White Xanax Bar No Imprint

Boo boo Says:

It was filled from a pharmacy in Tijuana and has no numbers anywhere but has the 3 scores on both sides. Seems to work for me but I want to make sure it's actual Alprazolam.

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Macy Says:

I have the same pills, I get my rx filled from Mexico as well. I doubt they're bad, they just might be generic? My other friend who has a prescription & gets them here in AZ had a different type. She let me compare hers to mine & they work the same in my opinion. Hers are 1 mg & mine are supposedly 2 mg. I always take half of mine because a whole one makes me super drowsy. Hope this helps :)

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J Says:

I think they're called Rafil, we see them a lot here in Laredo (it's a border town). They're still Alprazolam, just from out of the country.

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Merle Says:

It's just a generic version. You see them a lot from Mexico. Some may even argue that they're stronger than the American version. They are called Tafil in Mexico and do the same thing. By my knowledge the ones that tend to be counterfeited will literally say Xanax on the side. Usually those are in Houston Texas or more up north, but no worries, you got 2 mg alprazolam.

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Merle Dixon Says:

What I meant to say of my last post was the ones that usually get counterfeited are the ones that literally say Xanax on the side the blanks are the same thing just from a different country if it makes you feel better I just took a blank at 9 p.m. and was out on my couch by 11 p.m.

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Sharpie Says:

I got a white bar 3 scored with a 2 on the other side the word Xanax. Can you confirm it is legitimate?

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Reyz Says:

Are they 2 mg? I just took my dose and feel good.

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tommycali Says:

Re: Sharpie (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

No company writes the word Xanax on their pills. Those are totally bad. I learned the hard way.

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Roy Says:

Re: tommycali (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Actually the original brand name tablets do have the lettering XANAX inscribed on them (NDC 0009-0094 for instance)


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J Says:

Re: tommycali (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Not true. The ones with xanax on one side and 2 on the other are xanax not generic.

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sammyy Says:

I recently got 2 tablets with no imprint, but I noticed most xanax should have an imprint on them. I'm just worried and don’t want to take something that's bad. Any advice? I took one and didntt really try to test it by taste so idk :(

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Madam Diazepam Says:

Re: Merle (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry guys I have to make this clear for everyone because deadly fentanyl laced pills being so prolific, unless your pills were prescribed by a reputable brick and mortar American pharmacy, they are almost surely bootleg. This doesn’t apply to any particular imprint, they have the pill press equipment to fake the imprints. There are some that are so outrageously bad that are crooked and cracked but many look genuine. Sometimes the print is different lettering and I hear you might sometimes see crystals on the bottle or the pills, but there’s no way of telling if they are legitimate unless it’s in the original prescription bottle from the U.S.A. And you are sure the person didn’t refill an old bottle with phony pills (a new prescription bottle for that is much more likely to be legitimate). I ended up taking what I thought was a Xanax and I tested positive for opiates (not good for me because I’m in methadone treatment). The big danger though is the fentanyl that is everywhere in these bad pills, not only highly addictive, like OXY, but it’s also HIGHLY DEADLY at the amount of a deadly overdose fitting on the tip of a lead pencil.

Please don’t mess around with these. Yes you could get a generic, or a legitimate pill, but benzodiazepine withdrawal is a nightmare and buying illegally not only puts your life at risk of a deadly overdose, if you are getting benzodiazepines, doctors these days are not cool with giving scripts even to those of us that have been taking it for a legitimate health issue. They are treating us all like addicts and will refuse to taper or taper so fast you can spend years withdrawing. I’m not some goody two shoes, I’ve just been through hell. Also if that’s not enough, even if it’s not deadly, your body is still withdrawing as this bad pill is putting you to sleep but you’ll still wake up with the dangerous withdrawal like high blood pressure.

This is not worth your life. This isn’t a moral judgement, just a fact.

Cutting through the warnings to the straight facts: most pills nowadays are bootleg, even in third world countries they fight these bootlegs in the actual pharmacies!

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Buddy Says:

Re: Macy (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I agree, they are about half strength. Look like they came out of the cheapest presses they could find. Shame. I think all the Ifa Celtics meds are way underdosed. Thinking they're counterfeit under the guise of a company name. Shame

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Knox Says:

Re: sammyy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

They could be a Mexican generic version. And the only other pill that's xanax and not counterfeit will have the number 2 on one side and say X ANA X

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