30 Zoplicone tablets from HAB pharmaceuticals. Arrived today. No package, just 3 small blister containers. Paid £20 in postage. They are bright blue and I now feel nervous about taking them. Can anyone let me know if they have taken these tablets, and importantly are they genuine? ## Hello, Mabel! How are you? Are there any markings on the tablets? How about on the blister packaging? ## Hi Verwon, They did not come in a box, however the markings on the bubble pack are:Mfg Lic.No KD-296 B.No.330-04MFG.AUG2013 exp.JULY 2016 M.R.Ps.38.00 10 TABS. INCL.OF ALL TAXES. Manufactured in India by HAB PHARMACEUTICIALS & RESEARCH LIMITED 18/1. D & S IND. Complex Waliv Phata, Vasai (E) 401 208 Maharashtra ## I have found. A small white round pill , on one sid...

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What markings are on blue zopiclone?

Can you tell me if the dark blue tablet with no markings (just a line on one side) are true zopiclone? ## If they are zop zopiclone (written on the sleeve) they are fine. ## Hi. I've always had zopiclone round white like a bullet with a line going through it. My mate has a little blue one with no marks on it and now these ones i have now are quite big blue tablets with a thin score line going across. the line is broken on one half & the inside is white. I am feeling a bit drowsy now and i will let you all know if they're any good. Good night & god bless everyone, xxx. ## Complete fakes, know that for sure. No identifying number, score line on other. They have to be identifiable. Zop from India was weak but did work, this ZOP is crap ## Hello Jeannette, In the US and the ...

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Zopiclone: Orange vs White Tablets

My doctor prescribed 7.5mg Zopiclone and they were orange this time, when they are usually white. Has anyone else noticed this change as well?

Zopiclone white BL are they safe?

My script has been filled with some round 7-5mg zopiclone. I know they're bad, or at least I think they are. They have BL on them. People I know have taken them and say they work, but these guys would drink petrol if it worked. Just wondering if you've heard of them? ## Where did they get these from? Online or from the UK? I just received my latest refill that are round white Zopiclone 7.5 mg with BL on one side. I have taken blue oval zopiclone 7.5 mg in Canada and the white ones did not have any effect? ## The pills you have are zopiclone. They are made by Bristol laboratories. ## Bristol laboratories Zopiclone 7.5 mg (round with BL marked) are no good. ## I had the ones with BL on them and they were white. They did nothing to me compared to the Zs with 7.5 on them. They have ...

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Blue Zopiclone

The BL zopiclone are OK. It stands for Bristol laboratory. They are not fake tablets. I take them. ## I got some today and they say BL and Bristol laboratories. I will take one tonight and see if I sleep well. ## I got them filled from nhs and trust me they are FAKE. Bristol labs zopiclone are fake. ## no theyre not, they deal with the nhs i get them from my local pharmacy on prescription ## I have no markings on these Zopiclone, supposed to be 3.75. Nothing happening. So annoyed. I'm sure they are fake? ## Thank you for your 'report' on blue zopiclone tabs. I was worried cos always had white ones ## The fact you get them on a script from a pharmacist sadly does not mean they are not bad/under dosed etc. Approx 10% of NHS meds are bad. It’s a very lucrative & sophi...

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Ratiofarm Ma Holder Zopiclone

Hey everyone! I filled my prescription for uk brand zopiclone. Ratiofarm MA Holder. The packaging looks good. But the pill itself is a small white pill with zoc 7.5 written on it? For some reason I don’t think these are the correct pills. Can anyone help with pictures, etc? ## You received the correct medication. The tablets with the ZOC 7.5 marking are sold under the brand name Zopitan, and contain 7.5mgs of Zopiclone. Ref: Zopitan Information Inactive ingredients may include: Lactose monohydrate calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate maize starch carmellose sodium magnesium stearate titanium dioxide hypromellose This medication is most commonly used to help treat insomnia, and other sleep disorders. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, ha...

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Zopiclone white tablet BL

I have taken zopiclone many times before and they're usually oval white with a z, but I got some recently that are white and round with a BL on it and would like to know if they are a good manufacturer? ## I got some from my pharmacy today never had these b4. ## I got some of the white round (zopiclone) with the BL, I have don't have any history on them, and to night will be taking my second dose of two pills they put me to sleep, I still had that metallic after taste the next morning. I get them filled at my pharmacy and have never had bad experience. ## Same as Benny, anyone had zopiclone white with BL on them? are they a good brand? ## I had to make enquires about small white tablets the had BL on one side and nothing on the other some time ago and was told they were Zopiclon...

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Zopiclone 5mg

What ingredients are in zopiclone and what imprint does it have on zopiclone 5mg tablets? ## "Zopiclone" is the generic name and active ingredient of the medication. So the only things that would be in it are that of fillers and inactive ingredients, which can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These tablets are sleeping pills (hypnotics) which work by acting on the brain to cause sleepiness. Hope this helps! ## Hi. I just got 5mg zopiclone and have been taking alprazolam for 20 yrs (0.5mg). Is this combination ok? Thank you. ## 5mg Zopiclone sleeping pills should have Tec on one side and 2/30 on the other side. Is this correct? ## i think only a doctor could say if the combination is okay but i have taken a higher dose of alprazolam with zopiclone sometimes 4ml in fact but...

