Zanaflex: My Experience

Mattison Says:

I have been prescribed Zanaflex for almost 2 years for muscle spasms after flexeril didn't work any longer. I also had early stages of RA for which i also take gabapentin, Xanax, and tramadol (I took myself off of Vicodin). Zanaflex has been a life saver for me. I take 8mg before bed and can sleep soundly without waking from painful spasms. The only downfalls are that I have become physically addicted, I cannot fall asleep without my zanaflex. Without it I will stay up for days, no fun! Also, it causes the most extreme drowsiness ever! Taking zanaflex during the day with four kids running around is not an option.

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Verwon Says:

HI, Mattison! Thanks for your informative post, I am sure others will gain benefit from what you've shared.

As to being addicted, I am of the opinion that you're misunderstanding addiction. Addiction happens when someone likes the way a medication makes them feel, such as when someone gets high or experiences euphoria from taking a narcotic, however, since these are just side effects that wear off after their body gets used to the medication, they start taking more and more of it to get those feelings back.

When you've taken something for awhile at the prescribed dosage, without abusing it and just require it to perform that function, then that is considered dependence and is nowhere near as dangerous as addiction.

Learn more Zanaflex details here.

Are there any questions or concerns?

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mat Says:

I can't believe a 4mg zaniflex can be so powerful but a friend of mine gets 60 a month and a nerveous wreck until she can get out of the pharmacy and get 2or3in her system. within 10minutes she is drunk as can be. They last maybe 5days.6 days later her son gets 60 she will not leave him in peace till he gives them to he. Same thing. They both go to same pain management Dr.I took her one month she had found zaniflex somewhere walk in drunk as could be fell in door and again later saw Dr in that shape and he wrote her scripts
has all patients sign all but their life away but sees her like this. in our state if a person refuses help and family signs papers the the person has to be locked in jail till facility has opening.Thats why she is slowly killing herself. The guilt they feel having to have her behind bars.That is the law. Call her Dr she will find on the street.I know you have to want to and her Dr has seen her in this shape first hand. J don't even know what I'm trying to say i am just disgusted with physicians and drug companys. the AMA and DEA need to stop controling the Drs or something. something is just wrong somewhere. what are we to do. by now I'm probably not making any sense at all. got some of it out anyway.

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Have a drink

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Optimistic Says:

Oh that’s too bad. I take at night and I have only had to take two 2 mg a couple times over the years, usually just one tablet will do it.
I like this medication because it doesn’t put me to sleep like flexaril did, it just releases the spazm.

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