Yutopar Issues

Leslie Says:

I was given Yutopar during my pregnancy. I don't know of any issues with my daughter. She was still pretty-term. I am now wondering if our recent bouts with auto immune disorders might have anything to do with it.

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Jenna Says:

Hi Leslie,

Based on my research, Ritodrine (dicontinued preparation: Yutopar) is a tocolytic drug, used to stop premature labor. This drug has been removed from the US market, according to FDA Orange Book. It was available in oral tablets or as an injection and was typically used as the hydrochloride salt, ritodrine hydrochloride. How long ago did you take this medication?

There are lots of parents who have had children that are suffering with mental and emotional disorders due to this medication. I'm glad to hear that you haven't noticed any issues with your daughter. I hope it stays that way!

If you're interested, down below is a link to a thread where people on the site discuss Yutopar.


Please post back if you have any questions or extra information to add!

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Leslie Says:

I took it for 28 weeks. Every time they stopped the drug I went into pre-term labor. My daughter has always been high tempered but she has done very well in her academic life. She teaches children with special needs. I've always wondered though why drug was taken off the market. My choice to take it was based on the fact I would miscarry if I didn't take it.

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Jennifer Says:

This sounds like the battle we are facing with my daughter. I used the drug in' 93 for 3 and a half months.. My daughter was still premature by 2 months but healthy and alive. when she was around 15 she started having severe joint pain. After a few years we found that she had psoriatic arthritis. Nothing helps. She has been put on many different drugs. When she is sick, her body feels better. I don't know what to do to help her.

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pamela Says:

Hi my name is Pamela and I took yutopar in 1982 so that I would not have a miscarriage. I was told that the drug would effect me, i.e., I've had vitamin deficiencies along with brittle bones and teeth, calcium but was told my son (or child) would not suffer. He was born with seizures, heart murmur, joint issues as he grew and diagnosed with ADD. Was on ridilin and phenabarbitol at a young age but I took him off of all of that and worked with him but now as a 34 yr old man he has lots of health issues. Can you tell me some of the other issues besides emotional and/or mental. He has those but we are up and down at best.


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Felicity Miller Says:

Re: Jennifer (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

My daughter is only 6 but has suddenly developed psoriasis. I am trying to treat it as a leaky gut. Is it possible its related to the ritodrine I was on. What's the logic or just a guess? Any luck in treating it?

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Pamela Says:

Re: Jenna (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Is there not a legal suit on this drug? Not that it would do much good but they could at least award medical care which is becoming so costly to many of us.

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mig Says:

Re: Pamela (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Please see Yutopar aka Ritodrine post for recent replies.

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