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Zopishine by Hab pharma

Can someone please advise me if the tablets I've received are safe to take? They are called Zopishine. They are round, white, with z one side & 7.5 on other. They are made by Hab pharma. ## They're just a weaker tablet than zopiclone. don't know if they're 100% safe, better off with zopiclone ## Thanks for your help ## Yes 100per cent safe zopishine 10mg I take them every night and during the day if my anxiety is bad ## Thank you Lee, that's really helpful ## Welcome. 10mg are better, fill rx online. Don't know if your in the UK. Thanks Lee

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Zopisign tablets from HAB Pharma India

I've got some apparent blue Zopiclone 7.5 mg tabs with no markings whatsoever and supposedly made by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India. Also says Zopisign on blister pack. I know that there are ones called Zopishine but mine defo say Zopisign. They do have the nasty metallic taste though but I'm guessing that could be easily replicated by forgeries. Anyone had the same tabs? Peace ## These are the better ones they are smaller and have zopiclone taste ## Zopishine are fine. 10mg are better but have to fill prescription online

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Zopiclone 5mg question

My prescription says to take 4 tablets of zopiclone 5mg. Does that sound right to take 4 of them? ## No, that doesn't seem right. The usual maximum dosage is just 7.5mgs and that would be way more at 20mgs. Have you asked your doctor or pharmacist about it? I'm suspicious that someone made an error. ## You don't get 5mg zopiclone,you get 3.75 orange in colour and 7.5mg usually white. I get 2x 7.5mg nightly and it doesn't have any adverse effects apart from an unpleasant taste in your mouth the next day.. ## 20mg is definitely too high a dose , though i was once prescribed 3 x 7.5mg for a short time but 2 x 7.5mg is the maximum does licensed in the UK now or so my doctor says. i have seen 10mg ones lately but not british ones. i suspect a doctor would advise just taking 1...

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Tapering off Zopiclone

Does anyone know how to taper off this nasty drug? Take 15mg every night sometimes during day too. Have been on this drug for five years, prescribed 7.5mg from Dr (script of 14 every month). ## If you are only taking 14 a month, that is not a crazy amount, so you should be able to taper off of them, do so slowly is usually best. Have you informed your doctor that you want to stop taking it? They may be able to help you with a proper tapering schedule. How often do you take it? Do you take them right in a row, so you are out for the rest of the month, or do you space them out over the month? The NHS warns that this medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, hallucinations, and next day hangover-like effects. Ref: Zopiclone Information Are you on any other m...

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Pms-Zopiclone side effects and dosage info

What are the side effects? Can I take it continuously? Does the body adjust and I might have to increase the amount I take? I am having trouble turning my brain off at night, I also take 75 mg of Elavil. ## Yea your body does adjust and you do have to take more ## Zopiclone can help you fall asleep faster, and help prevent frequent wake ups, so your quality of sleep may improve overall. The NHS lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, a bitter or metallic taste, next day tiredness. Ref: Zopiclone Information And as with any other medication, yes, your body may get used to it, which could result in your having to change your dosage, or try a different medication. Is there anything else I can help with?

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round blue from Mexico

Round about M&M size light blue no markings. Shiney white inside. ## Hello, John! How are you? Well, the operative word here is Mexico, they don't regulate their medications like the U.S. and Canada, so it might be difficult to identify this one. However, I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else have an idea of what this might be? ## John, please reply and let me know your experiences with this. I just got some and I'm not sure what they are ## The blue, smooth almost shiny with no markings except the line through one side is zopiclone 7mg tablet. Can't get them in the US unless you have a prescription. But you can buy them over the counter overseas. When I purchased them, they originated from India. ## It is a 7 mg zopiclone...

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Zopiclone 10mg

I have just received from Pharmastores zopiclone (10mg) which is blue, oval with one score on one side and what looks like the egyptian eye as a marking. I'm concerned. I notice that this has been mentioned by folk in the past and someone has said they may be from Eva Pharm, Egypt. Has anyone taken them. I'm nervous and would really, really appreciate some advice. ## I have just received the same tabs as you described which are blue,oval with one score on one side and an egyptian eye on the other side. Did you use these tablets and did they work as I am a little bit unsure about them! ## Iv taken them, there the real deal so don't worry and I promise the have the metallic taste and everything ## zopiclone tablets come in in 3.5mg and 7.5 mg, pretty sure it doesn't come i...

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Zopiclone 7.5mg with the letters BL

Never had zopiclone with the letters BL before. Are they genuine? ## Yes, they are from Bristol Laboratories and they are real zopiclone. ## Hi, I have just had 60 zopiclone dispensed by BL. Are they a genuine brand? ## Update - they are no good. They don't work and are a waste of money. ## How come I take 4 and nothing happens,they are round tablets and Zopiclone aren't round,I shall be taking this further,action is required,would you like to send me some real ones to try. ## Where did you get them filled? ## I feel the same they don't work! ## But don't work unless you take a higher dose which I have but wouldn't advise other people to do ## Yes they are legitimate.

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White zopiclone pills with no markings

I received my prescription for zopiclone but it’s a brand I’ve never had before. The packaging says ZOPIC 7.5 and says it’s produced by Radicon Laboratories. It’s an Indian brand. Has anyone taken them? What was your experience with them? Too scared to take them but need them for insomnia and severe anxiety. The last prescription I received was also an Indian brand but different tablets with markings and they worked well. ## Not all countries, and regulatory agencies require tablets to have markings, but if you've obtained them from a legitimate source, such as a pharmacy, then it should be okay to take them, but feel free to double check with them, if you aren't sure. Zopiclone may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, next day hangove...

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