Xanax Mylan A4 Vs Bars

Joeymc8577 Says:

Ok so I'm prescribed 4 bars a day.. I've only heard s*** about the mylan pies a4 2mg...just got them... What's anyones experienced opinion?...I mean i feel fine, just took a cpl... Why do most people hate them?

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Verwon Says:

Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, there can be differences between generic medications, they are allowed to differ by as much as plus or minus 20% of the active ingredient from the original name brand.

Thus, if someone is used to taking a generic that is a little higher, then suddenly are switched to one that's a little lower, it may not work as well for them. However, the differences are usually slight and one's body will adjust in a week, or so.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

It can also vary from person to person, a generic that works well for you, may not work as well for someone else and vice-versa.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Din Says:

I was on the bars for 5 years and never had a problem until i filled them today at a different pharmacy and they gave me Mylan 2 mg round tablets. I'm supposed to take 2/day.....I've take. 4 and I'm jumping out of my skin. These are HORRIBLE!!!!

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Nickhandle Says:

Man, I am perscribed 4mg a day. These round Mylan Alprozolam work better than the yellow bars, and I actually got a buzz from these. Normally I feel nothing. I sublingual my pills too. If you want to see how strong a pill is, just taste,
and see how bitter the pill is.

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ann Says:

Why take 4? But I want to know are the round one's the same ?

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TAG1969 Says:

My experience is that they are not the same as the bars... meaning they are weaker

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Cricket Says:

How due you get 4 xanax a day when my doctor is telling me the federal government is making him stop writing ! And I need them bad I been on them for over 25 years , the keep me calm and I can sleep ! I only get 1/2 of mg the little peach ones !

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LadyBug1 Says:

Same here 12+ years & I get the same .50 3x a day&keep telling Doc I need something done bc not working & running out. He keeps adding more antidepressants. Unbelievable! I know of people getting bars&they will admit they don't use them so I am sure something not right being done with them. THAT pisses me off!

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Ranger04 Says:

To NickHandle, I completely agree with you. I'm prescribed 8 mg of xanax a day. I've ran out a few times the last few months and have been taking a lot of counterfeit ones lately besides the circular mylan A4's that I just got today. They knocked me out today, I guess because my body hasn't had a real bar in a minute, but I got no complaints with the circular white mylan A4's. I've been on xanax since 2008. So I've had every brand out there and I can easily tell you what's counterfeit or not by just tasting them.

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Mikey Says:

It's definitely in your head bro. Yes generics do have that 20% window but all generics do and 99% of the people do not get the name brand Xanax. The mylan pies are the same thing as all the other generic ones: The G, the Double G's, the yellows, the green ones, the xanax with the 2 on the back, are all the name brand and I don't think they're any better than the single G. I've taken them all at different times. You can get used to one and then it actually benefits you to try a different kind cuz it can feel a little bit different as you build tolerances so fast for benzos anyway. So it's kind of good to switch them up if you can. But no way someone that's prescribed two bars a day and takes four of them mylan pies which is 8 mg instead of his normal is jumping out of his skin and feeling sick. You just took twice your normal dose, so even if let's say they are .8 as strong as the ones that you get you would still be taking an extra 1.2 mgs. But you are actually taking 4 milligrams more. It's just that you saw something that didn't look like you normally got and you psyched yourself out before you ever even took it. Cuz I've been going through benzo withdrawal and actually I'm taking the mylan's right now and it's the first time I've had them in years and maybe I would agree that they're not quite as good although I think they constantly change. It's still pretty damn close and you can't say that 8 mg of them is so much worse then your 4 milligrams of whatever you'r generic is. It's not possible.

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Jmylan2 Says:

Finally someone speaking truth about mylan! Mylan circles and yellows are my fave, then green.

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kris Says:

Re: Din (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Im used to bars And tonight i had to get mylan a4 2mg. I took two and absolutely nothing. Can someone explain why i feel snzious with no relief?

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nik mick Says:

Re: Ranger04 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

how do they taste? like splenda, slightly bitter and dissolve quickly?? All other stas on 0.0mine match up to the manufacturers 411 (mine weigh 0.007 oz?)

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Erica Says:

Re: Ranger04 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

What does good ones taste like and bad one taste like. Just wondering.

