Watson Hydrocodone Pills - Which Pharmacy Carries Them?

alan Says:

I live in northern ky and walgreens quit carrying watson brand and their new brand makes my whole body hurt. I want to find what pharmacies carry watson?

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Apple Says:

I am also looking for the Watson 10/325. All the Walgreens & every other pharmacy around here are out. They said they use a different distributor. If they order them they still can't guarantee that they will get the Watson brand since it all comes from the same warehouse or company. I can't take the substitute brand that everyone is using, it make me so sick & my body just aches from them. I live in Phx,Az. If you know a place that carries Watson Brand please let me know. I can't believe that an entire city of this size can be completely out.

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jrock Says:

Yes Watsons are good usually small family pharmacies still carry them.

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sue Says:

I am having the same problem here in Phoenix Arizona if anybody who knows who carries Watson please let me know

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yesido Says:

Walgreens at Central and Osborn carries Watson. What brand do they give you at your Walgreens? I prefer Qualitest for best pain management. Watson used to work until they took the yellow dye out.

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sue Says:

I believe it to be the Watson grant itself I think there has been this newa friend presented cheaper and with the changes in insurance Saturdays what they're having to resort to..if you do find out in phoenix...{edited for privacy}

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Pam Says:

I do but I live in lakeside CA. San Diego county.

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Paloma Says:

I cant take the generic loratab,norco.it makes me itch and its chalky and does nuthin for my pain.i was getting the watson from walgreens but now they dont take my insurance which is medicaid humana.this insurance is useless.

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BustedBack Says:

Does anyone know of any major pharmacies like Walmart or Walgreens that carry Qualitest Hydrocodone-APAP 10-325 mg? Their yellow! For whatever reason they work best for me. The Watsons just don't kill the pain and make me itchy and sleepy

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Pauline Says:

Ohmygod I thought I was the only one that felt that way.... I agree the yellow ones work the best!!!! I can't find the yellow either if I do I'll let you know..... I asked my pharmacist and she said this is what they send( the white ones) I like the yellow ones they seem to be stronger !!! This is at cvs I'll let you know

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Is Says:

Yes the yellow is way better the peach is way better then Watson the v cut pills r A1 Watson is garbedge

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Teresa Says:

I have same problem we all need to contact Walgreens headquarters I think you can google it

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Lula Says:

Does anyone know anything about hydrocodone 7.5 300 and how good it works? I was taking 5 325 by Watson that I've taking for many years worked great on most days I only needed to take one instead of twice a day once they changed manuf. it no longer help. In all the years I've taken 5 325 mg I never needed to increase my dose.. Any insight would be greatly appreciated..

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PatMcD Says:

All pharmacies near me stopped carrying the Watson version of blood pressure with HCTZ. Did they stop making it or are they changing the formula.

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Kevlar Says:

Yes I agree. And what's worse is trying to ask the pharmacy and getting treated like a drug seeker. Without even considering whether one has terminal cancer. Why is it if it where a psych med or any other blood pressure med ect. this question would be taken as a general question? Our society has become either black or white, no in between. This is purely a greed based economy so no the consumer is left to suffer. I just recently moved to this state so I have checked different pharmacy's, most will tell you over the phone but wallgreens won't and when I went in the tech said i don't have to answer that question. Wonder if he talks to his grandmother that way? What a joke. It was either take what we give you or leave. Then he actually said I don't know if I feel comfortable filling this for you! Oh yea you stole the words out of my mouth a**hole! Karma is real. Hope he never has to endure this pain truthfully speaking! #DisgustedinMidwest

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Julie Says:

Does anyone know of a pharmacy in the Clearwater, FL area carries hydrocodone 7.5/300? That isn't CVS? (They don't take my insurance anymore). I tried calling Walgreens to ask but they said they can't say over the phone since it's a controlled substance. I really don't want to spend my time driving from pharmacy to pharmacy. Thanks

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MDsufferer Says:

Would switching pharmacies from Walgreen's to CVS be a mistake? Walgreen's is getting too rude and not so friendly. Where I live its easy to find a pharmacy with yellow hydrocodone. I checked out CVS and they were using Sun Pharmaceuticals. Sometimes Mallinckrodt. If you have a Premier Pharmacy (Rite Aide) in South Texas they order the yellow.

