Zoloft And Crying


I have been on 150mg Zoloft for a few years, for anxiety. I haven't had a bad episode of anxiety since I started taking it. But I find that I can't cry. I sometimes tear up slightly, but that's it. Even when my beloved father died, I didn't shed a tear. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

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Hi Lauribeth,

Sorry to hear about your situation. According to NIH, "mood or behavior changes" + "severe mood or mental changes" are both listed as side effects of Zoloft that you should check with your doctor about immediately. They also list "confusion" among a wide variety of other unusual side effects.

Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0045066/#DDIC601237.side_effects_section

Do you feel that the medication is working too well in the sense that it's making you numb to all emotions? If so, maybe you can talk to your doctor about trying a lower dose and see how that affects your sensitivity/receptivity to certain emotions.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks David! I think the Zoloft DOES dull my emotions somewhat.

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I was on 100 mg Zoloft after having a complete nervous breakdown in 2006 at age of 40. While I was on that dosage I couldn't cry but did feel anger. I had no fear of anything. I now only take 25 mg daily and have no anxiety/panic attacks and no depression. My dosage was lowered over time. I believe the high dosage was needed to allow my body and mind to heal from the emotional overload that caused my breakdown. One side effect was my bp went from 117/70 to 90/58. Now on 25 mg my bp is normal and pulse steady 88.

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Thank you Laura. My dose seems especially high. I'll talk with my doctor about lowering it.

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One of the reasons mine was high was to give my mind and body time to recover from the breakdown trauma. As I recovered my doctor lowered my dose. Now I'm on 25 mg with no panic/anxiety and I feel ALL emotions.

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