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Erica Says:

Re: Nickhandle (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

So bitter is good.. Or not? Just wondering if the peach football's ok? But I got the white round ones with a cross in it. Are those good ones or not?

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EDDY Says:

Re: Erica (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

The good ones taste bad, and the bad ones taste good!

By the way those taking large doses will have to deal with Mr. Withdrawal at some point

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Angi Pons Says:

There is Nothing wrong with the pies as they call em here... Work gr8 , I'm my opinion is let's say it's a mental thing cuz it's not like a shape of a bar, they assume that they won't work out 4 them an the same nature. But I don't think that there is any difference whatsoever a Xanax and Xanax the generic work just as well that's pretty much all I have to say on the topic thanks

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Macre Says:

Re: Cricket (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Lies I'm on 4 2mg a day, and it's a tactic your pharmacist uses to keep you on lower doses. Push harder and explain you are feeling pain in your chest and can't breathe well on this dose, and you wake up feeling horrible. If that doctor still won't upgrade time to look for another doctor, if you don't mind the inconveniences. The doctor will just write to the next doctor your switching b.c the dose is not sufficient to you.

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Ranger2004 Says:

The Milan A4 2mg Xanax are the same as every other one. People that put them down it's all in their head. I'm also one of those people, I think the pies are garbage, compared to the green S 90 3. I also get 4 2mg bar a day, and I would not go anywhere a pharmacy gives out the pies. Normally rite aid is the place that gives them out0

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Ranger2004 Says:


If the bars or pies taste horrible they are good, but if there is no taste to them it's not good. Also get a sprite or 7up drop one in and it should go to the bottom and build so much pressure in. It that it explodes when you take off the top

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Jj Says:

I got a prescription for some Mylan A4 and you can taste the alprazolam in them but I'm not getting much relief from them. Has anyone else taken these before?

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Augy Says:

Re: Dr pump (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

How thick are they naturally suppose to be

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TC Says:

I’m on here trying to figure out what pharmacy has them. They are my absolute favorite out of all the others. Where did you get yours filled?

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Joseph Says:

Same exact thing, just different shape tablet. And please don't believe that urban myth that generics can be off as much as 20%. If there was any truth in that people would be dying. They do make generic antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs. As a registered pharmacist I think that I know a little bit.

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Re: Mikey (# 9) Expand Referenced Message
does the Mylan ones have the bitter taste like xanax?

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Joseph Says:

Re: EDDY (# 55) Expand Referenced Message

The ones from India are known to be of some "inadequate" issues. Aurobindo, Accord, and Ajanta comes to mind. The manufacturing plants have had sanitary problems, etc... however for the most part they are satisfactory, cheap generics is what the US market wants and they got it.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Joseph (# 54) Expand Referenced Message

As a Registered Pharmacist what brands would you say are the lowest quality out there? I personally think we have a bunch of loons who post their observations about Xanax. Take the O/P for example, popped 4 mg of Xanax and thoroughly enjoyed them. I've had bars and would never think of taking a whole one, even worse 2 2mg pills. Xanax is one of the most addictive and unforgiving medicines you can take when trying to discontinue. Benzodiazepines are the next plague that won't be taken seriously?

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Joseph Says:

Same exact ingredient (Alprazolam) just different shape of the tablet. And don't believe the urban myths about generics, and that they can be off as much as 20%. If there was any truth in that people would be dying, they do make generic antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, and if they were allowed to be off by as much as 20% don't you think that there would be some deaths because of that? Don't believe it because it has no truth in it whatsoever, I am a registered pharmacist.

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Joseph Says:

Look the Waxman act up online, there is nothing about the generic drug can be off as much as 20% It is an urban myth. No truth to it at all. Dont believe what you hear, it is misinformation.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Joseph (# 49) Expand Referenced Message

More people should be dieting? We'd be a healthier population!

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Joseph Says:

Re: Joseph (# 49) Expand Referenced Message

Dying not dieting. Don't believe that urban legend about generic drugs can be off as much as 20%. People would be dying. Generic chemotherapeutic drugs and antibiotics are made, and if they were allowed to be off by 20% it would wreak havoc in the health care field. Don't believe these foolish urban myths. The Waxman Act is about pricing, nothing more.

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