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Mike Says:

Anybody know what pharmacy has Watson Percocet 10mg Cant take that Ap33? or that ip204? Need Watson 932's??? Anybody know?

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Comatose Says:

Watson was bought by Activas. These pills are the worst. I wish Watson never sold out. In my opinion the closest to brand are made by Mallindkrodt. I have been taking oxycodone and hydrocodone for 7 years and the best are Mallindkrodt. They do their job in relieving pain.

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Comatose Says:

Yes CVS is much better and will usually carry Mallindkrodt or AmNeal. Walgreens has been rude and only carries Activas which not only make me sick but do not relieve pain. After I told wallgreens about my issues they did not work with me and were rude and now I only use CVS

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Herman Says:

I have the same problem, it is not even near the same pain aid, please help! Ty

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Bart Says:

I was just recently prescribed hydrocodone 5/325. My name on the tablets are WES301. They literally make my body ache. Shoulders, legs, jerking, and everything. What was that manufacture pharmaceutical name on yours?

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Chris Says:

Re: MDsufferer (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Those aren't the same as the Watsons, yeah they're yellow but nit nearly as good

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Chris Says:

They stopped carrying them at all the walgreens, yup now theybuse a brand starting with letter M...that doesn't work near as well...i have some problem but i dont take those anymore anywayd

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Roro Says:

Re: Drummer56 (# 144) Expand Referenced Message

Watson & qualitest were purchased by other companies a few years ago watson by a Brazilian company & qualitest was bought by Parr pharmaceuticals which kept their inferior formula and discontinued the yellow ones qualitest made in alabama just an fyi

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Drummer56 Says:

Tried the ip110, tried the m367, and definitely am not getting same relief as I use to get years ago from different brands! Is there anywhere left in Columbus Ohio that carries the yellow or the old watson 853 brand? I'm suffering! All the while the FDA is allowing pharmaceutical companies to get away with less active ingredients (tolerance levels) & different fillers that aren't working for those of us with legitimate pain issues who are not out to abuse, but actually just want pain relief for a better quality of life! If you know where, please reply! Thanks!

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Optimistic Says:

I don’t know if it’s everywhere but up in New England Walgreens and Walmart use the same distributor, Rite Aid and CVS I believe use the same distributor as each other but I know they are definitely different than the Wallgreens distributor. I don’t know if that helps you. Years ago when I was desperate for Teva Adderall I contacted Teva myself and ask them which pharmacies they distributed to within 100 miles of my house. It was during an adderall shortage so there were none I appreciate it I’m looking so that I didn’t have to cold call pharmacies all over the state.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Mel (# 139) Expand Referenced Message

Aurobindo are even worse than Mallinkroft. Idk if they make pain meds but their Adderall was so bad it was discontinued and they recently had to recall another med because the quality was so bad.

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Cripplecreek Says:

Re: W john (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

I was on 4 10/325 hydrocodones a day prescribed by my pain management doctor. Now I live in South Dakota and I’m having trouble finding a doctor that will prescribe. Anyone know of any pain management doctors I could try?

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Roro Says:

Re: Mel (# 139) Expand Referenced Message

Yep Watson hydrocodone was bought by a Brazilian company about the same time Par bought Qualitest. I think Par kept Qualitest running about a year (probably to fulfill order commitments & use up those ingredients ordered). So yep the cheap companies save money by using the 80% level then buy the good companies & close them down to get rid of the competition. I wouldn't doubt that the government helps them buy the decent companies to get rid of them.

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Mel Says:

Re: Apple (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Last I was told by calling the pharmaceutical company they discontinued Hydrocodone. It’s really to bad as they were the best Hydrocodone. I refuse any and all drugs made by malinkroft. Patches fall off easy and spent a day searching our community pool. The Hydrocodone was like taking aspirin more than pain killer.

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